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No complaints here.

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I’ll admit that my “Browns Troll” piece currently in the ‘Draft’ category might be aways away from publication.


I got nothing.  Not right now.

Is Andy Dalton a bag of suck?  Oh sure, you bet; but now’s not the time.  Have I said that Buster Skrine plays good positionally and my greivance is with his size?  Yeah* sure, but who cares… cover your ass posts are boring in general and particularly self-centered if done after such a glorious weekend.  Squeeze in just a smidgeon of juxtaposition between Dolan’s off-season and Haslam’s…?  Oh HELL NO!

No, no, no.  Not now.


Lots of space there Braxton.

Because it’s lovely lovely lovely to have a solid Buckeye win at home over a top team; a Browns domination of a perennial playoff team; and the Indians blowing everyone’s mind and getting into the playoffs.

Let’s offer some comment on all three.


1.  The Buckeyes.
I sure have some solid memories of national spotlight games in Columbus not going according to plan.  That wasn’t the case Saturday.  Braxton Miller looks poised running an offense who just won their line of scrimmage battle all night.  On defense, who knew Joel Stave had that game in him?  The Badgers were just good enough to provide a lot of coachable moments for Coach Meyer and none to soon with the at Northwestern game coming up.  The Bucks look good — but not great — and certainly shouldn’t be overconfident going to Evanston.


NFL: San Diego Chargers at Cleveland Browns

Don’t overthink it, Joe: sign em both.

2.  The Browns.
First off, I have to say that watching in a bar is sub-optimal.  But my vibe from the game was that it never felt like the Browns weren’t dominating.

Err..  I can’t not write SOMETHING about Jay Gruden’s odd non-use of Gio Bernard and bizarre fixation on five yard under patterns for AJ Green.  How a team can have Gresham, Eifert, Green, Sanu matched up against the shortest secondary and not go up top is .. it’s a poser, I’ll tell ya.  If I do the Bengals’ blame pie, I’m settling in of equal parts Gruden weak OC, Dalton-bag-o-suck, and Browns defense that good.

Wait a sec, let me kick up the Browns’ defense credit from 33% to 50%.  Because Joe Haden’s performance on AJ Green a COUPLED WITH just the right amount of smack talk was so money.  I can’t think of a cornerback I’d rather have.  Revis? Peterson?  Sherman?  Nope, I’m good with Haden thanks.

And Hoyer, yes you can be quarterback.  You executed the best (only?) screen pass by the Browns in the last 20 years.  I actually don’t think that’s an exaggeration.  Hoyer is proof that ‘good’ QB is meaningless in the face of ‘smart’ QB or at least ‘competent enough to remember he has a tall tight end who can win jump balls’ QB.  Jordan Cameron… didn’t see that one coming either.



Note teammate Perez up front.

3.  The Indians.
Like many of you, I lost interest after that Tigers series in August and in particular after that brutal blown save shutout in the first game.  (Cripes, it’s painful even to look at that boxscore.)  The responsible blogger/journo in me wants to remind you of some stat on how the Tribe does against good teams.  But the fan in me won’t even google it and says in boldface:  NINETY-TWO WINS.  15-2 to close the season.  Yessir, good things can happen when try to win now and that’s nuf ‘ced on that for now too.

Salazar is a revelation.  In fact, the rotation looks like a real rotation with Ubaldo-Kazmir-Kluber-Salazar and what’s up with Masterson?  Is he our closer now?  See?  I really haven’t been paying attention closely enough.  The games are on in the background and my ears perk when personal fave Michael Brantley does something awesome.

With respect to the Perez melt downs… welp… yes that a problem.  But kick him off the post-season roster?  No sir.  Francona has a ‘team’ thing happening and you don’t mess with a streak and all the Bull Durham baseball nonsense.  I’ll trust in Francona to know how/where to use Perez and as long as the rest of the team wants him on the roster, he’s on the roster.

We know there’s no way that this team doesn’t beat the best-record-in-baseball RedSox, right?  Can’t speculate past that, but the wild card win and the RedSox series victory in six are happening… these are for sure.


That’s all I got.  I guess we could talk about Breaking Bad and while I enjoy the show, I don’t find it measures up to the buzz.  But,,, nein nein nein!  A ‘no bitch zone’ is hard-earned for Clevelanders so who am I to wreck it.


* “Buster Skrine played hard but was exploited by tall receivers.  Say again:  Skrine was always in position; Skrine cannot cover NFL WRs because he’s too short.”


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  2. Don’t care about the Indians or whatever TV show is being discussed.

    Here’s a new idea/question/whatever:

    Did the Browns’ front office badly misread this team’s chances AND/OR the overall state of the AFC North?

    The Ravens are probably a 9-7 team, the Bengals have some really good talent but are still coached by Marvin Lewis and led by Andy Dalton and the Steelers are both way too old and way too young at the same time.

    Given how the Browns have actually won two games and their current QB doesn’t melt into a puddle every time his first read isn’t open, this team has an outside shot at a division title – given that the other three teams continue to stumble and of course assuming the Browns can actually win at least 3-4 divisional games.

    Point being – should the front office have seen this coming? I know it’s impossible to predict anything in the NFL, but if these developments were in the tea leaves, then I feel some of Kanicki’s ideas are in play regarding how the FO botched the offseason (or at least didn’t finish the job).

    Instead, the Browns were left in that weird pseudo-competitive, mostly rebuilding state – instead of being assembled into a potential division winner.

    Given how quickly windows close in the NFL (look at the Giants, Falcons, Steelers and maybe the Texans and 49ers), I think this is an intriguing debate.

    • jimkanicki says:

      if the trend continues, the browns should beat a pretty-good bills team by two scores… and i’m kinda expecting this but i’m but also having a hard time trusting my eyes with the last two wins. they beat the bills, and do it handily, and i’ll be believing.

      • Joe Banner says:

        Thanks, guys, your support means a lot. I’ve been reading these blogs since jimmy hired me, and that’s why we chucked Shurmur and Richardson.

    • WarbVIII says:

      Very interesting question, from available evidence they did misread the situation and the teams chances,wouldn’t be surprised if they had started either of the other QBs on the team other than Weedon they could be 4-0. If they’d fixed the guard issue maybe even with Weedon starting. Still it’s why I point to the team and the coaches and not the front office for it working the last two weeks. I think the front office is quietly throwing fits in closed offices about the success ruining their draft postitoning. Honestly I think Campbell could do as well or better than Hoyer,but it wouldn’t be as cool of a story,and it would be less of a long term fix, I think the front office pushed Hoyer on the off chance it made lombardi look good, vs the probability that he’d suck and we would now be 0-4. Thought it was amazing that during the draft that we took only one offensive player(I think thats right anyway),it would seem from the start that Chud and Turner don’t have any power vs Banner,Lombardi and Horton. Which seems rather odd.

  3. bupalos says:

    I started liking Skrine more and more since the start of the season (and since I’ve gotten rewind). He’s really not bad and he definitely comes to play tackle football. I can’t agree about being in position though…he’s aggressive and goes for moves and has to recover a lot. He kind of mirrors Haden’s style, though obviously not in the same area code as far as skill. In fact, every DB on the roster has mildly surprised me in a good way except for Owens, who I think must have been injured or something in the 1st 2, because he was ridiculously passive and I think a huge part of losing those games. But he has started being more aggressive and looked into it on Sunday.

    As far as the covering of asses, I think what the FO has definitively proven in contradiction of your screed is that that even on defense, a good offense is often the best defense. Instead of filling holes with stop-gap money, they built out a strength and are using that to cover ostensible weaknesses. Even if you are right that the best opposing offensive strategy may be quick drop go route jump balls up the sides every damn play (I think that pretty much is right, that’s what I’d do), at least we are forcing an offense to react to us and commit to doing something risky to score. I actually think that’s why you didn’t see much of that from Cincy. They didn’t think coming in they’d need to take big risks to win, they wanted to keep more control. But you can’t play an effective control game against this front 7. It’s stocked and overstocked, and forcing the issue in a way no Browns unit has since before the return.

    As we’re given more respect, teams will probably open up more and expose the DB weakness. And then you’ll have some “see I told you” moments. I still like the approach, both for winning this year and building for next.

    Your big “I told you so” may be more on letting Phil walk, because it’s not impossible that this division could be in play for us– and that one year money, which really had no impact at all on the development plan or salary structure going forward, could conceivably be the 12 points we needed to win it.

  4. chuckkoz says:

    won’t it be indians over sox in 4?

    then in 6 over the As….then in 7 over the Dodgers

  5. acto says:

    Just wondering if anyone else is annoyed with TV and radio people ALWAYS mispronouncing Giovani.

  6. I share your trepidation about the Indians. They have performed so poorly against the best teams in the league. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but I have a sinking “city crashing back to earth on Thursday morning” kind of feeling.

    • jpftribe says:

      Why does going from 94 losses to 92 wins, and having 11 walk off victories have to be a sinking feeling? These guys have come from nowhere to make the wild card game, a meaningful September of baseball. That in itself is glorious.

  7. tmoore94 says:

    Agree on Breaking Bad. Glad I watched it and, at times it was very good, but it is certainly not as good as The Wire and probably not as good as Game of Thrones. (The Khaleesi destroys Skyler six days a week and twice on Sundays.)

    The last 15 minutes of the finale were good, but the rest of the episode dragged. Will miss watching it, but it got way too much hype for a show that was very good but not great.

    • jimkanicki says:

      THANK YOU! Yes, Thrones is pretty far out front in that crowd.
      And Skyler was better when she was Seth Bullock’s whiny wife (in Deadwood) instead of Heisenberg’s.

      • Zarathustra says:

        Thank you for making the skyler/bullock’s wife connection! I knew I recognized her from something. I’m way behind on BB so don’t have an opinion yet, but deadwood is fricking awesome.

  8. cscales says:

    wonderfully put !!!!!!!!

    whatchyu think about thursday ???

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