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Wk 15 — UGA +7 vs LSU (ATL)


Not much to say this week.  I will link to this.  It’s a film breakdown of the Steelers game.  Remember how we used to hate the Colt McCoy Pat Shurmur checkdown era?  Be careful what you wish for.  Click that link and marvel at the peaceful, bucolic landscape surrounding Kareem Hunt in the middle of Heinz Field.  [eyeroll emoji.]

Good luck this week.

And if you haven’t paid your entry fee please do so.  I’m withholding weekly pay-outs from late/non-payers.  But it wouldn’t be cool if you pay after making the playoffs.  We’ve never dealt with that before but I should think you’d be DQ’d if not paid in full prior to the last week in the season.  Let’s not have it come to that.  Gracias.


  1. ckozelka says:

    Patriots, Cardinals, Rams, Raiders

    Monday night essay to follow

    • ckozelka says:

      Essay: Giants +9
      Bad weather tonight could alone keep it close and always keep a big dog in play (and the line is moving down today). Moreover, the Eagles stink at this point (largely a result of injuries and/or no decent receivers) and should not be favored by more than a score over anyone….they lost, handily, the to the freaking Dolphins. I have been disappointed by the Giants (i bet them over 5.5 wins) and Saquon has been hobbled but slowly improving in his return and I think he will take the MNF stage to have a nice night….and if you are an Eli hater, you are just a bad person.

  2. Zac Jackson says:

    Submitted by email
    Clemson (non-essay essay)


  3. LittleBallofHate says:

    Essay — Steelers (-3) at Cardinals
    Much like their game earlier this season in Los Angeles against the Chargers, this could be a home game on the road for the Steelers. Pittsburgh has momentum again and appears to have control of the final wild card spot in the AFC while Arizona has lost five straight. Duck Hodges is not the most dynamic QB, but he makes enough plays. Plus the spread in this game is low enough to take a shot on Pittsburgh.

  4. Oregon
    Cards 3
    Chiefs 3
    Allplay: LSU

    Essay: Titans -3. I have officially flipped the switch to “fade the Raiders” mode. Never did I think I’d be comfortable giving 3 points on a long road trip to starting QB **checks notes** Ryan Tannehill. The Raiders D has been embarrassed of late, and Coach Vrabel’s D will give more confusing looks to force Derek Carr into more turnovers.

  5. Elder B says:

    Seattle -1 vs. LA-R
    San Francisco + 2.5 @ NO
    Jacksonville +3 vs. LA-C
    Tennessee -3 @ Oakland
    All Play – LSU -9 vs. Georgia

    Essay **Baltimore -6 @ Buffalo**
    Baltimore is playing good football on both sides of the ball. Lamar gives them a chance to score on every drive and the defense forces turnovers. Baltimore’s run offense slows the whole game down, keeps their defense off the field and converts long 6 and 7 minutes drives into points. Every game they play ends up being around a 6 point favorite. They’ve either blown people out or won close games (last week against San Fran). I haven’t paid much attention to the Bills, but looking back on scores and stats from this year, they can’t seem to score more than 20 points on bad teams, and often under 17 for bad teams. Their defense has been holding teams under 20 getting them to where they are today, but they’ve yet to play Lamar, or Mahomes. I don’t think they score more than 17 and see the Ravens putting up 30+.

  6. oxr says:

    Georgia +7 over LSU

    • oxr says:

      49ers +2.5 over Saints
      Broncos +9.5 over Texans — too many points, god help me
      Ravens -6 over Bills
      Colts +3 over Bucs

      Essay Titans -3 over Raiders — Not an extortionate number of points for two teams that are apparently heading in different directions. #16 vs #25 in weighted DVOA. Maybe Tannehill hasn’t made some kind of profound breakthrough at this stage of his career, but Oakland’s defense has been a liability the last couple of weeks (#31 in defensive DVOA, 34 points to the Jets!) and I think any team playing competently should be able to have some success. Josh Jacobs might be trying to play through a broken shoulder, which doesn’t sound like a fantastic idea, and the offense as a whole hasn’t broken 20 points in a month despite the Bengals’ presence on their schedule.

  7. FHCF is on UGA and clemson is his no-essay essay.

  8. WENE is in for LSU and Oregon last night via DM.

  9. AmplifiedEsq says:

    LSU -7

    • AmplifiedEsq says:

      Falcons -3
      Ravens -6

      • AmplifiedEsq says:

        Chargers -3

        • AmplifiedEsq says:

          Titans -3

          • AmplifiedEsq says:

            Rams +1

            What a spot for the Rams. A prime time chance to keep their playoff hopes alive while catching the Seahawks on a short week.

            At times the Seahawks have epitomized the “it’s better to be lucky than good” motto. For instance, lucky that Freddie Kitchens is garbage.

            I’m envisioning tonight’s game being similar to the Seahawks vs. Browns, except the Rams aren’t going to let the Seahawks back into it.

            With the playoff chances hanging by a thread the Rams have started to involve Todd Gurley more in what they’re doing. Load management be damned. Last week may be the best the Rams looked all season and if they can carry that momentum into tonight it should prove very fruitful for them.

  10. mattborcas says:

    Baylor, Georgia, and Wisconsin today.

    • mattborcas says:


    • mattborcas says:

      Essay: Eagles -9.5 over Giants

      Remarkably, despite their 5-7 record, the Eagles control their own destiny in the wretched NFC East. Moreover, Philly’s path to 9-7 or 8-8 and a home playoff game is almost comically undemanding: two matchups with the 2-10 Giants, a road trip to equally-awful Washington, and a home game against the Cowboys, where they’ll presumably have a chance to secure one of the least impressive division titles in NFL history. It all starts tonight with a visit from Eli Manning, who’s back in the Giants’ starting lineup after Daniel Jones sustained an ankle injury in last week’s loss to the Packers, which marked New York’s eighth consecutive defeat. Unlike the Eagles, the Giants have nothing to play for and seem likely to mail in the remainder of the season. Pat Shurmur’s probably going to get fired, and there isn’t a more fitting way for Eli’s career to end than by throwing an egregious interception or two on MNF as a perplexed Booger McFarland tries (and fails) to make sense of what’s transpired. I’ll take the Eagles by double digits.

  11. cleinmsp says:

    Georgia +7 (All Play)

    • cleinmsp says:

      Jets -5.5
      Colts +3
      Broncos +9.5
      Vikings -13
      Ravens -6 (Essay)

      The Ravens have been a terrific road team this year. We’ve run out of great things to say about Lamar. The Bills on the other hand have to be one of the worst 9-3 teams that I’ve ever seen. Sure they just won on the road on Thanksgiving in Dallas, but it’s pretty clear Dallas is trending poorly. I just don’t trust Josh Allen against any good, motivated defense. The guy isn’t accurate. Ravens get one step closer to the 1 seed with a comfortable win today in Buffalo.

  12. Jason says:

    LSU -7 (AP)
    Redskins +13
    Cardinals +3
    Saints -2.5

    Essay: Colts -2.5

    Let the record show that I officially have the super bowl hangover after winning last year, I haven’t hit an essay in 2 months. I don’t love this but I have compelling data and I’m going down in the blaze of glory with my stubbornness. Here goes…
    Colts should have won the game last week, they didn’t because their kicker stinks, got a FG blocked and returned for TD (FLUKE!)
    Bucs have covered 2 weeks in a row on the road. Same Bucs are 0-4 ATS at home this season, with ATS margin of -8.9, vs. 4-3 ATS on the road and margin of +8.4
    Jameis has been good the last 2 weeks and while he leads the league with 20 INT’s he didn’t have a single one last week. I’m betting on regression and extra Colts possessions.
    Jameis QB Rating at home this season: 71.5, ranked 33rd ahead of only Jones, Cam, and Rosen. On the Road he’s 89.3, ranked 22nd. All of the Bucs good showings have been on the road – I can’t explain this, I can just offer the data.
    Based on power ratings this line should be Bucs -1.5, so I’ll take the 3 with Indy and let it ride.
    I do have concerns about Indy kicking but they signed a new dude who should kick tomorrow in place of Vinatieri. TY Hilton not playing is also a concern. Finally, I wish I saw more public action on the Bucs but for whatever reason it appears week after week they attract sharp money. I’ll fade, and say Colts outright 27-20.

    • Jason says:

      Making Colts POTY because I have to use it and I’m so far out of it that it doesn’t matter.

      • Cleveland Frowns says:

        It is one of the most trustworthy rules of Cheddar Bay that the champ always has a down year the next year. I think OXR is the only champ to make the playoffs the following year.

        • oxr says:

          Although I’m always happy to take undeserved credit, if memory serves I celebrated the next season by absolutely eating it raw.

  13. Brian Whalen(bnasty99) says:

    Cardinals +3
    OSU -16.5
    Clemson -28
    App State -6.5
    LSU -7

    Florida Atlantic -8

    • Brian Whalen (bnasty99) says:

      Lane Kiffin could be coaching his last game as an Owl. Which means that historic recruiting video he made will no longer be relevant. Unfortunately for FAU that means they will most likely go back to being completely irrelevant and below average in football. With all that being said, today they play a UAB team, who they are much better than across the board, for the Conference USA title and they are gonna ROLLLLLLLLLL. UAB has some losses this year to team that FAU has handled with ease, and this conference reminds me of how they Power 5 conferences are split. All good teams on one half and the best of the rest on the other. Lane Kiffin will come out and bury this blazer team. A game that has potential to be extremely ugly. 8 isn’t enough, needs to be 20+. Owls for 3 biscuits 48-13

  14. clevta says:

    1. Georgia +7
    2. UVA +28
    3. Raiders +3
    4. Cards +3
    5. Skins +13
    6. Rams +1 essay later

    • clevta says:

      Rams +1 (essay): Somehow, Seattle is 10-2 with just a +36-point differential this season. Based on that point differential, and applying the Pythagorean expectation, Seattle is playing more like a 7-5 team. It’s not just point differential either, as Seattle is just a +0.1 in net yards per play which ranks 15th in the NFL. All of their underlying stats point to this as just an above average NFL team who should be fighting for a wildcard spot not a one or two seed.
      Let’s dig in and see if there is regression coming from Seattle. Where I look to first in a rare situation like this is to see if there is an unsustainable fumble recovery rate, opponent FG misses and any other situations which would be described as “lucky”. Seattle is 10th best at recovering fumbles and their opponents have only made 71% of their FGs, which ranks as 5th lowest in the NFL. In fact, on the road, opponent FG kickers have only made an astonishingly low 64% of their kicks. We saw both the Rams and Niners kickers miss game winning FGs against Seattle which would very easily turn Seattle into an 8-4 team. As mentioned, Seattle is 10th best at recovering fumbles but are #1 in the NFL at recovering opponent fumbles at 73%. That figure is ahead of #2 ranked Minnesota by almost 10 full percentage points. And this isn’t a small sample either, as Seattle opponents have put the ball on the ground 1.8 times per game, 3rd most in the NFL. So not only are Seattle opponents just generally fumbling a lot, but Seattle is recovering those fumbles at an astronomical rate! Hopefully the Rams won’t fumble because otherwise there is an excellent shot that the Seahawks defense will recover it.
      Now don’t get me wrong, Seattle does have a top 5 QB in Russell Wilson with good weapons at RB and WR but otherwise their team is mediocre or worse. The defense is 13th defending the pass, 18th defending the run and a pass rush that has generated the 3rd lowest pressure rate in the NFL.
      The Rams bounced back nicely last week, and I expect the final playoff push to continue. It showed a lot that this team did not lay down and die after getting blasted on MNF against Baltimore. When these two teams played back in October, the Rams outgained Seattle 7.1 to 6.4 yards per play and should have won the game if not for a missed 44-yard FG by the otherwise reliable Greg Zuerlein.
      In that first game, the Rams were 1/1.5-point underdogs on the road and outplayed Seattle but now the Rams are 1-point underdogs at home? Doesn’t make much sense.

  15. Harbaugh Handshakes says:

    Oh st -16.5***
    Virginia +28
    LSU -7
    Giants +9.5
    Cards +3
    Chiefs +3
    Pick of the week is the Buckeyes. This team has brought their A game every week. They’ve dominated every opponent and dominated both sides of the line of scrimmage. Nothing makes me think they will have a let down against the badgers. In the big 10 championship? What’s changed since the 31 point beat down. Ryan Day has this team playing fast and lose. We are better on every position group and want to leave no doubt in the committee’s mind who’s #1. I predict more of the same big Ohio State victory.

  16. Moonman says:

    Georgia +7 AP. Rest coming later

  17. Beep… beep……beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep…

    My season on life support. I hope my neighborhood Death Panel votes to keep me alive. Warren 2020!

    LSU -7
    FAU -8
    Wisconsin +16.5
    Chargers -3
    Pats -3 (Essay)
    Bills +6

    The Chiefs just aren’t scaring opponents like they did last year. The Patriots look vulnerable. While I don’t see them making a deep playoff run, I see them stepping up against the Chiefs at home. They’re too well-coached, and have shown time and again that they can find the Achilles heel of their opponents thanks to their lower level coaches working hours that would make an Amazon warehouse supervisor weep.

    Holy crap… Jets- Dolphins tickets are available for $8! I’m still not going.

    • thatsfine503 says:

      Is The American Dream Mall finally open next door? You can park there and sneak in disguised as an Auntie Anne’s concessionaire. It’s a lot of work to save $8, but worth it just for the thrill of sneaking in.

  18. thatsfine503 says:

    Oregon +6.5

    • thatsfine503 says:

      Georgia +7
      ULL +6.5

      • thatsfine503 says:

        Virginia +28.5

        I’ll grab the ton of points for my essay this week. I’m seeing a lot of takes that Clemson is going to be in full destruction mode, that they’re tired of hearing about their weak schedule and that the ACC is garbage, that they’re not getting respect as defending national champions. But, the ACC is weak. Clemson has faced one ranked opponent, in week 2 Texas AM at home. Since then they’ve only played ONE team with a winning record. Granted, they killed Wake Forest 52-3. But, I can’t recall an undefeated power 5 team with a weaker schedule. UVA has played well recently, I don’t think they are going to be satisfied with beating Virginia Tech to end their year. Bronco Mendenhall is going to have them ready to play. Their defense is 2nd in the ACC and 6th in the nation in sacks. They can get pressure, they can get stops. They’ll need QB Bryce Perkins to make it happen. Last week he threw for 311, ran for 164. He’s going to have to do it again.  Virginia is going to hang in there and put up a fight and cover. 

  19. Lucylaw12 says:

    1. Essay Oregon

    Gosh I need something to change so I’m going with the Friday night get right essay. I just think this line is inflated bc of the chance that Utah has at the playoffs. Few weeks ago everyone thinks this is maybe a 3 point spread. Oregon gets their center back to help get back to one of the top offensive lines. This will help slow down that Utah pass rush. Weather stinks..give me 7.

  20. agnes says:

    Oregon essay

    Listening to sports talk radio is a new thing for me. I used to hate it but ever since I heard a rap about Myles Garrett loosing his mind during a Monday morning commute, I have been a fan. Recently on air I heard some of debate about Utah’s possibilities of being in the football playoffs if they win tonight and a whole bunch other favorites loose by a lot or win by only a little. One of the hosts then pointed out that they really haven’t played anyone ranked (fact check #17 Arizona State) and they lost to USC. All of those are good reasons to think that they have gotten too big for their britches with a #5 ranking and having covered 8 games in a row. Granted Oregon lost to ASU recently, but they beat USC by 32 points. I’m going to be thinking about some Mighty Ducks chants tonight while I enjoy the game. Wish I had the real life line at this point but I am still going to take Oregon on cheddar at +6.5

  21. Peter G. Wendler says:

    Boise St. -13.5 vs. Hawaii
    OSU -16.5 vs. Wisconsin
    Titans -3 @ Raiders
    Dolphins +6 @ NYJ
    (AP) LSU -7 vs. Georgia

    Essay: Memphis -9 vs. Cincinnati

    Memphis has a unique opportunity to represent the non-Power 5 teams in the Playoff Six this year, and they have run roughshod through the AAC. The Tigers have had to contend with offensive juggernaut UCF in the last two AAC Championship games, and they are probably glad to face the containable (66th nationally) Bearcats offense. Look for Mike Norvell to pull out a few gimmick plays, and try to trounce Cincy in this one. The Memphis offense is one of the best in the country, let alone the non-Power 5’s. I will lay the points and take Memphis by double digits. Memphis 38 Cincinnati 21.

  22. at jets -5.5 is the essay. i normally stay away from out-of-the-hunt games but this screams recency bias. dunno what got into the dolphins last week but betting it has more to do with the eagles (also riding the giants this week). dunno what got into the bengals either but jets penalties and some great catches had a lot to do with it. but it turns out the jets do have something to play for: they’re playing to help gregg williams shove freddie kitchens up john dorsey’s ass. remember that 5-3 finish last year and taking the ravens and steelers playoff chances into the last second? that head coach was gregg williams. not freddie kittens. greggggg. not kittens. but he didn’t get more than a courtesy interview. why? well it’s looking like the rookie qb wanted kittens and also damarious ‘wont-practice-outside-when-its-cold’ randall wouldve demanded a trade. now mayfield is looking doughy* and even freddie had to administer some discipline on randall. and freddie? well freddie is not only not a head coach he’s kind of a stupid offensive mind slavishly devoted to ‘attacking’ and ‘being aggressive’ even in obvious ‘take a knee ‘or ‘run your incredibly talented backs’ situation. williams? he knows the game and he motivates his players. with cj mosely on ir and jamal adams probably out mike gesicki is getting a lot of fantasy play. if rotoworld is on top of this, you can be sure williams is too. jets laying more than a fg is dicey for sure but it’s not like the dolphins held the eagles off the board last week… philly had 28-14 lead before folding. anti-freddie anti-dorsey anti-baker editorializing aside: this is a value pick that kinda jumped off the sheet for me.

    also: giants, lsu, appst, cincy, bengals

    *seriously: mayfield looks as fat as spring training jason kipnis.

  23. Elizabeth Schultz says:

    Florida Atlantic -8
    LSU -7
    Clemson -28 (essay)
    49ers +2.5
    Arizona +3
    Tennessee -3

    The rap against Clemson is and has been “easy schedule”. Tomorrow is the premier opportunity for Trevor Lawrence to showcase his game. It’s his turn. 2018 ACC championship game Clemson won by 32 points, 2017 by 36. This year’s team is packed with future NFL talent. The offense is a wagon, RB Travis Etienne has 57 touchdowns. Virginia’s defense will keep viewers hooked because this game is all big; big spread and big message. give me Clemson +28


  24. Houston -9.5
    Cincy +9
    Jacksonville -3
    Kansas City +3
    AP – LSU -7

    Essay – Seattle -1

    Seattle is the sneaky best team in the league. It seems like every week they are pulling out a close win against a top echelon team. Every week. Couple this with a Rams squad who haven’t experienced a home field advantage in years – and a team likely a bit inflated after last week’s rout of the Cards….and we’re looking at a pretty straight forward pick. I was tempted to go with the Bengals here – a one-win squad that is probably playing better football than the Browns right now….but I don’t want to face that karma on Sunday.

  25. Katie M. says:

    **essay** Utes -5 vs. Ducks
    Utah – the very first college football game I watched this year was Utah vs. BYU. I remember thinking, “huh, Utah looks very, very good. And that was at BYU. Cannot say I’ve watched many more, if any, of their other games this season, but I’ve taken note of their successes, and even of their head-scratcher loss to USC.
    God Bless Clay Helton. Every power-five school should have to make a statement that they’re keeping their coach at the conclusion of a season just so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb when one of them does. Adorable.
    I like the Pac-12 and I’ve been waiting, patiently, for the conference to stop cannibalizing itself so one team could make the playoffs. It could be Utah. I hope it’s Utah. Utah’s defense could be the only answer for Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields/J.K. Dobbins or Joe Burrow. I want an Ohio State vs. Utah college playoff championship. OSU/LSU would be fine too. I guess. Joe Burrow is from the mid-Ohio valley – cool, cool.
    For as much as Utah has been a quiet victor, Oregon has been…just okay. Poor Justin Herbert, perhaps a real talent, must be feeling a bit downtrodden with all the hype and the deliverables not living up to it. Much like Jake Fromm, I don’t get the feeling he loves his receiving core, and it shows.
    Last, but not least, I just want to say if Baylor or Oklahoma make it into the playoffs, the college playoff rankings should be lit on fire and never again presented until after conference championships because WTF is the point. Pick a lane.

    All Play: LSU -7 vs. UGA – get’em, Joe!
    Wisconsin +16.5 vs. OSU – way too many points for a re-match.
    Memphis -9 vs. Cinci
    Cards +3 vs. Steelers

  26. Art Briles Hirer says:

    Oregon +6.5 over Utah
    Baylor +8 over Oklahoma
    Bills +6 over Ravens
    Seahawks -1 over Rams
    CMU -6.5 over Miami OH (essay)
    LSU -7 over Georgia (all-play)

    Mike, I sent you two emails this week regarding my registration fee, which I paid in October. Can you please check and see if you received them (and the fee)?

    • Art Briles Hirer says:

      Surprising matchup for the MACtion title as both teams had disappointing 2018s. Miami went 6-6 and weren’t invited to a bowl game and CMU went 1-11. Enter Jim McElwain showing an immediate turnaround while Miami won on the strength of two big wins against Ohio and Buffalo.

      Big number here but all the advantages point to CMU here. CMU will have the benefit of a hometown crowd in Detroit and come in red hot. In the MAC West, all 6 teams had at least 5 wins and 3 conference wins. It was truly anyone’s race, and the Chips closed with 3 straight wins against NIU, Ball State, and Toledo, scoring at least 45 points in each game.

      Miami won their division on the strength of a gutty 24-21 win over the Ohio Bobcats, and also scoring wins against contenders Buffalo and Kent St. However, they enter today’s contest coming off a 41-27 loss to Ball St. They’ve been successful at getting a pass rush and forcing turnovers, but they don’t have the weapons to keep up in a shootout. As long as the Chips avoid turnovers and pass protect, they’ll put up another big number. Chips by double digits.

  27. ckozelka says:

    UGA +7
    NFL to follow

  28. 1. Bills +6 v. Ravens
    2. 49ers +2.5 @ Saints
    3. Clemson -28 v. Virginia
    4. Boise State -13.5 v. Hawaii
    AP: Georgia +7 v. LSU
    Essay: Central Michigan -6.5 v. Miami

    Let’s finish up college football’s conference season with a little MACtion. I’m a little disappointed this game isn’t played on a Wednesday night, but that’s about marketing, not the football.

    My analysis of this game comes down to a simple proposition of luck running out. While the RedHawks have had a really successful year, exceeding all expectations, they have done so by outperforming thier expected outcome. They are the SP+ 107th best team, behind both Ohio (54) and Buffalo (86) [CMS is 83], and barely in front of Kent St (110), BG (128) and Akron (129). Reminder, there are 130 teams in FCS. So basically, Miami should have finished around 3rd in the down East but here they are in Detroit.

    CMU almost blew their opportunity to play in this game last week in a weird weather MACtion. Climate controlled Ford Field and the opportunity to hoist a championship trophy will be enough to focus the Chippewas. Farthewell MACtion, see you next season.

  29. Josh Rossie says:

    Utah-6.5 Kevin Costello tip. Utah 20 Oregon 13

    KC +3 Give me the better offense in a revenge spot from last year. KC 24-20

    Saints -2.5 Give me NO at Home laying less than 3. 27-24

    AZ +3 Gut pick, give me kyler and Co. In an upset 23-21

    All Play LSU -7. GA has a guy suspended for 1H and they have a talented WR out. LSU 31 GA 23

    Essay: SD CHARGERS -3

  30. Cleveland Frowns says:

    1) Bears +3 over Cowboys for a point.

    • Cleveland Frowns says:

      2) In honour of my wife having graduated to “I heard some bozo say something on sports talk radio and this is why I’m voting on ________” status, I too will take the Ducks tonight.

      • Cleveland Frowns says:

        3) LSU +7
        4) Vote of the week—->>> Wisconsin +16.5 over Ohio State: Nothing fancy here, just thinking that Wisconsin will show up wanting to do a lot better than they did last time around and Justin Fields playing in a knee brace seems like it’ll be kind of a big deal. It really is sort of a dud of a conference championship weekend given the likelihood that both OSU and LSU make the playoffs even if they lose today, and you can start to see what people mean when they say that expanding the playoffs to 8 teams will make things even worse. In college football as everywhere else, inequality reigns. I suppose to the extent that I’m suggesting here that inequality will foster some measure of equality between Bucky and the Buckeyes maybe this vote is fancier than I thought it was. Anyway, hope everyone has a terrific Saturday. Old Frowner will be back with two NFL votes tomorrow.

  31. LSU – 7 Georgia
    CMU -6.5 vs Miami (OH)
    Packers -13 vs Washington
    Saints -2.5 vs 49ers
    Cards +3 vs Steelers
    Cowboys -3 vs Bears
    Da Bears barely beat Jeff Driskel and the Lions last week and this is a step up in competition. I think their players realize the playoffs are out of reach and this is a lost season as there will be a new quarterback next year. Mitch is not very good, a fact that has been blatantly obvious for a long time. I have been amazed at how many people have come to the defense of him in the last two years. I don’t know why Matt Nagy went away from scheming or encouraging running plays for Trubisky. Mitch is a great runner with the football and I never see him run anymore. Nagy did a brilliant job early on in game planning but seems to have run out of energy, creativity, or was simply wrong in thinking Mitch would develop. Cowboys on a short week which is worrisome, but it’s a nice day here so should be a nice night for football, they’ll figure it out. Banking on Kellen Moore calling some good plays and a Dallas offense finding it’s mojo. Amari Cooper has been quiet in road games this year and will show out tonight.

  32. Essay Bengals +9
    Another public relations disaster for the Browns. They are a true embarrassment. Randall, Freddie’s t-shirt, cutting the guy who’s girlfriend was tragically killed. The play calling that somehow didn’t break Baker’s hand despite their best efforts to do so. This week is the week many Browns fans wait for. Not all of us, mind you, but there is a vocal minority, myself included, that really just waits for all of this to over so we can get back to regularly scheduled programming. By the time the Ravens (the most 2016 Cleveland Indians football team I’ve ever seen, with Lamar as Frankie and a coach that is pushing all the right buttons, unmitigated joy every where you look) come to Cleveland this Browns team will be long since dead.
    A few notes on the Steelers game – Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts are just a joy to listen to. Forget Romo, ESPN should hire those two guys and their producer and just let them do what they do (The ESPN Monday Night Football broadcast is the most embarrassing thing on TV. Just atrocious). Also, I’m proud of Duck Hodges. As a guy with horrible white guy straight hair, Duck has clearly went from the 1.5 guard all the way up in the back to a nice tapered neck fade as his fame has increased. A nice neck fade is really all we have to make our hair not look like homeless folk, so good for him. They are going to lose this week, but good for him.

    Cardinals +3
    Ravens -6
    Raiders +3
    Rams +1

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