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Playoff week 1

Cheddar playoffs NFL lines:
Bills +2.5 at Texans
Titans +5 at Pats
Vikes +8 at Saints
Seahawks -1.5 at Eagles

All Monday bowl picks in by 11:30 AM Monday
All remaining bowl picks in by 11 AM Tuesday (1 hour before first kickoff)
NFL picks in by 3pm Saturday
Submit pick via email to mattb at the address in the email you received; he will post your picks here after the deadline.
8 NCAA, 4 NFL picks
1 essay worth 6 points
11 picks worth 2 points each
28 total points week 1
Monday’s lines (picks due Monday by 1130AM):  wk18 https://jimkanicki.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/wk18.pdf
The rest of NCAA lines (picks due Tuesday by 1100AM): 2019p1college https://jimkanicki.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/2019p1college.pdf 
NFL lines, will post Thursday (picks due Saturday by 300PM):


  1. mattborcas says:


    Arizona state

    • mattborcas says:




      I just can’t quit Russ Wilson. This team finds a way. They love the road, Russ is never out of a game and the Philly secondary stinks. Most of all I think Philly just isn’t good. I like Russ having the ball last here and I think he has a vintage game

  2. mattborcas says:

    Art Briles Hirer:

    Cal -6 over Illinois

    • mattborcas says:

      Art Briles Hirer:

      ASU -4 over FSU
      Cincinnati -7 over BC
      Alabama -7 over Michigan
      Utah -7 over Texas
      Kentucky +2.5 over Va Tech
      Georgia -5 over Baylor
      Oregon +3 over Wisconsin

    • mattborcas says:


      Bills +2.5 over Texans
      Titans +5 over Pats
      Saints -8 over Vikings
      Seahawks -1.5 over Eagles

      Essay is on the Seahawks. Pete Carroll always has a team that plays strong in the post-season thanks to always building a defense that travels and having the benefit of Russell Wilson. Even when Seattle has a mediocre rushing attack, Wilson allows them to control the clock in every game and turn playoff games into grindfests that the Seahawks feel comfortable winning. The Eagles are way too depleted and way too short on skill talent to deal with it. Seattle won 17-9 in Philly during the regular season and I expect a very similar game.

      The Eagles did show some offensive life in 4 of their last 5 coming into the playoffs. However, that has more to do with their competition, as they feasted on the Dolphins, the Giants twice, and Washington. Even the Cowboys, not known for their defense, held them to 17. Before that 5 game run, they played 3 games at home against the Bears, Pats, and Seahawks, and scored 22, 10, and 9 respectively. Not only do all signs point to Seattle, this feels like the easiest game of the four.

  3. mattborcas says:


    Miss St. -4

    • mattborcas says:


      1. missyst – loss (turns out that selecting the team whose linebacker broke the orbital bone of the starting qb a week earlier was a bad idea.)
      2. Baylor
      3. MiamiO
      4. Tenn
      5. Auburn
      6. Mich
      7. Wisco
      8. Navy

    • mattborcas says:

      603 brown’s NFL picks are below. [Ed. note: One is hard-pressed not to worry about the strain his Titans pick might inflict on his relationship with Cheddar stalwart and noted Pats fan hometeam, but I guess all’s fair in love and wagering.]

      Bills +2.5 at Texans — Texans
      Titans +5 at Pats — Titans
      Vikes +8 at Saints — Saints***
      Seahawks -1.5 at Eagles — Eagles

      Someone is getting blown out this weekend and i think it’s the Vikes. What the hell when your owner has to issue a statement ‘intending’ to retain the head coach in your playoff week? I mean can you even? And what’s more, maybe ownership is pulling for a loss so they have the air-cover needed to keep hot property Kevin Stefanski. Saints are so stacked. Saw injury report that Eli Apple is out so,, wait for it.. Janoris Jenkins will start. Payton is so good no worries on the offense. The Pats are Bama of the NFL and the Saints are Clemson. Playing down there in the weak-ass NFCS you never see their games and you kinda forget about them. Until this time of year.

  4. mattborcas says:

    Cleveland Frowns:

    Illinois +6 over Cal and Louisville +4 over Missy St.

    • mattborcas says:

      Cleveland Frowns aka The Junkyard Dawg Himself aka The Prohibited Favorite:

      Kentucky +2.5 over Va Tech.
      K State +2.5 over Navy
      FSU +4 over Az. St.
      Wisconsin -3 over Oregon
      Georgia -5 over Baylor
      Indiana +2.5 over Tennessee

    • mattborcas says:

      Cleveland Frowns aka the Tannehill Express:

      *****Joe Lull Memorial Vote of the Week—Titans +5 over Patriots*****

      Picking Wild Card weekend is always brutal and 2019 is no exception. So much so that the only real value I see on the board is in fading the legendary defending champs on their home field against the Titans, who, as you’ll remember, were supposed to be the first speed bump on the 2019 Browns’ road to the Super Bowl (lmao).

      By all credible metrics the Tannehill transformation has been very real for these Titans and these numbers are further supported by accounts that the QB—who, as circa-2012 listeners of Cleveland’s 92.3 FM are undoubtedly aware, was a pre-med major—came to Tennessee highly motivated to take the starting job and resuscitate his career. It’s hard to doubt that something is really clicking with this offense and that all the stops will be pulled out tomorrow in Foxboro with an offense that’s as multiple as any west of Baltimore. So I’ll stick to my guns with the same strategy that cost me the Cheddar Bay title last year (fading the Pats against a hot contender) and hope that those sunk costs pay off tonight and also that a single proud tear will be rolling down the cheek of a certain legendary former Cleveland sports radio host by game’s end.

      As for the other three, please give me Bills +2.5 over Texans, Saints -8 over Vikings, and Eagles +1.5 over Seahawks. Thanks and good luck to all.

  5. mattborcas says:


    WKU -3

    • mattborcas says:


      florida state +4
      K St +2.5
      Texas +7
      Auburn -7
      Alabama -7
      Baylor +5

    • mattborcas says:


      Texans -2.5

      Pats -5 **Essay**

      Saints -8

      Eagles +1.5

      Love AJ Brown, but Pats have Gilmore. Love Derrick Henry, but question the logic of giving him 32 carries last week in a game that they had wrapped up fairly early and then having to play on short rest short rest. Tannehill has been very impressive, but first playoff start for a guy on the road doesn’t normally bode well. I think in a game where the talent level is close to even, the Pats can scheme themselves to one more victory at home. Next week Pat Mahomes & company will show how large the talent discrepancy is between KC and NE. For one more week, its “backs against the wall, nobody believed in us, just come out and do our jobs.” Pats have won nine straight home playoff games.

  6. mattborcas says:


    U Florida -14.5
    WKU -3

    • mattborcas says:



    • mattborcas says:


      Patriots -5
      Eagles 1.5
      Saints -8

      Essay: Bills 2.5

      Deshaun Watson is the Texans’ only hope. And he could make me look foolish. But the Texans simply are not a very good offensive team without Will Fuller, who, if he plays, will be hobbled. The splits are stark. And the Texans are simply a bad defensive team, with or without a hobbled JJ Watt. The Bills are slightly above average in pretty much most areas, but this should be enough to get it done.

  7. mattborcas says:

    BWhalen’s college picks:

    [posted inadvertently,, will repost tuesday]

    • mattborcas says:

      Chefmaster BWhalen:

      Florida -14.5

      Kentucky +2.5

      Utah -7

      Alabama -7

      Oregon +3

      Indiana +2.5

      Southern Miss +7


      Cincinnati -7

      Putting my trust in Luke Fickell or any OSU coach/former coach is not something that I enjoy doing. However, this game leaves me almost no choice. Cincinnati has been solid on the defensive side of the ball. To say I trust them offensively is an overstatement, but if there is a team that I trust less, it is Boston College without QB Anthony Brown and Star RB AJ Dillon. They have not been competitive against any type of talent this year and they have an interim HC just for this game. Being that AJ Dillon was the only source of offense for the eagles, this should be a cakewalk for the bearcats. I’m going to trust my gut and say that 7 isn’t enough. Give me the Bearcats -7 for 6 cheesy biscuits.

    • mattborcas says:


      Bills +2.5
      Saints -8
      Titans +5

  8. mattborcas says:

    AmplifiedEsq’s Monday picks:

    1. Illinois +6; and
    2. Florida -14.5

    • mattborcas says:


      3. Auburn -7 *ESSAY*
      4. Cinci -7
      5. ULL -14
      6. Oregon +3
      7. Navy -2.5
      8. Baylor +5

      Essay: Auburn -7

      As a Big Ten honk it pains me to be predicting a slaughter for one of its teams, but how is this not going to be one? A little tidbit I heard on the radio this morning: Minnesota won seven Big Ten games this year and in those seven wins, six were against the team’s backup quarterback. I didn’t do the research to verify this or not; but I was already leaning on essaying this game and that was all the justification I needed.

      Auburn has a freshmen QB that has seemingly improved as the season has gone on and is certainly using the extra practice weeks/this Bowl game to showcase his worth for next year. Auburn’s defense has elite potential (LSU only put up 23 on them; the Iron Bowl seems to be an outlier giving up 45) and their elite DT Derrick Brown is playing in this game despite being a top 10 pick in next year’s NFL draft. I suspect he’ll have his teammates jacked up to send him out a big winner. Minnesota couldn’t move the ball against Wisconsin and Iowa and I don’t expect them to move the ball much in this game. Give me Auburn -7 for the six points this week.

    • mattborcas says:


      Texans -2.5
      Pats -5
      Saints -8
      Seahawks -1.5

  9. im in on miss st. likewise was emailed predeadline.

  10. AmplifiedEsq. says:

    I’m on Illinois and UF for today’s games (e-mail was in by the deadline – didn’t realize they weren’t posted).

  11. Cleveland Frowns says:

    Not sure where Matt is with the votes but I emailed him mine for Illinois and Louisville by this morning’s deadline.

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