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Why do I use @jimkanicki for my pseudonym?

First off, I’m a Cleveland ex-pat who’s lived in Mass/NH since 1987 and never dropped my Ohio teams.

When I first started to post on cleveland.com’s sorry Browns forum during games, I decided I didn’t want to use my real name.  I thought I would use it as a chance to honor my favorite brownie from when I was growing up.  But ‘miltmorin’ was already taken.  I considered ‘kneesnelsen’ but then I came across these:

($35 buys you the last one.  Autographed.  Click pic for link.)


I liked that era of football and I liked the link to the tail-end of the browns’ glory years.  He was a starter for the 64 team.  He’s a PD Top 100 all-time Brownie.  His having played for Duffy Daugherty’s MSU Spartans was just icing.  Done deal.  That was probably back in 2007.

What I didn’t consider at the time was that Mr. Jim Kanicki is a real person!  I mean, seriously, right?  It turns out he is the President of a steel fabricator in Ashtabula and from their website, looks to be doing very well.

So in the five odd years I’ve been blurting my opinions I probably have just enough ‘brand’ where I need to tend to this.  A disclaimer.  Here it is:

I co-opted Mr. Kanicki’s name as a tribute to that era and to a fine representative of the Browns from the 60s.  IF I should ever have a request from the Kanicki family to cease and desist, I most certainly will.  And Mr. Kanicki, if you should ever read this, thank you for playing hard Browns football and contributing to the last championship Cleveland has seen.

Post-script:  I heard from one of Mr. Kanicki’s grandchildren who was no doubt shocked and amazed that grandpa had such strong and public feelings about Pat Shurmur.  Long story short, we chatted, some of the real Kanickis are aware of and ok with my presence.

And also, look what those crazy Kanicki grand kids get to play with up in Ashtabula:

1964 Browns Championship ring.(no really.  it happened.)

1964 Browns Championship ring.
(no really. it happened.)


Email:  kanick_blog@yahoo.com


  1. Elizabeth Schultz says:

    Essay: Patriots

    Remember the scene in “Empire Strikes Back” when Darth Vadar says “search your feelings Luke, you know it’s true.” ? There’s a truth today for every football viewer: coach Belichick can shift the Pats defense from man to zone, the defense can stop the athletic Lamar Jackson. Search your feelings, you know it’s true. Still, expect a real game. John Harbaugh is recognized as a coach who has beaten the Patriots with his own solid coaching. When Suggs and CJ Mosley were Ravens in 16 & ’17 Baltimore was a worthy opponent both regular and in particular post season. Harbaugh can beat Belichick at his own tricks. An interest tonight is how (or whether) Greg Roman can design a game for Jackson. Keep the QB focused on his objective. The Pat’s offense should also look a little better, much interest on the play of N’keel Harry and the addition of Mohamed Sanu. Will they get the coveted Brady targets? Brady will find the open target, you know it’s true. Give me the pats -3.5

  2. Neutral Zone says:

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  3. josh says:

    I live in Chesterland and I think the Kanickis used to too! keep up the good blog! Glad you got in touch with the real Kanickis.

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