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Wk 10 — Pats -3.5 at Ravens (SNF)

Team, I am throwing up my hands at the hosted website proposition.  For the rest of this year, we’re staying here with a URL that hasn’t been offline in probably over ten years.

CHANGES:  Look in the menu bar for links to pages with the form and the standings.

Pats/Raisins this week.


“Miss me?”

Regarding the Browns:  everything should be fine now that the easy part of the schedule has arrived.  lol.  So firing Kitchens should’ve happened a month ago and the only thing that stopped it was not wanting to be embarrassed by the infinity hot-take shows on infinity sports media outlets.  Is Haslam’s pride more worth pissing away a year on the rookie contracts of Nick Chubb and Myles Garrett?  Worth more than watching Baker Mayfield transform into Colt McCoy under this coaching staff?  Answer is apparently yes.  

No, firing this doofus is now a cold take.  The current take is that John Dorsey’s record does not withstand scrutiny and that his honeymoon is over.  What sealed it for me was reflecting that his best draft pick (Chubb) was rated behind Austin Corbett.  Given that Rashad Penny and Sony Michel were already drafted we’ll never know if Chubb was the guy he wanted or the guy who was left… but he was probably just the guy who was left and Dorsey lucked into the best RB in the NFL.  But in his most heinous decision, Dorsey chose Kitchens over Gregg Williams (and Bruce Arians) and in retrospect it appears to be same level of thoughtlessness as when Jimmy shows up in the draft room and says he wants a pass rusher (and we get Bark Mingo at 6 overall) or when Johnny Manziel’s wreck this league text lands him here.  Hey buddy boy:  cut your losses on Kitchens and save this season.



Cheddar 2019 week 9… (welcome back to jk.com)

Week nine business goes in this thread.

Mother of god I think I should dump the whole webhosting domain business because to paraphrase Tarantino dead website storage is not my business.  So you know, all was well when I left for my 3-to-close shift at the casino.  Hell, all was awesome since my 24 point dog essay pick was busy winning outright and my all-play was covering their two touchdowns.  Then the emails started.  Then I got home at 130am and logged into bluehost under the ‘your sites’ section and found only the prototype ‘no-nonsense.training.com’ site that I was roughing out for hometeam.  603brown is just gone.  So it’s not like I can even reboot it or anything like that.  So fortunately I remembered this old reliable and let’s just use it for now.

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