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Cheddar Bay Leaderboard


Cheddar Bay 2013.


Louisville +13.5 seems obvious now, not so much then.
2012 Cheddar playoffs weren’t settled until this game.

Welcome to Cheddar Bay Reality Football, 2013.

Entering its fifth year, Cheddar Bay is now well-established as the pre-eminent football game on the internet.  For this year Frowns has handed the operations to me and my goal is to maintain the excellence and fun from the past years.

The Cheddar Bay Concept:  a study in elegance.


Word to the wise: load up on USF now.

The game was devised by Frowns in 2009 with the idea that since so many people wager on football in some form or otherwise pay so much attention to the game anyway, why not pool their thoughts regarding the best football bet every week and why.  Then that community could all profit from tribal knowledge and at that same time have friendly competition among respected peers.  The corollary benefit is its superiority to fantasy football:  you’re never in the insane position of rooting for a Roethlisberger TD against the Browns because he’s your fantasy QB.  Instead you’ll wind up finding and adopting a new pet inevitably culminating in your joining me in touting Willie Taggart for any future Browns head coaching vacancy.

Frowns captures the essence perfectly:

Reality football in its most basic form is what some folks would call a pool or a pick-em league.  When done correctly, reality football is all the fun of fantasy football plus much more, with none of fantasy’s meaningless restrictions and useless distractions.  Reality football means never having to worry about where a team’s playbook happened to end up at the end of a scoring drive, or whose number was called for a score.  In reality football, any player can be yours, or not, every week. Injuries can’t wreck reality football seasons, nor can the vagaries of a randomly determined draft order.  And reality football means only watching the games you want to watch.


Cheddar Bay: saving the world from Roy Helu anxiety.

Reality football is a chess match every week.  Fantasy football is spinning a roulette wheel once at the beginning of the season, with a few even more meaningless roulette spins as the season wears on, depending on how crappy your first spin went (“Do I start Roy Helu or Deion Branch at flex this week?” /chews own face off).  One is no more “wagering” than the other, yet the NFL itself relentlessly promotes fantasy — which requires exponentially less skill and analytical ability than the alternative — because the NFL wants you to be stupid so it can control you.

And of course, there’s also the fact that no one should wager a dime on a football game if he can’t come up with at least 100 words to explain why.



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