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Cheddar Bay Leaderboard


P4 SB: Chiefs -1.5 vs Niners, Miami

It’s down to ABH and AmpEsq… and only HTH has a chance to snag second place dough.  12 points this week.

Here’s the final payout number:

First prize (50%) $1,748
Reg season win (10%) $350
Second prize (~15% or balance) $679


P3 — Champ week P3

Packers +7.5 at Niners
Titans +7 at Chiefs

25 points on the table:  10+10+5 for the essay.  Picks due to Matt by 2:05pm Sunday.  Go get em.

Playoff week 2


Well that was a week for your Cheddar admin.  Not gonna lie:  felt pretty smug switching my pick from KState to Navy at the minute.  Little did I know I needed to costanza the rest of the slate.  Moving on…

This week is for another 30 points.  Five each for the games and five more for your essay.  Picks are due to mborcas@gmail.com no late than 3:35pm Saturday for the whole slate.

Lines links above, they are:

Vikes +7 at Niners
Titans +9.5 at Ravens
Texans +9.5 at Chiefs
Seahawks +4.5 at Packers
Clemson +5.5 vs LSU (New Orleans)