P4 SB: Chiefs -1.5 vs Niners, Miami

It’s down to ABH and AmpEsq… and only HTH has a chance to snag second place dough.  12 points this week.

Here’s the final payout number:

First prize (50%) $1,748
Reg season win (10%) $350
Second prize (~15% or balance) $679


P3 — Champ week P3

Packers +7.5 at Niners
Titans +7 at Chiefs

25 points on the table:  10+10+5 for the essay.  Picks due to Matt by 2:05pm Sunday.  Go get em.

Playoff week 2


Well that was a week for your Cheddar admin.  Not gonna lie:  felt pretty smug switching my pick from KState to Navy at the minute.  Little did I know I needed to costanza the rest of the slate.  Moving on…

This week is for another 30 points.  Five each for the games and five more for your essay.  Picks are due to mborcas@gmail.com no late than 3:35pm Saturday for the whole slate.

Lines links above, they are:

Vikes +7 at Niners
Titans +9.5 at Ravens
Texans +9.5 at Chiefs
Seahawks +4.5 at Packers
Clemson +5.5 vs LSU (New Orleans)

Playoff week 1

Cheddar playoffs NFL lines:
Bills +2.5 at Texans
Titans +5 at Pats
Vikes +8 at Saints
Seahawks -1.5 at Eagles

All Monday bowl picks in by 11:30 AM Monday
All remaining bowl picks in by 11 AM Tuesday (1 hour before first kickoff)
NFL picks in by 3pm Saturday
Submit pick via email to mattb at the address in the email you received; he will post your picks here after the deadline.
8 NCAA, 4 NFL picks
1 essay worth 6 points
11 picks worth 2 points each
28 total points week 1
Monday’s lines (picks due Monday by 1130AM):  wk18 https://jimkanicki.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/wk18.pdf
The rest of NCAA lines (picks due Tuesday by 1100AM): 2019p1college https://jimkanicki.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/2019p1college.pdf 
NFL lines, will post Thursday (picks due Saturday by 300PM):

Wk 18 — OSU +2 vs Clemson (Fiesta)

BYU -2.5 vs Hawaii

Short and sweet this week. All-play is OSU +2 vs Clemson at Glendale. Merry Xmas and Happy Happy.

Click to access wk18.pdf

Playoff notes:
1) Playoff candidates may submit their picks via email if they want to but they don’t have to. Looks like Borcas will need to be the designated mailbox for such drops this year. He is mborcas@gmail.com .

2) End of the regular season is Sunday with the last NFL game.

Playoff format:
Week 1: Choose 8 of the following week’s bowl games (from Monday 12/30 through Monday 1/6), plus the 4 NFL wild card games, 2 points per pick, 6 points for the essay. (30 points total). College picks due by Monday 12/30 at 11:30AM, pro picks due on Saturday at 3PM (or an hour before the first game).

Week 2: Choose the 4 NFL divisional games, plus the CFB championship, 5 points per pick, 10 points for the essay (30 points total).

Week 3: Choose the 2 NFL conference championship games, 5 points per pick, 10 points for the essay (15 points total).

Week 4: Super Bowl: 12 points.

This is more or less consistent with what we’ve done in previous years.


Wk 17 — Cowboys -3 at Eagles

All play with be the MNF game to decide the NFCN.

I changed my mind.  I had the tiebreaking vote for this week’s all-play and I couldn’t stomach two 8-8 teams… but they ARE playing for their division and for the playoffs.  It turns out the Vikes can’t really take over the NFCN with a win versus the Packers… thus, I changed my vote and it’s Philly/Dallas.  Yeah kinda gross.


Not sure why the Saturday games don’t have lines but let’s use these.

Late lines:
Texans -3 at Bucs
Bills +6.5 at Pats
Rams +6 at Niners

Wk 16 — Army +10.5 vs Navy (at PHL)


Congrats to AmpEsq on his Lobsterfest,, good time of the year to hit that.


Exec Cmte has decided to make the ThankYouForYourService gala an annual all-play.  It’s just easier as it solves the pick at least one college game a week problem faced this time of year.

So here’s a picture of the next Army helicopter under development (hard to say but probably clocks in at $100M per and there were 4000 Blackahwks built so… that’s an outlay).

ZGAQPUGQS5GNPHGPPENEZFYJEIAnd did you know that the Navy is building _another_ Ford-class aircraft carrier?  At around $13B let’s hope this one will be able to launch their supply of $1.5T-program-cost F35s because the first $13B carrier still cannot.

Ah don’t worry, I’m sure that in addition to providing security to our greatest allies, the Saudis and Israelis, these programs will stimulate our struggling rust belt manufacturing base providing living wages to thousands of displaced NAFTA blue collar workers and thus helping sustain the viable middle class without which our society will implode.  Oh wait, you don’t live in Virginia or Texas.  Welpp… don’t worry, trust the plan, and be sure to support-the-troops as you will be encouraged to do with every patriotic commercial shown during this game.

And never forget the mission:  (click link if embed is clunky)


Wk 15 — UGA +7 vs LSU (ATL)


Not much to say this week.  I will link to this.  It’s a film breakdown of the Steelers game.  Remember how we used to hate the Colt McCoy Pat Shurmur checkdown era?  Be careful what you wish for.  Click that link and marvel at the peaceful, bucolic landscape surrounding Kareem Hunt in the middle of Heinz Field.  [eyeroll emoji.]

Good luck this week.

And if you haven’t paid your entry fee please do so.  I’m withholding weekly pay-outs from late/non-payers.  But it wouldn’t be cool if you pay after making the playoffs.  We’ve never dealt with that before but I should think you’d be DQ’d if not paid in full prior to the last week in the season.  Let’s not have it come to that.  Gracias.

Wk 14 — OSU -9 at UM

MACtion lines:
OU -28 at Akron
WKU -8.5 at NIU


Form linked above and right cheer.


Come for the skeeball, stay for the Time Crisis.

We looked at Wisco at Minny, we know Niners are playing at Baltimore, and everyone knows where they’ll be Sunday and what they’ll be watching Sunday afternoon.

But in the end, OSU at Ann Arbor is our all-play for this week featuring NH Seacoast’s finest piloting the Buckeyes.  Ryan Day is doing the improbable.  Following the Urban Meyer era with as much as or more impressive football on both sides of the ball was more that even the biggest Buckeye honk could have hoped for.  (Shit it took 25 years for Jim Tressel to get us to move on after Woody.)


Fellow Playland alumnus and current owner of pre-eminent local dive bar* confirms Ryan Day was a good dude.

A fun fact that you won’t get anywhere else (unless The Athletic reads this):  Ryan Day’s summer job was here at Happy Hampton at the Playland Arcade.  Yeah, he was one of the guys who would collects your 10,000 skeeball tickets and award you your prize — likely a very nice pencil eraser, or perhaps a plastic slinky, or maybe even a low capacity squirt gun.  With regard to his current success, anyone around here could tell you, after you cut your teeth keeping a constant flow of tank top wearers from the Merrimack Valley in line for a couple seasons at Hampton Beach you’re uniquely well-equipped with the life lessons to propel you to success in any field of your choice.

Happy Handicapping.

*Not kidding about The Pier.  Absolutely the Official Cheddar Bay Viewing Outpost for all Browns games on basic cable in the Boston area.

Wk 13 — Packers +3 at Niners

Ohio -20.5 at BGSU
EMU +5 at NIU

Form linked above.  Lines here:  2019wk13

Congrats to CapGG for his weekly win last week.  Seven points got him ninety beans.  Noice.

We went with Packers/Niners because we’re fairly certain to be visiting the Buckeyes next week for the Michigan game.  Yes OSU/PSU is a biggie.


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