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Cheddar Bay Leaderboard


Don’t care about WAR.

“…a boring, life-sucking disaster?”  Well yeah, they’re 17-24.


I was reading a Grantland piece on the Mets last night and it was interesting.

Jay and I care not about Wins Above Replacement Player.

… So let’s not mince words: The 2013 Mets are a boring, life-sucking disaster.

Now that’s good writering.  Ok Mr. Grantland, you have my attention.

Their roster boasts the third-worst combined Wins Above Replacement in the ma…

o_O.  Ooops.  You lost me.  Gonna click on my Wunderground map now, check the weather.

Third worst WAR?  In MLB?  Their roster boasts this?  DONT CARRRREEEEE!


I enjoyed a good Archies comic book back in the day.  Those teen-age hi-jinx at Riverdale High.  Why don’t you like Betty more Archie… she’s good looking *and* nice to you?  I had a lot learn on that front but circling back to sports, the comic book experience included an ad whose combination of placement and message left many a ten year old spellbound.  Strat-o-matic.  The origin* of Sabermetrics.


Kat-nip for kids.

I was ten when got my first Strat-o-Matic game in 1971 or 72.  No.  It was 1970 and I know this because Merv Rettenmund hit .322 that year and even though he didn’t start for Earl Weaver, he started for me.  Don Buford was the odd man out.  Strato did that.

I got the five team starter set** which worked great for me as a Reds fan in Grandview Heights.  I was several years away from our family’s move to Lorain County and it accompanying adoption of the ~1975 Indians due to a mix of wanting to embrace my new Cleveland-ness and it was just too easy being a Reds fan so I sought the richer complexity of rooting for Charley Spikes.  Rose, Geronimo, Tolan in your outfield with Foster and Griffey waiting behind them?  Where’s the sport in that?  No.. appreciating the nuance of Spikes, Hendrick, Manning was more interesting to me.  (Actually .. this is all true.)


Anyway, through Strato I exploited the Rettenmund edge in BA, got over the Lee May trade because he whiffed a lot, inserted Dave Cash in the Pirates lineup long before Danny Murtaugh, Cesar Tovar could play any position,,, and Tom Hall.  Look at this guy’s 1970 K/9 ratio and you tell me why he wasn’t the Twins’ closer in 1970 (or why the Twins traded him to -who else- the Reds).

I offer this background as a proof point that I’m an original stats guy from way back.

And I think the wonk trend in baseball is a tad overdone.  Juuusst a little. (more…)