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Wk 10 — Pats -3.5 at Ravens (SNF)

Team, I am throwing up my hands at the hosted website proposition.  For the rest of this year, we’re staying here with a URL that hasn’t been offline in probably over ten years.

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Pats/Raisins this week.


“Miss me?”

Regarding the Browns:  everything should be fine now that the easy part of the schedule has arrived.  lol.  So firing Kitchens should’ve happened a month ago and the only thing that stopped it was not wanting to be embarrassed by the infinity hot-take shows on infinity sports media outlets.  Is Haslam’s pride more worth pissing away a year on the rookie contracts of Nick Chubb and Myles Garrett?  Worth more than watching Baker Mayfield transform into Colt McCoy under this coaching staff?  Answer is apparently yes.  

No, firing this doofus is now a cold take.  The current take is that John Dorsey’s record does not withstand scrutiny and that his honeymoon is over.  What sealed it for me was reflecting that his best draft pick (Chubb) was rated behind Austin Corbett.  Given that Rashad Penny and Sony Michel were already drafted we’ll never know if Chubb was the guy he wanted or the guy who was left… but he was probably just the guy who was left and Dorsey lucked into the best RB in the NFL.  But in his most heinous decision, Dorsey chose Kitchens over Gregg Williams (and Bruce Arians) and in retrospect it appears to be same level of thoughtlessness as when Jimmy shows up in the draft room and says he wants a pass rusher (and we get Bark Mingo at 6 overall) or when Johnny Manziel’s wreck this league text lands him here.  Hey buddy boy:  cut your losses on Kitchens and save this season.




  1. thatsfine503 says:


  2. mattborcas says:

    Ravens +3.5 over Pats

    What a weekend it’s been for my foundering Cheddar season. Let’s see if we can finish it off with a winning essay. The Ravens have always played the Pats tough, and you can’t really prepare for Lamar Jackson’s improvisational wizardry. The Pats *really* haven’t been tested this season, having faced a pitiful slate of opponents, and last week the Browns’ overwhelming ineptitude masked the fact that New England’s offense hardly looked potent. It’s going to take time for Brady to develop chemistry with Sanu, and first rounder N’Keal Harry is out yet again after some buzz earlier in the week that he could be active. The Ravens have had two weeks to get ready for this matchup, and I think they’ll win outright.

  3. Mike Burgermeister says:

    late line: vikes -4 at chiefs

  4. danwhalen555 says:

    OREGON for one cheddar please

    • Dan Whalen says:

      SKINS +9.5.
      PANTHERS -4.
      COLTS +1.
      PATRIOTS -3.5.

      • Dan Whalen says:

        $$$ BROWNS -3 $$$

        All season long, I’ve been on the horn saying: don’t panic, it’s gonna be fine, Freddy will figure it out, and Baker will get back to being Baker. I still feel that way, and I think the world is spinning down a violent drain of needing instantaneous gratification and results-not just in sports, but in politics, in service, in feedback socially, etc etc. If you go back 20+ years, you won’t find the media anointing teams 24/7 before they’ve even suited up for a game, you don’t have the constant in-your-face-ness that media and social media and unprecedented access to athletes that today’s world provides (imo for the worse). Guys just played football, and there was time to grow, time to mesh, and just as in any budding career of any person in any industry, you don’t cut the cord 7 weeks into a job and say “this guy has no fucking chance.”

        Freddy will figure it out, or he won’t. Penalties, turnovers and bone-headed decision-making are all directly related to coaching and team discipline, of which the 2019 Browns have shown none. But the stretch of games we just went through (Rams, Ravens, Seahawks, Niners, Patriots) is as tough of a five-game stint as any team will ever have to face…ever, in history. And yet, it’s arguable that the Browns had 3 of the 5 within their grasp.

        Today does not represent a cliche, or an overreaction. This game is in fact the definition of a must-win. Not for playoff contention, as that is actually the least of concerns. Today is a must win for the franchise and city that thought it was “back” and instead was whooped upside the head with a dose of some bad medicine. On the road (where they won last year), against a struggling team that’s starting a QB who’s never taken a snap in a regular season game. The tides turn today, as next week you get an NFL rushing champ back, you have a team near full health, your hardest division game is behind you (and you won it), and your remaining opponent record is 19-40-1. Let’s just fucking go.

  5. Swapping picks for Sunday:

    AP – Baltimore
    Essay – Jets

  6. oxr says:

    This seems like it never turns out well but Oregon -4.5 over USC, goddammit

    • oxr says:

      All-Play Patriots -3.5 over Ravens

      Jets -3 over Dolphins — with a sinking feeling that maybe this is finally the week
      Lions +2 over Raiders
      Packers -3.5 over Chargers

      Essay Browns -3 over Broncos — Not quite POTY level for me but even as a Broncos fan that -3 jumps off the board. Denver’s offense has been painful to watch with Flacco at the helm and the only remaining point of the season seems to be getting a look at Drew Lock, which of course will not be happening; instead we have this Allen Brandon fellow. These teams are basically evenly matched in DVOA with the Broncos having the edge on defense, but a plausible way for the game to go would be for Denver to go three and out even more than they have been all season, and eventually even a good defense wears down. Hard to believe the Browns, even with all their Brownsian baggage, can’t pull out a modest road win under circumstances this favorable. All bets are off if Brandon Allen suddenly turns out to be good, naturally.

  7. AmplifiedEsq says:

    AmplifiedEsq.’s Week 10 Picks:

    1. UGA -6
    5. All-Play: Patriots -3.5

    • AmplifiedEsq says:

      2. Packers -3.5
      3. Bucs +6
      4. Cowboys -7
      6. Essay: Browns -3 @ Denver

      I don’t need to echo what everyone else who is essaying this is. I simply want this cause I’ll be traveling to Cleveland next week for the Thursday night game vs. Pittsburgh and I want so bad for that game to actually mean something other than whatever moral victory could come. If that’s to be the case it starts with getting wins in the coming weeks. Absolutely nothing I’ve seen from the Browns this week screams that they’re going to come out and respond to adversity in a positive way; and that’s got be believing they’re going to come out swinging. I’d like to think Greedy Williams and Denzel Ward getting healthier is going to be huge in this game as they man cover and blitz the hell out of Brandon Allen, but who knows how healthy these guys actually are. At times this year this team has been competent and I’m just going to sit and watch and hope that today is one of times for an actual full game.

  8. ckozelka says:

    1) Georgia -6 (at Florida)

    2) Colts +1 (at Steelers)
    3) Raiders -3 (vs Lions)
    4) Cowboys +7 (at Giants)
    5) AP: Patriots -3.5 (at Ravens)
    6) Essay: Chargers +3.5 (AT Green Bay of Carson)
    Man, I feel bad for those Chargers players. Very talented team that has had so many injuries and plays 16 road games a year. But they are used to the later and the former is improving dramatically. Now the Chargers are back in the thick of things, despite being 3-5 and are certainly better than that record. Despite being the unhealthiest team in the league, all 5 of their losses this year have come on the final possession of the game, as every single one of them was in reach within the final 2 minutes. If a tad healthier, they very easily could have beaten the Lions, Texans, and Titans all of which were decided in the final seconds. Meanwhile, the Packers keep winning late and are outperforming expectations. I guess some would say this is who Rogers is, but I see the luck running out. Chargers 27, Packers 17

  9. Pheasantpants says:

    Florida essay skip week

  10. Katie M. says:

    Washington +3.5 vs. Utah
    Oregon -4.5 vs. USC
    AP: Pats -3.5 vs. Ratbirds

    More to come…

    • Katie M. says:

      Honestly – if I were just flipping a coin on spreads this year, I’d be doing better than when I’m consciously deciding. Doesn’t mean that’s what I’ll do though…

      Bears +5 vs. Eagles – Everyone here in Chicago seems so down on da Bears and I don’t get it. I’d be thrilled if the Browns were as mildly incompetent as the Bears.
      Colts +1 vs. Steelers – Don’t like where this game is but gosh do I like Brissett.
      Cowboys -7 vs. Giants – Solely based on Kacey Musgraves’ Halloween costume. (Insert fire emoji here)
      **Essay** Jets -3 vs. Dolphins
      A straight garbage game. Where someone has to win, but this win will somehow still feel like a loss. Gase was fired from Miami, (last year?) and so far they are winless. Darnold is back for Gase – I’m feeling like the Jets may want to make a statement. Miami is facing a low temperature of 77* while East Rutherford will be dropping down to 35*. Being grateful to be out of bone-chilling weather has its benefits. A stretch? Sure. But does anything really matter anymore?
      Maybe Gase could blow this one too and throw his hat into the ring for the Browns job? I’m to the point of crossing my fingers for catastrophic failure from mediocre coaches in hopes it will shame them into coaching for the Browns. This would be the start of a true five-year rebuilding plan that no amount of pressure from the fans, or the media, or displaced persons can affect. Then, and only then, will the Browns find relevancy?
      I digress.
      I figure the Dolphins’ pass rush is the cure common rookie quarterback cold. Darnold is who I was hoping the Browns would take. Then I lost my mind when Browns chose Baker. Then I spent a year eating crow. And now I’ve got my head cocked as I examine the potential of living in a universe where I wasn’t wrong about Baker in the least. Go get’em Gang Green.

    • essay panthers -4 vs titans. line has gotta be an overreaction to the panthers’ blowout loss to niners and titans ‘return to form’ with their two home wins vs lac and tb. panthers are still 4 and 1 with kyle allen and 4 and 0 when kyle allen doesnt throw 3 ints. titans still have a terrific secondary but their top run defender is out (jurrell casey). unlike some coaches who would confront such a matchup by ignoring his league leading running back, i think rivera will use his. plus i plain dont think titans qb is good. panthers ought to be able to grind out a win of four points or more.
      also pats and steelers.
      (also also, in full agreement with frowns’ broncos essay and only the queasy feeling of betting against my prevents me from essaying it. believe it’s a poty level value.)

  11. clevta says:

    1. Jags +1.5
    2. ND -17.5
    3. Steelers -1
    4. UNC -2.5
    5. Ravens +3.5
    6. Tampa +6 (essay):
    Seattle is playing way above their stats and with a +12-point differential, Seattle should have won 4.3 games based on Pythagorean expectation. With 6 wins, Seattle has 1.7 wins above what should be expected. Seattle has a poor point differential against a schedule of opponents with 5 teams under .500. Based on net success rate, Seattle has played the 9th easiest schedule in the NFL. Regression against a much tougher schedule is on its way. Tampa, on the other hand, has a respectable point differential of -16 and an expected win total of 3.1 games. Tampa is 2-5 so they have underachieved by 0.9 wins. They have done this against a schedule of opponents with 6 teams at .500 or better. Based on net success rate, Tampa has faced the 3rd toughest schedule in the NFL so far. In terms of matchup, this looks to be a good one that favors the Bucs. Seattle is notorious for running the ball at all cost and the Bucs are the #1 rush defense in the NFL. They have this ranking even against a tough set of good run offenses including Christian McCaffery twice, the 49ers and Saints. On a yards per carry basis, Tampa has faced the 2nd toughest schedule in the NFL. In one score game situations, Seattle has run the ball the 4th highest percentage of the time and that should be music to the Tampa defenders’ ears. In addition, Seattle Center Justin Britt is out for this game. Britt is a top 20 graded Center overall by PFF and is 8th in run blocking. That’s a scary proposition when having to face Ndamukong Suh. Tampa on offense should be able to move the ball at will against this poor Seattle defense. Seattle ranks 23rd in DVOA against both the pass and run. The Seahawks pass rush is even worse, ranking 30th by PFF. As long as Jameis doesn’t turn the ball over, and don’t hold your breath too long, the Bucs should be able to easily cover this game.

  12. Elder B says:

    AP : Pats -3.5
    Kansas State -6.5 @ Kansas
    Utah -3.5 @ Washington
    SMU +6 @ Memphis
    Browns -3 @ Broncos

    **Essay** Oregon -4.5 @ USC
    Clay Helton is looking for a big win or two and isn’t going to find it here. Oregon is too good on both sides of the ball to not win by 7 points. USC lives and dies with their big play receivers and the Oregon secondary has more than enough speed and physicality to keep them in check. Chase Herbert has issues when he gets heavy pressure but the USC d-line is banged up and shouldn’t be a major factor in the game. Comes down to it, Oregon has more of the pac-12 skill players than USC does, the line on both sides of the ball is not only better, but healthy, and Cristobal is a much better coach than Helton. This game should be the beginning of the end for Helton at SC. Oregon 35 – USC 17

  13. Brian Whalen (Bnasty99) says:

    Browns -3
    Bills -9.5
    Florida +6
    Cincy -23

    AP: Pats -3.5


    ***Ragin Cajuns -22.5***

    Since joining cheddar bay a little over 2 years ago, I have found myself watching meaningless college football games on weekday nights and the sun belt is always playing. I have seen both of these teams play this year and I can tell you 2 things: Texas State is absolutely awful and the Ragin Cajuns are the real deal. Their only losses are to an SEC team and APP State. The other games have an average point differential of +28.5. They have been dominant against the sun belt and they will continue that dominance when they play this horrendous bobcat team. There is no doubt in my mind that this game looks something like 49-13 or 42-10. Give me all the Ragin Cajuns that a human being can handle for 3 points

  14. FHCF says:


    Cincy Bearcats -23
    I just think Cincy is pretty good and ECU is really bad. Truly not much deeper. In November, what kind of excitement can there be for a home team that just lost by 25 at home to South Florida? ECU has 3 wins, 2 of them outside of Division I-A. This is just a hold your nose and expect bad teams to be bad and good teams to want its young kids to keep playing hard in the second half. It should be 50-7. 

  15. cleinmsp says:

    Washington +3.5

    • cleinmsp says:

      Panthers -4
      Jets -3
      Browns -3
      Pats -3.5 (All Play)
      Bills -9.5 (Essay)

      What a trash game we have here. Bills at home again this week coming off a home loss to the Eagles. The Bills “hard” part of their schedule comes in the 2nd half. I think the Bills will be very motivated to make life difficult on Dwayne Haskins. Truth be told, Haskins doesn’t look ready yet. I think this is a workmanlike performance by the Bills today. I can’t stand Josh Allen, but I’m sure he’ll have a few of his signature scrambles, and the Bill score in the 20s.

  16. Essay: Raiders – It is interesting, have crushed NCAAF this year and loved last week’s card. It was like every game had a lean – almost felt like too many. But had been disciplined waiting for a card like that one and crushed it. Opposite this weekend. Very small number of leans, and mostly soft ones. NFL a bit better but do not like the card there either. Was close between Titans and Raiders but will try the Raiders for the essay. This is the standard part of the season where the Lions begin to disappoint. And what better way to kick that off than trading a popular player and putting another one on the block. It was definitely a curious move and maybe the media coverage of it is inaccurate, but independent of that a cross country trip to play the Raiders probably doesn’t help. On a week with a weak card like this that is good enough for me. Raiders for the essay.

  17. CAPITALGG says:

    2 college picks, pro picks coming later…
    1. Auburn -20 v. Mississippi
    2. UCLA -6.5 v. Colorado

    • 3. Panthers -4 v. Titans
      4. Buccaneers +6 @ Seahawks
      AP: Patriots -3.5 @ Raisins: Betting against New England pays off at around a 40% clip. I’ll take my chances on this side.
      Essay: Jaguars +6 v. Texas

      Time changes. Idle weeks. Late kickoffs. Too much going on I’m a big discombobulated this week. But I really like this slate (and had I been aware that Clay Travis was on Florida would have swapped that pick for Auburn).

      Anyway, I really like Jacksonville this week. Minshew-mania leads a decent-enough offense to go with a pretty good defense. On the other side, the Texans defense is now without J.J. Watt which is an obvious talent downgrade but should be an emotional letdown as well.

      Also, the game is in London. A city where the Jaguars have much more experience traveling. It makes a difference for body clocks, preparation and simply getting around. The Jags playing a home game there is 1 of the few times they actually feel a true home field advantage.

      So beating the buzzer on the 1 hour before kickoff rule, I’m locking in on J-ville.

    • CLTIL says:

      AP Patriots -3.5
      Browns -3
      Packers -3.5***

      ***Well, I gotta go with what’s working, meaning the two best-performing teams against the spread to date. The Pack, like the Patriots, are 6-2 ATS. The Chargers are 0-3 ATS at home, and the Packers have not lost a game on the road. Joey Bosa scares me a little bit but Green Bay has some scary pass rushers too. LA’s run game is almost nonexistent, with Rivers passing accounting for the majority of total yardage. If the Smiths can get Rivers moving back there, good things can happen. While the Pack is +7 in turnover margin (3rd in the NFL), the Chargers are minus three in turnover margin. Huge. They say the crowd will be mostly Packer fans (must be better things to do in California on a Sunday afternoon, what), so Lambeau West will be rocking. I like how this team is responding to Matt LaFleur, there seems to be very little drama and a lot of respect within this group of men.

  18. ckozelka says:

    Georgia -6

    NFL to follow

  19. ckozelka says:

    Georgia -6 (at Florida)

    NFL to follow

  20. Brian Gibb says:

    Georgia -6
    Panthers -4
    Pats -3.5
    Browns -3
    Bears +5
    Indy +1 essay toMorrow

  21. Peter Wendler says:

    CMU -1 vs. Northern Illinois
    Syracuse -3.5 vs. BC
    UCF -22 vs. Houston
    Panthers -4 vs. Titans
    (AP) Ravens +3.5 vs. Pats

    Essay: Oklahoma State -3 vs. TCU

    The Pokes picked up a big road upset in Lames last weekend, and their defense came up big in the 4th Quarter, picking off Brock Purdy on the last three drives to knock off the Clowns. TCU will keep this game close until the 4th Quarter, and I like the firepower of the nations leading rusher, and talented WR’s to widen the gap at the end, and secure a cover for Okie State. Give me the Pokes, I’ll lay the points…. 37-31.

  22. mattborcas says:

    USC +4.5 over Oregon
    Washington +3.5 over Utah

  23. thatsfine503 says:

    USC +4.5  – Essay
    U Washington +3.5
    Colorado +6.5
    Kansas +6.5
    Memphis -6

    I’ve had this pegged as the week Oregon goes down for a while. UO sitting at 7-1, the combined record of their wins vs. FBS teams is 24-24. Just a lot of wins over mediocre teams, only one qualifies as a good win, at UW who were ranked #25 and are now unranked at 5-3. They were so close to losing to WSU last week and had to battle against Cal three weeks earlier. The UO defense was getting major props a few weeks back after giving up 25 total points in a 5-game span. But those teams were Nevada, Montana, Cal, Stanford (with 3rd string QB), and Colorado. The past 2 games UW and WSU showed you can throw against them if you have good receivers. And, USC has at least two that have a chance to play on Sundays in a year or two.  USC with a win over Utah, close loss at Notre Dame. And, importantly, undefeated at home. UO are starting to think about being in the conversation for a playoff spot, I think they get caught and USC pulls the upset. 

  24. Ravens + 3.5
    Tennessee -12
    Oregon St +5.5
    Mississippi State -7
    UNC -2.5 (Essay)
    Titans +4

    Essay to follow if I get a chance otherwise this will be my no essay week

  25. Little Ball of Hate says:

    One biscuit: Illinois (-20.5), FSU (-3.5), Bills (-9.5), Browns (-3)
    All Play: Ravens (+3.5)
    Essay: Raiders (-2) vs. Lions. Both teams are exceeding expectations but Detroit has to go out west this week, and if there is one team that I think might not be able to adjust to the time change or do something stupid during a game, it is the Lions. Things have been going too well for them that they are due for some sort of major screwup this week.

  26. SMU +6 vs Memphis
    Illinois -20.5 vs Rutgers
    UCLA -6.5 vs Colorado***
    UCLA looking to make it 3 wins in a row. I like where this game sits on UCLA’s schedule. They have Utah next week and then in state rival games to finish off the season. This is their last ‘easy’ game, that is, they likely won’t be favored in any games the rest of the way. In looking at Colorado’s season, I don’t see anything to make me think they are going to get after it in this game. So with UCLA coming off impressive victories against Arizona State and Stanford, Chip Kelly seems like he’s back on his bull**** (in a good way), and has this team thinking bowl, and I see them steamrolling through Colorado to secure their 4th win of the season.
    Browns -3 vs Broncos
    Pats -3.5 vs Ravens
    Cowboys -7 vs Giants

  27. Elizabeth Schultz says:

    Maryland +21
    Florida +6
    SMU +6

  28. Michael Mooney says:

    Sup, Ch’all,

    We are getting down to the nitty gritty. My birthmark power is coming through. I can feel it.

    Here are my picks for the week.

    Chargers +3.5
    Browns -3
    Eagles -5
    University of Washington +3.5
    AP: Ravens +3.5
    Essay/POY: Ravens +3.5

    Oh boy. The Baltimore Ravens. (or as i have discovered, after being in this group, the Baltimore Raisins.) Lamar mar has a big game this weekend. So does Harbough bough. That is the key to why I am making this my Essay pick AND Pick of Da Year.

    This game matters. To one team. It matters to to the Ravens. Over the course of my sports betting “career”, I have learned that motivation matters. Pick spots matters. If that wasnt the case, then everyone would be good at betting on sports, because you could just bet the better team, with a decent line, etc. But no. What matters is motivation, scheduling.

    The Patriots are my most hated sports team of all time. The city of Boston. Putrid. All of these New Englanders constantly come to southern california and act obnoxious. So. I am being dumb and taking that into account apparently, but still, this game doesnt matter for the Pats and matters for the ravens and giving confidence to their second year quarterback.

    Lamar needs this game for confidence if they want to win the superbowl this year. I think Harbough and the raisins think they can this year. The patriots have played dog shit garbage teams all year, and the nfl is gifting werido Tom Brady, and I have no clue why. The Patriots finally face a team this week on the road that isnt trash.

    (Brady is one of the weirdest humans on the planet. Take a look at his instagram. He is fake. He isnt real. A 42 year old specimen just dominating is super abnormal. Side Note: I dont have IG and ive never had social media, but his is public)

    With that being said, I think the pats come down to earth this week. No. They dont have the best defense in history as the numbers would suggest. They have just played loser teams.

    Harbough is going to go for the win. He will be aggressive. He will go for it on 4th down. He will smash Ingram. He will smash Lamar. Hollywooooooooooood. Good luck ch’all.

    • Cleveland Frowns says:

      The reason you won this POTY is because you called the Raisins by their proper name. Great job.

  29. Art Briles Hirer says:

    Navy -27 over UConn
    SMU +6 over Memphis
    Florida +6 over Georgia
    Seahawks -6 over Bucs
    Packers -3.5 over Chargers
    Ravens +3.5 over Pats (all-play)

    • Art Briles Hirer says:

      Ok we’re doing our essay on Florida, who gets 6 points but I like them outright.

      Georgia isn’t going into this game with a lot great feelings. The South Carolina loss took a lot out of them and they’re nervous about facing a Florida squad that has revenge on its mind.

      I heard from some scouts down in Jacksonville. They overheard Georgia fans waxing poetically about the Mark Richt days. Saying things like “Kirby Smart seems to get the absolute minimum out of great players.” Not a great sign going into the big game.

      Florida on the other hand is motivated and healthy. Greenard, Grimes, Zuniga, and Toney are all good to go and Kyle Trask is going to have the game of his career. Trask is having a terrific season despite his knee injury against Auburn and the loss to LSU. He was still hobbled against LSU and threw for 310 and 3 TDs. A week later, 4 TDs against South Carolina. Gators by 4.

  30. LucyLaw12 says:

    Washington +3.5
    USC +4.5
    Middle Tennessee -3
    AP: Pats
    Essay Browns

    If the Browns can’t cover this game then I give up. The football goods have given them a break and it’s time to take advantage. They need a win in the worst way. They are all losing it and only a win can help put the train back on the track. I feel a big game coming on for the offense. It’s going to be a big love fest and it will be fun to be a browns fan again. The back end of their schedule is so much easier and it starts Sunday. Give the ball to Chubb early and then let Baker do his thing with the RPO.

  31. Jdoepke says:

    Pats -3.5 (AP)
    TCU +3
    Memphis -6
    Uconn +27
    Jags +1.5

    Essay: Kansas +6.5
    Yes that’s right I’m backing Les Miles and KU Football! Kansas State off HUGE upset win over Oklahoma going to their massively under rated inner state rival! Kansas football has been irrelevant for a LONG time but Les has them eating grass like the livestock and playing well, coming off b2b covers and win outright last week over Tx Tech. I think this game means a lot more to Kansas and Kansas state in a classic let down and possible trap spot with a trip to Austin on deck. Give me Rock Chalk for the outright W 28-26!

  32. teddycuddles says:

    Gators +6

    More to come. Beeeyap!

    • teddycuddles says:

      Utah St -3.5

      • teddycuddles says:

        Assuming in the form Utah State is USU. If it’s not, please advise. Gracias.

        • teddycuddles says:

          Oregon -4.5

          • teddycuddles says:

            Nevermind on Oregon…thought it was a late game…didn’t realize it’s already started. DOH!

            • teddycuddles says:

              Bears +5
              Raiders -2
              AP: Pats -3.5

              Essay: Seahawks -6

              Seachickens may not have the Legion of Boom they once did, but their D is getting the job done, especially on the road where they have gone 4-0. At home has been a different story as they have lost two to a couple playoff teams and squeaked out two one-point victories. Russell Wilson is fun to watch. It will be interesting how the Josh Gordon pick up works out…buuuut it probably won’t. On the other side of the ball, the Bucs have looked brutal this year with Winston leading the way. He’s on pace th throw 27 picks this year and has turned the ball over 4+ times in three games already. The Seachickens are 5th in the league in takeaways…conditions for a perfect storm. I don’t buy into the East Coast vs. West Coast mismatches due to long travel or body clocks being off…these are professional athletes after all and get paid the big bucks to be ready for game time. However, in this case, Jameis and the rest of the Bucs forget to turn their clocks back an hour, turn the ball over 5 times, lose by 21 then blame “not getting an extra hour of sleep” for the loss. (P.S. How about my boy Kurty Cuzzy winning NFC offensive player of the month? Over ARodg no less! That won’t come back to bite them. SKOL!)

  33. DK says:

    Seattle (-6)
    Green Bay (+3.5)
    Florida (+6)
    Troy (-1)
    AP – Baltimore (+3.5)

    Essay – Pittsburgh (-1)

    • DK says:

      We’ll go with the Steelers here – a team that probably wasn’t as bad as firstbthought a month ago. They’re a game away from 4-4 in what is an increasingly weak AFC Wild Card field. Colts are strong but have had squeakers in recent weeks and aren’t the same offense without TY Hilton.

  34. Josh Rossie says:

    UF +6 Vs GA
    Dallas -7
    Texans -1.5
    Rsiders -2
    Ravens +3.5

    Essay Cle -3 (POY)

    Cleveland is desperate. Denver is a dumpster fire. Brandon Allen is starting for Dever and he sucks. He sucked in Jacksonville. He will suck in this game. He will get Sacked, Turnovers, will happen, and I just dont see the dline from Cleveland not feasting…so this will be my POY and give me the Browns. 26-10. Freddy Kitchens needs to not be trash too this week.

      • Bills -9.5 essay
        Watching from my perspective as a Browns fan, its hard to not feed bad for Dwayne Haskins. It really does check many of the Kizer-Manziel-Quinn boxes. Hometown guy, drafted by his owner, not by the front office or coaches. Lame duck coach either refuses to play him as a final act of defiance, or is actually protecting him because it is so clear he is not ready to play. Then of course he keeps finding his way into games and he struggles mightily. He doesn’t pass the eye test and he doesn’t pass the stats tests. Now he’ll take his lumps all season on a team that has no chance to win and with a system he won’t be running going forward. I have not much to say about Buffalo other than they look like a team I’ll be betting against wild card weekend.

        Colts +1

  35. agnes says:

    WVU +17.5

      • agnes says:

        Notre Dame -17.5 (doubting Thomases 96% of the betting votes on VT according to Vegas insider)
        Nebraska -3 (only have covered once this year, 6 games ago)
        Army essay +15

        • Agnes says:

          It seems fitting as I spend my day working at the Veterans hospital to vote on the Army/Air Force game. Army has 5L ATS spread in a row and the spread is up to 17 in what can only be an attempt to dissuade Army votes. Many of my coworkers are veterans and there is a lot of rivalry amongst them about what service branch is the best- the marines act like they are the cool guys and the army acts like the marines are full of themselves. Both army and marines think the navy isn’t tough enough and nobody brags about being in the Air Force.
          Both the Army and the Air Force academies have athletic requirements that include sports every semester -either intramural or intercollegiate and both require a biannual physical fitness test. The Air Force requires a 1.5 mile run, pull ups, standing long jump, sit up, push up and 600 yard sprint. For some weird reason the Army decided to use only push ups, sit ups and a 2 mile run to determine their cadets’ fitness levels. I’m guessing these tests are based more on tradition than on science since a standing long jump is kind of a worthless skill unless you are in elementary school. It was always my worst event in the presidential physical fitness challenge; luckily I was an ace at the flexed arm hang and the shuttle run to make up for it. Anyway, hopefully the army guys got some extra football practice in this week since they get to skip the long jump. Their physical education department director has the title “Master of Sword,” Air Force’s is only called the Director of Athletic Programs. Everyone knows if you are going to be a knight you better have a master of sword around. Happy Veterans month!

  36. Cleveland Frowns says:

    1) West gosh darn Virginia +17.5

    • Cleveland Frowns says:

      2) Florida +6 over Georgia

      • Cleveland Frowns says:

        3) SMU +6 over Memphis

        • Cleveland Frowns says:

          4) Chargers +3.5
          5) Ravens +3.5
          6) Broncos +3***

          Ah so now it’s time for the “easy” part of the Browns schedule. With the remaining QBs on the slate including Brandon Allen(!), Josh Allen, Mason Rudolph (2X), Ryan Lindley! (2X!!), and whoever will start for the Dolphins (!!!), it sure looks that way. And yet, December in Berea appears to have come, yet again, earlier than anyone could have expected. The calls for Freddie Kitchens to be fired started after week 3 and as of this morning, even Terry Pluto has written that Freddie is now coaching for his job. Between this and the recent dustup between the world’s most legendary NFL beat writer and the league’s interception leader, there’s no telling what we’re in for next, but all available evidence tells us that it will be unthinkable.
          So while the 2-6 Broncos, with a rookie and expected career backup QB seeing his first live NFL snaps today, should by all rights have no chance to win this game, well, I guess I’m mostly surprised no one else is taking them with three whole points here.

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