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Cheddar Bay Leaderboard



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With David Krejci.
If you like the Bruins, do yourself a favor and walk through Naoko’s twitter pics. (Click.)

Every newbie watching the Bruins on NESN since 2008 has shared the same ‘wait whut?’ moment:  when did NESN start participating in MIT Job Fairs?  Who’s this Bruins locker room reporter speaking in a tone like she’s in the tower at Augusta and conducting interviews as though she knows the game?  Why are the players smiling and unguarded when she talks to them, do they know and like her or something?  And there doesn’t seem to have been the slightest attention paid as to whether or not my fourteen year old nephew is downloading her.  Something is amiss.

Yeah, no, that was Naoko Funayama.  NESN fired her last week, wanted to go in a “different direction.”  And since Funayama was already doing informed, smart interviews with players who liked and respected her… we’re not sure what that ‘different direction’ is but we’re pretty sure boobage will factor.

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Named a top-25 Hockey Pundit. Also on list, Bob McKenzie, Kevin Weekes, Ray Ferraro, Pierre LeBrun… you get the idea. A lot men from CBC and TSN on the list.
(Seemed out-matched against Tuuka Rask at tennis, though.)

Liked/loved/respected by all.  This is who you hire and try to keep.  This is not who you fire.

Meanwhile, people are pissed.  And one more.

Hey NESN:  nobody likes organizations who are pricks to their employees.  

And also, nobody likes prickish orgs who are also simultaneously stupid and transparently greedy.  And finally, when your organization isn’t a real ‘self-built’ business but a pre-funded manifestation of the local teams’ fans’ affection… in that uniquely gifted instance… the first bullet on your mission statement should read:  “Don’t be pricks.”

But no.  It turns out the execs at NESN are too smart to be constrained like that.  Smart like WEEI was before they had competition.  Smart like if NESN execs were reviewing this post they’d tell me to change that last sentence to ‘wicked smaht’ you know, because Boston types like to be provincial, and also shouldn’t I have a cheerleader poll in the sidebar cos page hits?

Sadly, the firing of not-hot/flirty-enough Funayama is no surprise.  A quick look at the Red Sox side of the house is instructive. (more…)