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P4 SB: Chiefs -1.5 vs Niners, Miami

It’s down to ABH and AmpEsq… and only HTH has a chance to snag second place dough.  12 points this week.

Here’s the final payout number:

First prize (50%) $1,748
Reg season win (10%) $350
Second prize (~15% or balance) $679



  1. ill just post my pick and essay here. my pick is the under. after that really no clue. gimme the niners because ill probably be rooting for them. even that make on sense because i have more solidarity with kc fans than sf. but the thinking is that the niners d-front is a generational talent superior even to the giants’ front that whooped brady twice. look for kittle and kelce to be the biggest playmakers. should be a good game and im indifferent to who wins.

  2. Cleveland Frowns says:

    Well since they went ahead and posted the contenders’ votes already I might as well post mine here too for posterity, which is the Niners. Mainly because I expect a Curse of Wahoo type thing to happen with the Chiefs. Anyway, congrats ABH and thanks to all for another great season!

  3. mattborcas says:


    Gimme the Niners. It is so difficult for me to fade Patrick Mahomes, but I give the edge to Kyle Shanahan and his 2 weeks of game planning. I expect him to reverse course and for Jimmy G to come out chucking. Niners 31 Chiefs 27.

  4. mattborcas says:


    I am taking the 49ers because Amplified Esquire has picked the Chiefs twice this postseason and I need to catch him, so hoping he picks the Chiefs a 3rd time. San Fran has looked like the most complete team I’ve seen in the playoffs. Pat Mahomes is awesome and I will be rooting for the Chiefs, but they seem undisciplined in certain areas and have been plagued by big mistakes in their two games – lots of dropped passes, special teams turnover, offsides penalties at bad times. Sorensen playing in the secondary for them should worry Chiefs fans – Kyle Shanahan should be able to expose him. I’m envisioning play action to Deebo Samuel and Kittle over the middle multiple times. We will find out what will happen if SF has to play from behind and can’t run the ball all game, but I don’t think they will have trouble scoring here. I’m betting Shanahan has learned lessons from his Falcons super bowl debacle. This should be a fun game – only 4th time in Super Bowl history a team has been favored by fewer than 2 points.

  5. mattborcas says:

    Art Briles Hirer:


    I don’t know if I’ve ever been so excited for the Big Game. Of course, I’ve never had $1750 on the line before, but I’d still be excited without it! The dominant path cut through the playoffs by these two teams really heightens the drama. Mahomes’ deconstruction of Houston makes him seem invulnerable, while KC’s ability to stop Derrick Henry showed that their defense could rise to meet a challenge. For the Niners, say what you want about Kirk Cousins but they put two playoff offenses in a straitjacket from start to finish. The game opened at a pick em and only moved 1.5 points, and I can’t remember anything like that.

    In making this pick I’ve scoured the airwaves to get a variety of takes. I’ve seen plenty of smart people, with a history of success in wagering, make a pick on either side with equally compelling rationales. So without any particular strong lean, I’m going with Mahomes and Andy Reid. It’s the emotional pick, because I love the big guy and I want to see him get that ring, and it’s the old adage that, when in doubt, you take the best quarterback. Sure, sometimes Nick Foles beats Tom Brady. I’d be lying if I said I was picking KC with as much confidence as I had in my previous selections to get to this point. But, my gut says Mahomes is on a mission and won’t be stopped. 35-27 final.

  6. mattborcas says:


    Chiefs -1.5

    I’m all aboard the Patrick Mahomes hype train, especially with a considerable amount of money on the line for me tonight; and more importantly the Cheddar Bay championship should Art Briles Hirer go with the Niners which I feel like he will (I think I spent more time researching his picks this year than the game itself in my effort to be positioned for the championship).

    I woke up this morning to an article that Mahomes is lobbying to get a behind the back pass play implemented into the play calling and all I could think was this guy probably has more accuracy going behind the back than half the Browns quarterbacks I’ve had the pleasure of watching week in and week out over the past however many years.

    Behind the back pass or not, Mahomes is a magician and has a slew of weapons to throw it to. Jimmy G isn’t lacking weapons either; but he hasn’t been asked to do much in the playoffs up to this point. A few weeks ago the Chiefs were in a similar situation playing a Titans team that was running all over everyone with a QB managing the games perfectly while making a few plays with his arm and legs when needed. The Chiefs got up in that game and Tannehill couldn’t keep pace. I’m picturing the same scenario tonight where the Chiefs get some points on the board early and it’s going to be up to Jimmy G to get his team back into it/keep pace. I think he’ll do a serviceable job but ultimately not enough to win the Niners the game, or keep them within 1 point when the clock hits zero.

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