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Cheddar Bay week 6: OSU -7 at NU.

Here is your happy Week Six Cheddar open thread.  In addition to being way too happy with the Bucks, Browns, and Indians from last weekend, we’re happy because we/Cheddar hit at 52% overall and a very good 61% one essaypicks.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 7.35.37 AM

Raises questions with no good answers..

Clearly the Bobby Brian Hoyer* effect reaches further than Berea.  Could the improved Cheddaring be related to the eerie likeness between Hoyer and our own Cheddar Bay founder?

Maybe this has more to do with my own possible baldism.  But they look like twins to me.


Other business, congrats and welcome back to ClevelandThatILove (aka CLTIL) on her Lobsterfest.  I had been meaning to remove the jinx I put on her in the August ‘welcome’ post:

… the champ in my mind, the player I watch, is CLTIL and her money picks.  She was an unbelievable 14-2 in 2011 on her essays and followed up with 12-6 last year.  That’s 76% (26-8) winners over two years against the spread on CLTIL’s pick of the week.

Now I don’t have to.


On the other of the spectrum, sadly I had to fire mom.  It turns put those poor AFA performances my folks saw were versus USU and Wyoming.  (!!!)  Like Dr. Evil, this organization does not tolerate failure so she was on first flight out Sunday AM.  (Awww… just kidding and of course I have access to a schedule which can be used to check data and such as.)

I wish to acknowledge the requests to move on from the local team all-plays but lookit:  OSU at NU is the best game this weekend.  You won’t see Ohio State again until the Michigan game.  Like Bluto, your Cheddar Bay Sergeant-at-Arms is just doing his duty.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 7.06.07 AM

Your Delta Tau Chi name is Pinto.
Why Pinto?


Drop them picks in the comments below as you have them.  Happy happy happy happy happy happy!  Go Tribe!  Go Browns!  Go Bucks!




@ClevTA's Skanky Fish Picks.

@ClevTA’s Skanky Fish Picks.

Skanky fish picks:

From ClevTA’s post below:  … 4-3 ATS last week on the picks with all 4 dogs winning outright. That makes a cool 12-5-1 since inception with an astonishing 10 out of the 12 covers winning outright (8 of the 10 winning outright were underdogs).

  1. Wake Forest +9.5 v NC St (Line opened NC St -9.5, now -8.5, 73% of public on NC St) Pick: Wake
  2. FL Atlantic +4 v UAB (Line opened UAB -7, now -4, 68% of public on UAB) Pick: FL ATL
  3. Middle Tenn St +7.5 v ECU (Line opened ECU -9, now -7.5, 67% of public on ECU) Pick: MTSU
  4. Tennessee +3 v KC (Line opened KC -3.5, now -2.5, 75% of public on KC) Pick: Titans
  5. Chicago PK v NO (Line opened PK, now Chi -1.5, 63% of public on Saints) Pick: Bears


* Raise your hand if you’re a sufferer of Bobby Hoying/Brian Hoyer dyslexia.  /raises hand.


  1. Art Brosef says:

    Alright time to get moving and start giving this contest the attention it deserves. Im feeling fresh on a Saturday morning, got my cup of joe rather than my usual beer/shot of jamo combination next to me as I wite these, and the Presidents Cup on television as a little pre NCAA viewing. Five NCAA games today before I take my wife on a romantic date to the Nine Inch Nails concert tonight. Leggo.

    Miami +3 vs CMU – I had Georgia State penciled in here, but after reading about some players quitting and some coaches getting demoted this week, I nixed it. In a game that is going to be literally unwatchable, Ill take the home team who is ranked worse than 115th in every statistical category to find a way to cover vs a CMU team who is riddled with injuries and whose lone win this year came over new Hampshire. Ill also be on the under (47) here if anyone is reading this or cares, as Miami averages less than 9 points a game.

    OSU – 7 vs NWU – NW is really getting a lot of love here, and while its cute and all, I still think they are an unknown as theyve played Cal, Syracuse, W Michigan, and Maine. MAINE!!! Also, theyve been home for the last three weeks and have given up around 20 points each time. I think OSU will rack up some points and hopefully their defense will do just enough to stay clear of the number.

    Georgia -11.5 vs Tennessee – “We have to be a team that overachieves” – Butch Jones. Im a little worried about 1) laying this many points on the road in a conference game and 2) this being a let down spot for Georgia after not only their big win last week, but their absolutely brutal start to the season. But when you have to COUNT on overachieving, thats just not the way you win big games. You win big games by being prepared and more importantly, talented. And Georgia is just more talented. Heres hoping the Volunteers are a breath of fresh air for the Bulldogs who face a Tennessee team who hasnt beaten a ranked in years seemingly, and also struggled at home last week vs against………

    South Alabama +3.5 vs Troy The Jaguars are one of the most improved teams in the country, with a road win over Tulane and a strong conference win over Western Kentucky to their credit this season already. Troy on the other hand, has lost 3 straight games after beating notorious football powerhouses UAB and Savannah St to start the year. The Jaguars have some defensive playmakers and have amassed 7 interceptions in the first month of the season, which should be enough to at least somewhat contain Robinson who is off to a solid start, but can however, be a little INT prone. On the opposite side of the ball, the Trojans give up 35 points a game and over 430 yards of offense. This seems like a pickem to me, so gimme the points, especially since were getting the hook.

    ***ECU -7.5 vs MTSU One of the nice things about completely airballing an essay is what you learn for the following week. ECU is coming off a game where they racked up 603 yards of total offense and MTSU is still licking wounds after getting drummed by BYU last week in a game in which they gave up 22 first downs. Their only two wins are vs Memphis and overtime win over Florida Atlantic. Shane Cardon is riding some serious momentum and should have a field day with a Blue Raider defense who is giving up over 30 points and 445 yards per game. ECU proved last week they can go on the road and win, and this week shouldnt be any different.


  2. cheddarclay says:

    Northwestern (+7) / tOSU
    Miami OH (+3) / C Michigan
    Florida Atlantic (+4) / UAB
    Syracuse (+14) / Clemson
    Wash St (-1) / Cal

    NFL essay to follow

  3. dwhalen says:

    BROWNS -4 v Bills. Made this call on Thursday. Glad I did.

    BAMA -56.5 v Georgia State. Huge Spread. Still not big enough.

    MARYLAND +15 @ FSU. Maryland’s defense is not only keeping teams out of the endzone, but they’re creating LOTS of turnovers. This is Jameis Winston’s first real test as a freshman. Maryland MAY even pull the upset.

    NORTHWESTERN +7.5 v OSU. Logic would tell you to go with the Buckeyes. But I hate the Buckeyes, and I’ve got a lot of respect for a bunch of smart kids who can go out and win. Pat Fitzgerald is pretty awesome too.

    PATRIOTS PK @ Bengals. Obviously this is a trap game, and the Patriots aren’t scoring a ton of points like usual, but when the GREATEST OF ALL TIME has the football near the end in a close game…

    WASHINGTON +7.5 @ Stanford. The 2014 NFL Draft is supposedly the year of the quarterback, with all kinds of big names being thrown around as potential franchise guys. I have a problem with this for multiple reasons, the first of which being that I consider myself an expert on the topic of QB play. So arrogant, I know. But the truth is, while everyone was deepthroating Andrew Luck (and they weren’t wrong) I was championing Russell Wilson as the guy who was built to have the most successful career. It helped that he ended up in Seattle, which happens to be loaded at most positions, but the dude has all the things that I think you need to be successful in the NFL, but really at any level. Point is, with all the Hype surrounding Bridgewaters and Manziels and Millers, there’s nothing being said about the man up in Seattle. (Ironic that he happens to be in the same spot as my man Russell), but Keith Price has everything to be what Russell Wilson has become at the next level. You may not know much about him, but he’s accurate, he’s athletic, he creates outside the pocket when plays break down, he drives the football, he doesn’t turn it over much, he’s got great feet, he has a short, quick release, he’s been a starter for the better part of four years, he can play in the gun or under center, and he seems pretty tough mentally and physically. He’s gotten better, so I assume his learning ability is there too. Not to mention he’s being mentored by Russell Wilson too. Not a bad deal. I wish I could explain all the reasons I don’t think Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel, and possibly even Marcus Mariota (my decision hasn’t been made on him yet) are going to be bad draft choices, but it would take more time than I have, and a certain portion of it is intuitive. Right now, Sports Illustrated has 4 qb’s going in the top 5 next year. What do you think the odds are of all those guys being “franchise” (a word that is thrown around way too fucking much) quality? Numbers would tell you they can’t possibly all work out. An in-depth analysis of their game tape, skill set, and a translation of it all to the National Football League says it CAN’T and WON’T happen. But if someone gives Keith Price a shot, it will absolutely happen.

  4. HitTheHorns:

    Will attempt to get some Ohio karma back after picking against the Brownies on Thursday.

    Bills +4 (Loss)

    Ohio State -7

    Akron +6.5

    More picks later.

  5. @Kent St +10 vs N Illinois
    Florida Atlantic +4 @UAB
    W Virginia +28.5 @Baylor
    North Texas -3 @Tulane
    @Northwestern +7 vs OSU

    Essay: Ohio U -6.5 @Akron

    I decided to go with Ohio (the real Ohio, Brady) because every single person I follow on Twitter graduated from Ohio U or at least claim they did. The real reason is Akron stinks, they almost beat Michigan a few weeks ago but who hasn’t. When I was hob-knobbing with Joe Banner Thursday night at the Browns game (had to get that #humblebrag in), I think he mumbled give the points and take OU or I’m trading that damn Gordon. Hopefully it wasn’t that latter.

  6. Bevilacqua says:


    All Play: OSU (-7) over Northwestern
    Pay me back for last week’s almost cover.

    Florida State (-15) over Maryland
    Pay me back for last year’s bad cover between these two. Not buying in to Maryland just yet.

    LSU (-10) over Miss St

  7. tmoore94 says:

    Ohio -6.5 @ Akron
    Ohio State -7 @ Northwestern
    Clemson -14 @Syracuse
    New England PK @ Cincinnati
    Indianapolis +3 vs. Seattle
    Baltimore +3 @ Miami

    • tmoore94 says:

      Essay pick is Indianapolis:

      While Seattle is a tough match-up and are 6-0 ATS in their last six road games, the Colts are up to the challenge because of a move they made after Week 2 of the season.

      Since picking up Trent Richardson in a trade with the Browns, the Colts have outscored their opponents 64-10 and are currently ranked fourth in the NFL in rushing yards with 149.5 yards per game. Richardson is two-for-two in rushing touchdowns, scoring in each of his two games with the Colts That gives Richardson 14 touchdowns in 17 career games making him a player, much like Chris Carter, who “only scores touchdowns.”

      The fact that the Colts have a viable running game to go with quarterback Andrew Luck makes for a tough combination, one that will result in good things today.

  8. Munasrevenge says:

    Trying to keep my momentum this week…

    Chiefs (-3) @ Titans (Titans have looked frisky against weak competition, but stuck with Fitzpatrick this week.)
    Louisville (-35) @ Temple (Louisville will have to continue destroying inferior teams now that they are in their conference play)
    Illinois (+10) @ Nebraska (10 is a lot of points for an Illini team that has looked solid for a Nebraska team that has had trouble holding teams down.)
    UCF (-11) @ Memphis (UCF looks pretty fantastic. Memphis not so much.)

    -OSU (-7) @ NW (I think OSU can pull away and stay away in this matchup; NW can’t do anything better than OSU.)

    —NIU (-10) @ Kent State

    Another MACtion/essay double bonus! I hate taking all these road favorites, but it’s possible that this year’s NIU team is even better than last year’s BCS team. And that was a team that (contrary to Monday morning quarterbacking) performed decently well in their bowl game against Florida State. Kent State has taken a huge step back from last season on both sides of the ball. NIU is the class of the MAC this year, and knows they need to keep winning big if they have any chance of getting back to a major bowl. Throw in a warm, clear day and I fully expect them to easily handle a Kent team that can’t really do a whole lot that can scare them.

  9. Its Only Money says:

    Louisville -35 @ Temple
    PSU -4.5 @ Indiana
    @ BGSU -26.5 UMass
    Oregon -39.5 @ Colorado
    All Play OSU -7 @ Northwestern

    @ NYG -2.5 Philadelphia

    The Giants have really shown us nothing so far outside of the week 1 loss to Dallas. Eli has been an absolute mess, having no time to throw the ball. The lack of time has caused turnovers, this may change in week 5 with the return of David Diehl helping on the line. The overall lack of defense from the Eagles should help the Giants get some points on the board as well. The banged up Giants D will need to keep the Eagles offense from putting up too many points. This game is going to feature a lot of points, neither team is going to protect the goal line with much success. What it boils down to is that I think the Giants finally get a win this week, with a spread under 3 I will take the team I think wins the game every time.

  10. All Play: Ohio State -7

    Essay: Rutgers -6 over SMU

    This game combines three things I love to bash: Southern Methodist University, June Jones and Garrett Gilbert and not necessarily in that order. In the 1980’s, SMU received the death penalty for NCAA violations. They serve as the cautionary tale in collegiate athletics. Unfortunately, they still play like they’re on the death penalty. Of course, we can thank them for giving us Craig James.

    June Jones has now convinced another school that the run and shoot will save their program and make them relevant and that it’s done; unless you count the fat that they are ranked 76th in total offense and 98th in points per game. His trigger man is Garrett Gilbert. The man who proved that being that systems still produce overrated, one-read quarterbacks who can’t handle real defenses and stare down every receiver requiring them to cram 20+ hours into one semester to graduate and transfer to a school whose best athletics draw historically are coeds with boob jobs and their Daddy’s BMW.

    Penn State -4.5
    Washington State -1
    LSU -10

    Eagles +2.5

    • acto says:

      ROd’o, I have the utmost respect for your vast knowledge, but I missed it. How do you really feel about the Pony Express, Craig “coattails” James and June “whoethehellisTigerEllison”: Jones? If they can start Warren Moon they have a chance.

  11. squeekycleen says:

    College plays, all regular:
    All play: Northwestern

    Back sunday with 3 in the NFL, including essay play.

    • Squeekycleen says:

      Wow, my ass still hurts from that NW all play. You just have to laugh at those.

      Essay: Bengals: Well, last week, we went with the Patriots for the essay when of course the Falcons HAD TO WIN, but didn’t. Everyone loaded up on the Falcons in a great bailout game and were stung on national TV. Brady is back! And guess what, even better, Gronkowski is back too! Meanwhile, the Bungles have been puttering along to start the year. They were probably overvalued out of the gate, but now are likely undervalued as they are being forgotten about. I still rate them as one of the top teams in the NFL and this looks like a great spot for them to take out another top notch foe at home.

      Cowboys: Manning is unstoppable, but this represents their first real competition.

  12. Jdoepke says:

    Week 6 here it goes…
    NW +7 (all play)
    Cuse +14
    Fla Atl +4
    Az St -5.5
    Titans +3

    GT +6 (essay)
    This one scares me a little because early in the week it was 4 and it’s up to 6.5. However, I see that 78% of public is on Miami and why wouldn’t they be? GT looked turrible last week and lost at home to a not so good VaTech team as a TD favorite. So they only open as 4 point dogs at Miami who’s been crushing people? Give me the Yellow Jackets in another ACC essay play for me. Hoping to build momentum off my first essay win last week. Canes 31 GT 27

  13. Harbaugh Handshakes says:

    All Play: Ohio State (-7) @ Northwesten: Feel like not blowing out Wisconsin will give Urban the fire power he needs to motivate this team to a big win against Northwestern. Braxton better bring his A game 35-24 O-State

    Bears (PK) vs Saints: Like this Bears team and I don’t think the Saints are a good road team and struggle on grass. Also a Clevta Stanky Fish

    San Diego -5 @ Oakland: San Diego looks good under McCoy and the Raiders are one of the worst in the league

    Northern Ill. -10 @KSU: Lynch is pretty good and he’ll destroy any MAC defense.

    Ohio -6.5 @ Akron: Just going with my gut and I’m a Bobcat

    Back on Sunday with my essay

  14. CleveLandThatILove says:

    Kanick, if I muck things up it won’t have anything to do with you 🙂

    (W) Brownies
    Northwestern +7 OSU
    Rutgers -6 SMU
    Pats PK Bengals
    Saints PK Bears
    **Broncos -9 Cowboys

    No essay in me this week, I’ll take the bye.

  15. pateslvrblk says:

    Georgia -11.5 over Tennessee U
    Ohio St -6.5 over Northwestern
    Illinois +10 over Nebraska
    Chiefs -3 over Titans
    ***LSU -10 over Mississippi St

    Mississippi State has played well this season, but LSU is far their most difficult game to date. The LSU offense has not been slowed all season, and Mississippi State will not be able to change that. The Tigers defense is going to come into the game pissed off. They were embarrassed against Georgia, and will use the extra motivation to slow down Mississippi State. The LSU Tigers have dominated Mississippi State in wins and against the spread.

  16. clevelandfrowns says:

    I’ll take Florida State and the Northwestern Mildcats for the colleges. Back with 4 NFLs by Sunday. Thank you.

    • clevelandfrowns says:

      We can all thank Kanicki’s Prohibited Favorite voodoo for the Hoyer ACL. Thanks, Kanicki. Meanwhile, the Prohibited Favorite soldiers on. W with FSU, Northwestern Mildcats pending.

      ESSAY: BENGALS PK over Pats. If you believe in the Browns defense as much as I do, you’ll think this is a great spot to back Cincy, especially if you think they were surprised in Cleveland last week. The Patriots defense will be much softer, especially with Vince Wilfork out, and the Bengals offense will be looking hard to get untracked after a week of having heard about how badly they were shut down by the Browns. The public is all over New England here, after watching them steam a public favorite in Atlanta last week. This game is on national TV all over the map in the 1:00 slot. Reggie Nelson will be back for Cincy which should help a bit, and maybe Dre Kirkpatrick as well, but either way, the secondary has had a couple of weeks now to adjust to its recent injury losses. But mostly I like a loaded Bengals offense to put up points against a Wilfork-less Pats D.

      Will also take the Cowboys +9 over Broncos, Colts +3 over Seahawks, and Giants -2.5 over Eagles. Excelsior.

  17. jimkanicki says:

    [martin rickman]
    getting them in early this week so i don’t pull a disaster like last week

    ohio state -7
    michigan state +1.5
    rutgers -6
    miami (fl) -6
    chiefs -3
    clemson -14

    there’s something about this year’s clemson team that tells me we’re not in for the rug being pulled out from under the tigers. if it does happen, it certainly won’t be against syracuse, which is a year or two away from being a good team under scott shafer. shafer has the right idea in building the orange, and it’s a model a lot of other teams in the northeast should follow. you’re not going to get top-tier recruits, you won’t win playing smashmouth, and you aren’t going to suddenly be a conference challenger year-in and year-out. it’s not sustainable. that said, if ‘cuse can develop recruits, get depth at critical positions, be bowl-eligible more often than it isn’t and strike gold on one class every few years to maybe have that ‘big’ year, the orange will be fine.

    clemson is a great team, and 14 points seems low. tajh boyd is that good.

  18. Trying to keep the momentum going up with the picks. Here goes nothing…

    Rick WFNY

    UC Bearcats -11.5 at South Florida (Dreadful USF team + UC playing season in tribute to fallen teammate.)

    Golden Gophers +20.5 over Michigan (We’ve seen UM lay some stink bombs this season. Plus it will be fun to root against them.)

    Packers +7 over Detroit (Home dogs. Just a gut feeling.)

    New Orleans (pick) over Chicago (A pick ’em huh? I like those odds. I’ll take a good Saints D + Brees thanks. Considered this for my essay actually.)

    All Play-

    Ohio State -7 at Northwestern. (I wouldn’t touch this one if it weren’t the all play. Could easily see this one going to Northwestern, especially with the points. I think Ohio State is the better team though.)


    Denver -9 at Dallas

    If you’ve read my essays the last two weeks (and I’m guessing you haven’t) then you knew where this was going. All things considered I still debated taking the Saints here, but I’m sticking to my guns.

    I’m riding Manning and the Broncos until they cost me 3 points. Here’s a good reason why this is the case (from Peter King this Monday)-

    “On Manning’s final four touchdown drives of the day against Philadelphia, Denver never ran a third-down play. Denver had 12 second downs on the four drives. Manning converted all of them into first downs. Eleven plays, 80 yards. Ten plays, 80 yards. Eight plays, 80 yards. Seven plays, 65 yards. That’s 36 plays, 28 points, 305 yards. And no third downs.”

    Denver played the Raiders, who are admittedly only an NFL team in name, but those facts above are amazing for one NFL team to do to another NFL team.

    Manning was pulled in the fourth quarter. That’s right. Like what your top college teams do against the cupcakes they schedule before conference play begins. Like what your high school does when they play that school that has 1000 fewer boys in the district.

    Dallas’ defense is near the bottom in pass yards allowed per game. The Cowboys have wins against the 1-3 Rams and the 0-4 Giants.

    Nope, haven’t seen any reason to think Manning won’t win this by double digits.

  19. ArtVandelay says:

    Baylor -28.5 vs WVU
    LSU -10 @ Miss St. – I liked what I saw from LSU in a close loss
    Miami -6 vs GT
    Colts +3 vs Seahawks – If I am wrong its a win for the Browns draft
    AP: OSU -7 @ NW
    Essay: Oregon -39.5 @ Colorado
    My essay picks have stunk this year (1-4) so apologies to any Oregon fans in advance. Therefore to right the ship I am going to go with covering machine that is Oregon. Oregon is something like 11-1 ATS and Vegas cant set the spread high enough. They have covered spreads of 59, 26, 28, & 38. The last 3 being against @UVA, Tenn, & Cal. None of those teams are very good but they are from legit college football conferences. I should also mention that Colorado is not very good.

    If this doesn’t work I am going to start picking the Steelers every week just spray them with my stink.

  20. @usfcollin says:

    Ohio State -7 over Northwestern
    Florida -11.5 over Arky
    Miami -6 over Ga. Tech
    NC State -9.5 over Wake Forest
    Vandy -1.5 over Mizzou

    Essay: Rutgers -6 over SMU

    I despise copycatting ChuckyCrater, but at this point I think our philosophies on football are so intertwined (and the conferences we watch the most too) that it’s inevitable. Rutgers is actually better than you think: They took a good Fresno State to OT on the road, and only lost because they actually did the right thing and went for two in the first OT to try and win it. They have some speed, playmakers, and a competent QB. That puts them ahead of 80% of college football right there.

    Meanwhile, as a full fledged Airraid apologist… it ain’t working at SMU yet. June & Hal will find a way eventually (or they’ll give up at the end of the year and split tacks… there’s a reason why Mumme is the Godfather of the Airraid but hasn’t really won anywhere), but they’ve got to get some of their kids in there. SMU is horrendous on top of awful… which means they’ll beat my alma mater by like only 20 or so.

  21. trashycamaro says:

    Trashycamaro Cheddar Bay Week 6

    Devastated by the Hoyer injury. Hopefully Weeden learned something over the past couple weeks and will be able to step up.

    1. All play: OSU -7 over @Northwestern. Urban Meyer does not lose to Northwestern.

    2. Essay: Jets +9.5 over @Falcons. Look, I get it, the Jets are not good. So why am I picking them? What the Jets are worst at is dealing with pressure on the QB. Know what the Falcons are not good at? Pressuring the QB. It goes the other way too – the Jets currently have one of the best D-Lines according to Football Outsider stats, which goes up against one of the League’s best O-Lines according to those same stats, which should work out to a wash. Now, I am not saying I think the Jets win this game. But I do think the Jets defense keeps it close and the Falcons D is unable to pressure Geno Smith enough to make him throw the pick 6s.

    Diving a little deeper, Julio Jones is pretty amazing. But I do think the Jets have the horses to keep him from going off and after the display the Patriots put up on stopping Tony Gonzalez in key moments – bumping with TWO linebackers at the line of scrimmage – I think the Jets learned enough from the tape to keep him in check (although I hope Atlanta figured out they could combat this by putting him in motion). With Roddy White still hobbled and Steven Jackson either out or hobbled, I do not think the Falcons have the horses to blow the game open.

    Obviously the Jets do not have a game breaking offense. But their run game is pretty good with a mid-pack run blocking o-line and a mid-pack runner in Powell, while the Falcons D-line is also middle of the pack (but with a boost from a top-5 short yardage stop rate).

    3. WKU Hilltoppers -7 over @ UL – Monroe: Love me some Hilltoppers. Now with Petrino aboard and a an injury report that has two of the opposing QBs on it.

    4. @Dolphins -3 over Ravens: Monroe on a short week will not be the cure of all the things wrong with the Ravens right now.

    5. Seahawks -3 over @Colts: Well, here is really the make or break case for regression for the Colts. If they win this one, they are, in fact, magic.

    6.Eagles +2.5 over @Giants: These NFC East games are going to be gruesome. I like the points in this one and an inability of the Giants non-existent linebacking corps to keep up with LeSean McCoy and Mike Vick on the ground, while counting on Eli for a couple game breaking turnovers behind his turnstile o-line and nonexistent running game.

    • trashycamaro says:

      OK, guess I correctly picked the past again with the WKU Hilltoppers. Lame. Sub in:

      Saints (PK) over @Bears. The Bears D has fallen off a little bit against the pass. Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, Darren Sproles, and company is not the answer to that problem. If the Saints were giving points, I would probably stay away, but I like them to blister the D in much the same way that Detroit did last week.

    • trashycamaro says:

      The Colts ARE magic. Good to know.

  22. Petefranklin says:

    Pick 1 Browns W
    Pick 2 WKU W

    Pick 3 essay… Quick, do you guys and gals know who is the worst team in FBS??Think about it.

    Southern Miss has been terrible since their coach left to take over the destruction that our friend Butch left at UNC. They’ve lost 15 IN A ROW!!! How can you be so godawful? Even UNLV is better than that. Southern Miss just got blown out (again) by Boise St 60-7 or so. This is a mediocre Boise team also. They’ve been blown out by Nebraska, friggen Nebraska! They’ve been soundly beaten by Arkansas and got beaten at HOME by Texas State. Their defense is terrible and so is their offense, I’m betting against these Clowns every week,especially when they are laying points. How many??? 17, well sign me the Eff up!

    So did you answer the question yet? I’ll give you a hint, Schellenberger couldn’t even do anything with this trainwreck of a team. It’s Florida International. The worst team in FBS. They are at or near the bottom of every catagory. They get outgained handily on a per play average on both offense and defense.

    I dont like laying 17 with a crappy team but S Miss desperately wants a win, their first for Coach Monkin. I think they roll once they realize that they are the ones who outclass their opponent this week. FIU represents a definite step DOWN in class from USM’s previous opponents. I think once they smell blood they lay it on thick.

    Now there is going to be rain in Hattiesburg on Saturday, bad news when you are laying points right? Well in most cases yes but not here. S.Miss practiced Wednesday in a rain hard enough to make the players think that practice might be called off. They should be ready for a wet ball. The line will be controlled on both sides by USM and that will translate into an easy cover I hope. USM -17 over FIU

    Pick 4 Georgia -11 over Tennesee Big letdown spot here but the Dawgs weakness on D is the Vols weakness also, Passing. I doubt The Vols can keep up even if Murray has an off day. This game will mean everything to Tennesee this season and I hope they come out strong to wake up Georgia. Once Murray and company awake they should put too much pressure on the Vols to keep up.Georgia knows they now control their own destiny for the national championship and they wont give it up in Knoxville, thats for sure.

  23. Ohio St -7 over Northwestern
    Washington +7.5 over Stanford ***
    Maryland +15 over Florida St
    Bears even over Saints
    Bengals even over Patriots
    Colts +3 over Seahawks

    *** I love me some Huskies and a potential out right winner. And yes, I’m crazy for continuing to pick against this Stanford team. But this Washington team is extremely well balanced for the first time in a long time. The Huskies lead the Pac-12 in total defense and also have a great running & passing attack with Sankey and Price. Washington’s star linebackers are named Princeton and Shaq. If that isn’t good enough, I’m not sure what is. Upsets are brewing out there and bound to happen. Since Ole Miss didn’t come through for me last week, I’ll pile on the Huskies this week.

  24. Week 6 Picks

    All Play

    Northwestern (+7) over OSU – This game has push written all over it.

    Bears (PK) over Saints – Take everything I have said about Brees and Payton and the dome and the reverse applies outside on grass. That and I love me some Jay Cutler.

    49ers (-7) over Houston – Team meetings and public votes of confidence in your QB are never a good sign. Playing the 49ers at home with a few extra days of rest won’t help either.

    ASU (-5.5) over Notre Dame – Tommy Rees remains a mystery to me…mainly how did he get into Notre Dame? Closet Irish fan here who can’t wrap my head around the fact that Brian Kelly is still sticking with him.

    Penn State (-4.5) over Indiana – Penn State has not lost to Indiana since joining the Big 10.

    Essay Pick

    Sweet #MACtion love.

    Heavy heavy public play. Heavy expert pay. Should be heavy #Cheddarbay play.

    NIU is a freight train again and Jordan Lynch is putting up numbers that while maybe not as great as last year will probably explode now as NIU gets into conference play. Kent is coming off a nice win but Western Michigan is terrible this year and there really is no better road show in the MAC right now than NIU. So if you have some free time Saturday afternoon and are in NE Ohio head on to Dix Stadium. I may even leave my Akron gear in the car because let’s be honest all the hatred is just for basketball.

    NIU (-10) over Kent

  25. DQuatts says:

    DQuatts Action!

    Browns -4
    Ohio State -7

  26. jimkanicki says:

    Pateslvrblk: UCLA tonite.

  27. thatsfine says:


    Browns -4 / Bills essay

    I can’t possibly essay this better than the overlord of this website, but I will tell you what my research shows. The Bills’ strength on offense would be offset by the Browns front seven on a good night. Tonight, the Bills are below full strength with Spiller and Jackson both playing hurt. The Browns secondary is coming together, and the Bills rookie QB is going to have to throw the ball. We saw this play out against the Jets two weeks ago (on the road) and it didn’t work out so well, and the Browns have Joe Haden. When Manuel runs Horton has already said they are going to hit him hard and often, and I believe him. Two weeks ago the Browns got an upgrade at both QB and WR, the Bills haven’t upgraded anything since the start of the season. The icing on the cake for me is that the mostest degenerate-est gambler I know said he is all in on the Browns tonight. Me too, for 3 cheddar points.

  28. bupalos says:

    Bayfolk are no doubt still scratching their apelike heads, wondering what stopped the famed Bupalos–who was all goooshy and gushy about the Browns prospects after Week 3–from going hog wild with his standard orange-and-brown-hued essay last week.Trapped on a desert island?

    Indeed, as it turns out, he was. After a week spent underwater in a metaphorical sense, Sunday morning saw him indulging his new-found nautical interests out Catawba way and getting literal. He lived. He learned. He spent half of the first quarter (rather heroically, all are forced to admit) swimming back from an unscheduled stop on Mouse Island. We all pay for wisdom, even those who already have it in superabundance. But that wisdom, so dearly bought, is now turned squarely and surely— and straight through the heart of the gale— at the fundamental question that faces us all: Browns -4?

    Shipmates, in the vast ocean of cheddar there lie rocks, there flow riptides, there lurk subtle compromises in pure white mainsheets, ready to betray the honest Bay sailor at the first sign of gale. But there also lies rich trade– there swim vast hulks of oil, there waits the precious treasure of ambergris, chests of jewels and bars of gold. Shipmates, this mad admiral Risk hath ever sailed with the fair maiden Reward. I am not prepared to tell you that this week is different. The Bill’s of Buffalo deploy the type of defense specifically designed to afflict those intelligent enough to be confused. Brandon Weeden would be essentially as immune to this defense as he is to hard work and success. Unfortunately, Mr. Hoyer is not. It was built for his sort and it will be a true test for him, despite supposed injury issues in the secondary. But if that side of the ball promises most of the risk, the opposite side promises great rewards. What happens to Buffalo’s offense without a significant running game? No one knows, but one suspects very bad things. Very.

    So with one auspicious and one dropping eye, I Bupalos, will sign on to this ship of fools and raise my voice with the rest, turning question to answer those words none expected uttered this year, BROWNS -4!!!

  29. Concierge says:

    Two picks tonight. Rest later. Western KY -7.5 and Browns -3.5

  30. Petefranklin says:

    Play 1. Browns

    Play 2. W Kentucky -7 over La Monroe. Monroe lost their starting QB, WKU’s defense is very good. WKU can run the ball, Monroe can’t stop the run. Should be able to pound their way to a cover with not much worry of a backdoor coming.

  31. HitTheHorns Essay:

    Bills +4

    The Browns had 8 defensive starters play all 68 snaps of the Cincinnati game. Joe Haden chased around AJ Green for 68 plays, and did an amazing job. On a short week, I’m concerned that our D will be fatigued later in the game. Two weeks of film now on Hoyer – with our kicking situation in serious peril, will he be able to avoid the big mistake tonight? Browns cannot afford to turn the ball over with the assumption that Billy Cundiff will more than likely cost us 3-6 points. Also, the Browns offense was stagnant for much of the second half last week before Hoyer turned it on late. Can the defense, which has played so well all season, hold up on the short week? Every time I start to believe, this team rips my heart out. Today has the feel of a playoff game for me – I’ve been a total disaster today. I’m buying the Emotional Insurance, and taking the points.

  32. jimkanicki says:

    Essay posted here.
    ***@Browns -4 Bills
    @NU +7 OSU
    WKU -7 @ULM
    @UTEP PK LaTech
    @FSU -15 UMD
    Panthers -2.5 Cards

  33. FTCMikeD says:

    Due to injuries:
    @Browns – 4 over Bills tonight

    Other picks and essay to come later in the week.

    • FTCMikeD says:

      Last Night: @Browns WIN

      AP*****:tOSU -7 over @NWestern

      Pats PK over @Bengals (Pats D is good and Bengals are blah)
      Lions +7 over @Packers (Last 5 of 6 Lions have covered vs Pack)
      Saints PK over @Bears (Brees and co. are hot)
      Chargers -5 over @ Raiders (Chargers are sneaky good)

      The Buckeyes get another road-home game. Did you see the stands at Cal? It was entirely scarlet. I imagine the Buckeye faithful will show up in droves in Evanston. Historically, the Buckeyes own the Wildcats. The only with in the last 43 years was almost 10 years ago. It required OT. The Bucks will shut down the strong run game of the ‘cats, just like they shut down Bucky Badger. Braxton will be back to his usual form after an OK week last week. Anyway you slice it, the Buckeyes will win Saturday night, and it should be by 7 or more.

  34. zarathustra says:

    Browns -4 over Bills (essay)
    Is my mind clouded in a haze of homerdom? Probably. Am I overcompensating for basically sitting out the last few years of my favorite team while they suffered under the mismanagement of holmgren, heckert, and shurmur? Quite possibly.
    But its also quite possible the browns are kind of good. The bills may be kind of good as well, but not the kind of good the browns maybe kind of are. And they are banged up on the road in a short week. The sole road game for bills was a lackluster showing against the geno smith jets. I am a little worried about Manuel making some plays with his legs, but I trust the browns d.
    The offensive line may struggle with the bills defensive front, but thankfully the browns actually have a competent qb who gets rid of the ball quickly and can even execute a screen pass. Oh, the irony that the much maligned Lombardi found a qb on the waiver wire superior in pretty much every way to the ones the previous gm under the tutelage of the quarterback guru brought in.
    Moreover, tom brady recently said that he still communicates frequently with hoyer. This normally wouldn’t mean that much, but i think it is a factor here because brady already saw the bills d and may provide some insight.

  35. Browns -4 vs Bills
    UCLA -6.5 vs Utah
    Rutgers -6 vs SMU
    Mizzuo +1.5 at Vandy
    All Play: OSU -7 at NU
    Essay Pick: Carolina -2.5 at Arizona

    Arizona had no business winning last week at Tampa. And if you can’t decidedly win against Tampa’s hot mess of Schiano’s men, then you are a bad football team, and I’m going to bet against you. Arizona traded one of their starting tackles to Pittsburgh this week. So trades are a real thing now in 2013 NFL. Just because it worked for the Browns and Colts so far, does not mean trades are always good moves. Starting OTs are worth more than low round draft picks right?? Call me crazy, but is the rest of the league reacting and copying what the Browns did?

    Anyway, the Panthers are coming off a bye after they thrashed the Giants 38-0. Sure maybe they have some coaching questions of their own. But I’ve always liked Ron Rivera, especially when he was DC of Chicago. I don’t really know what to make of their team. They have Cam Newton and bunch of running backs right? Their 2 losses came at Buffalo and against the Seahawks, which doesn’t bother me. So yeah Cam continues right where he left off and smokes up Glendale.

  36. clevta says:

    Heading to Chicago tomorrow morning for OSU/NW so I’ll get these out of the way now:

    1. OSU -7 all play
    2. Utah +6.5
    3. FL Atlantic +4
    4. Wake Forest +9.5
    5. N Mex St +9
    6. Bears PK (essay)- Bc I posted Bears as a stanky pick and then everyone proceeded to take the Saints immediately following. So I had no choice here. Saints coming off MNF game, Bears off a bad loss on the road. Saints are notoriously poor on the road on grass ATS (see at Tampa just 3 weeks ago). I don’t think the Bears are a great team but they play very well at home and this is a tough spot for the Saints. On every site I’ve seen the public loves the Saints here. Give me the Bears

  37. OSU -7 @ Northwestern
    Chiefs -3 vs Titans
    Dolphins -3 vs Ravens
    Colts +3 vs Seahawks
    Rams -12 vs Jags
    Browns -4 vs Bills

    I’m afraid I’m a little too confident in this, but it all adds up too easily. With my picking record this poor so far, I hope I’m no jinx. That said, the Brownie D is lights out and should be able to shut down Spiller if he plays and especially Jackson who is a go tonight. Haden should be able to lock Stevie up and the options for the Bills offense should be pretty narrow after that. Hoyer should benefit from facing his second straight banged up secondary. Mitchell Schwartz has faced Mario before and held his own. The home crowd should be awesome tonight and the hometown kid won’t disappoint.

  38. CleveLandThatILove says:

    Bup and I will take Browns -4 over Bills tonight, thanks.

  39. chuckkoz says:

    UCLA -6.5 (at Utah)

    AP: OSU -7 (at NU)

    more to follow

    • ckozelka says:

      UCLA -6.5 (at Utah)
      Washington +7.5 (at Stanford)
      Raiders +5 (vs Chargers)
      Lions +7 (at Packers)
      Falcons -9.5 (vs Jets)
      Essay & AP: OSU -7 (at Northwestern)

      First off, I don’t think Northwestern’s going to even have much of a home-field advantage. Probably going to be a lot of Buckeye fans. Second, I’ll take Ohio State to win over Wisconsin over Northwestern playing and struggling with Western Michigan. Third, Justin Zwick is not the quarterback so there’s no way, based on history, that Northwestern hangs with Ohio State (only once in my life has OSU allowed NU within this spread….the shameful 2004 loss). Fourth, in their one common opponent, Cal, While the scores were similar, Ohio State was always much more in control. So I will take buckeyes by more than a touchdown.

  40. I should have made a bet with Kanicki or Frowns that this contest would be renamed Cheddar Ray for a week if Tampa won this wild card game.

    ALL PLAY: Ohio State -7 vs. Northwestern
    Oh, NOW the line is only 7 for the Buckeyes in all play. Northwestern’s wins look worse every week and their home-field advantage will be negligible.

    Georgia -11.5 vs. Tennessee
    Take it from someone who picked the Vols -20 over the South Alabama juggernaut last week and then watched them damn near lose the game outright. Tennessee is not the real, Georgia will make them humble.

    Miami -6 vs. Georgia Tech
    I know Virginia Tech has a monster defense and their shutting down GT is not a big surprise, but Paul Johnson really doesn’t like his team. You’ll recall that Tech runs the triple option, and they’re led by a quarterback that Johnson came right out and said could not run the triple option. OK then! Miami is legit, too. Finally, the line being under 7 points is appealing here.

    Saints PK vs. Chicago

    UCLA -6.5 vs. Utah

    ESSAY: Rutgers -6 vs. SMU
    One of my friends and I have SMU season tickets because we thought it would be entertaining and funny. So far we’re right on the nose. The Mustangs are terrible. They’ve always been pretty bad on defense, but they’re struggling on offense too. Garrett Gilbert is part of the problem, but they’re also having problems because the Hal Mumme-June Jones shotgun wedding hasn’t quite taken hold. They don’t look quite sure how they want to attack a defense and they’re caught between the two coaches’ distinct styles.

    SMU’s only win of the year was a desperate comeback win over an FCS school. But no one talks about their relative ineptitude because the American Athletic Conference is just a train wreck. Somehow there are THREE teams worse than them in this league — Temple, who just voluntarily agreed to go to Moscow, Idaho, to play football and lost; UConn, who finally fired Paul Pasqualoni after getting housed by Buffalo; and of course USF.

    Anyway, this line is appealing for the same reason the Miami-GT line is appealing. I don’t have to lay a full touchdown, and Rutgers is clearly better. To top it all off, SMU is holding an 80s day this weekend, where they will wheel out Eric Dickerson and CJK5H and all those guys and celebrate their 1983 Cotton Bowl win and TOTALLY IGNORE what else happened to them during the 80s. We’re really getting our money’s worth here. I’ll be there all preppied out in a rugby polo, rolled-up khakis with no socks, Wayfarers, and a cardigan wrapped around my neck. (Please note that you could technically wear this to any SMU football game and fit right in.)

  41. acto says:

    OSU -7 at NU
    Florida Atlantic +4 over UAB
    UTSA +14.5 over We Are Marshall
    Iowa State +9 over Texas
    Browns -4 over Buffalo

    ****Not ready for prime time essay****
    Saints pk over Da Bears
    Da Bears greatest claim to fame as of late has been there terrific ability to take away the ball, perhaps the most important thing in football, there is however a problem with building one’s success on turnovers, they are oftentimes careless mistakes, accidents, or oftentimes a “look what I found” happenstance, not a good way to plan, or to assess a defense. (“Best” interception I ever made at my lowly state of nobody play was much lauded by my peers, but I was just trying to run after a WR 30 yards in the open downfield after the other CB fell on the ice, the ball hit me on my ass and bounced into my left hand, complete dum luck combined with long gorilla arms, not repeatable, not consistent and not a good way to measure a team.) Sorry for the self serving segue, but my point is that if you are getting turnovers because you have a group that consistently, for years, wins the turnover battle you have something of real value, it may be a spark of coaching genius, a great player or two in the secondary, or a d-line that pressures the Quarterback while oftentimes meeting the running back at the handoff, but if you are living off of “how did that happen” errors then it shall soon even out or even become a liability. The Bears are in that boat thus far this season.

    We had a terrific example last week. Seattle’s Richard Sherman is the greatest Cornerback to ever play the game. (Well, at least according to him.) However, I say it is more likely that “Houston we have a Schab-lem”. It was not a great play on defense, it was Matt Schaub moving one pass closer to his coaching career.
    The Bears’ days of looking good on defense are numbered and each game is an independent event. Right now the bears are +5 in turnover ratio 3 games into the season with 2 pick-6’s.
    They are also 1 Brandon Marshall injury away from being a bad team.
    If Drew Brees can keep from making a Schaub of himself the Saints win this one.
    Who among Cheddar Nation remembers Joe Pisarcik?

    • Petefranklin says:

      It looks like Eli is doing his best Joe impersonation this year. If the giants go 3-11 he nailed it!

  42. FlyHighCharlieFrye says:

    Going to post a couple now and reconvene later

    UMass +26.5 at Bowling Green
    Mizzou +1.5 at Vandy
    Indiana +4 vs. Penn State

    • FlyHighCharlieFrye says:

      Utah Utes +6.5 vs UCLA

      • FlyHighCharlieFrye says:

        Baltimore Ravens +3 at Miami

        Akron Zips +6.5 vs. Ohio

        Ohio is solid, experienced and well coached. After that total disaster at the hands of Teddy Bridgewater in Week One, the Bobcats have simply handled their business and still have a real shot at 11-1. But Ohio does nothing spectacular, doesn’t have much offensive explosion and is playing this one without most of its regular offensive line. Akron is obviously much improved (had nowhere to go but up) and though the Zips haven’t won, they’ve competed. I look for them to do that again this week. There’s a reason this was put up at less than a touchdown, right? At least I hope so. Go Crips.

  43. ***Ucla (-6.5) at UTAH***
    The Bruins have a positively brutal schedule ahead of them, one that includes trips to Eugene and Palo Alto in back-to-back weeks, and a third crossover game with Washington in November. This is, by far, their easiest road game of the season, if you don’t count the cross-town trip to play Ed Oregeron’s USC squad (which I don’t), so I don’t see them being taken out of the division title chase by the Utes. Everything about the Nebraska game, except for the slow start that I blame on the 9 AM California kickoff, should have prepared Mora’s team for Utah. Forgive me for speaking out of turn here, but I would have to believe Lincoln is a more hostile road environment than Salt Lake City ever could be. Utah struggled with Chuckie Keeton, they’ll struggle with Brett Hundley. Shaquelle Evans may not be Brandin Cooks, but Oregon State wrote the blueprint for what UCLA needs to do in the air. No knock on Jordon James, but I’m hesitant to declare any kind of domination on the ground since Utah managed to bottle up the BYU ground game pretty well. Even laying a touchdown on the road, you have to feel pretty good about going with the away team in this one.
    Byu (+6.5) at UTAH STATE
    Georgia (-11.5) at TENNESSEE
    Oregon (-39.5) at COLORADO
    *NORTHWESTERN (+7) vs Ohio State*
    Saints (PK) at BEARS

  44. cwonder23 says:

    Just going with my picks early this week!

    Kanick, I’m gonna strike the Browns game.

    All Play: OSU -7 @ NW
    Saints PK @ Bears
    Texans +7 @ 49ers
    Broncos -9 @ Cowboys
    Essay: Eagles +2.5 @ Giants
    Has anyone seen the NYG play this year? Because I have, and they look god awful. Although, the Eagles don’t have that formidable of a defense, New York’s looks even worse. Look for Shady to get rolling early opening up some big plays for Mike Vick and his speedy receivers against a secondary that couldn’t stop a nose bleed. Both teams are hungry for a win in a division that is arguably the worst in the NFL and remains wide open. I think the Eagles and Chip Kelly prevail in this one after playing two tough opponents in the Chiefs and Donkeys. Good luck to everyone this week.

  45. cwonder23 says:

    Bills +4 @ Browns

  46. CleveLandThatILove says:

    Who is Bobby Hoyer?

  47. clevta says:

    Well I’m glad I am continuing to offer winners thru the stanky cheese picks while my own personal picks pulled the collar last week. At least I’m making $ on my own with these picks. 4-3 ATS last week on the picks with all 4 dogs winning outright. That makes a cool 12-5-1 since inception with an astonishing 10 out of the 12 covers winning outright (8 of the 10 winning outright were underdogs). Maybe we just take the underdog Moneyline instead of just against the spread? A little back of the envelope calculation would say your return on an average $100 bet on each play (hypothetical of course) on the moneyline only would result in a return of $638 on $1800 worth of wagers, or a nice 35% ROI. If you bet $100 on each ML as well as $100 on each against the spread your return would be $1388 on $3600 worth of wagers for a nice 39% ROI. Onto this week’s picks:


    1. Wake Forest +9.5 v NC St (Line opened NC St -9.5, now -8.5, 73% of public on NC St) Pick: Wake
    2. FL Atlantic +4 v UAB (Line opened UAB -7, now -4, 68% of public on UAB) Pick: FL ATL
    3. Middle Tenn St +7.5 v ECU (Line opened ECU -9, now -7.5, 67% of public on ECU) Pick: MTSU


    1. Tennessee +3 v KC (Line opened KC -3.5, now -2.5, 75% of public on KC) Pick: Titans
    2. Chicago PK v NO (Line opened PK, now Chi -1.5, 63% of public on Saints) Pick: Bears

  48. acto says:

    Congratulations to our beloved CLTIL!
    On a more disturbing note jk, you have shown your true colors as a racist.
    “They all look alike”. You sir, are a racist, baldist, man of unsure morals!
    Hoyer,may be semi-attractive in a 3rd runner up for Homecoming Queen way, but he does not have even a modicum of the roguish good looks that have made Frownie quite the man about town.

    • jimkanicki says:

      Guilty. But you have to take into account my upbringing and it was a different time and we’ve evolved so much culturally from the Mr. Cooley jokes that were standard fare growing up. But yes, guilty.

      • acto says:

        Terrific jk, Admitting your problem is the first step to growth and recovery. I would explain further but I am running out of gin and I need to go to the liquor store.

    • clevelandfrowns says:

      I suspect JK is using his racism as a cover for some kind of new age voodoo. Two Prohibited Favorite fotos in two consecutive posts and I have plummeted in the standings.

  49. Cheating.

    If there’s one tried and true method to sporting success, it’s pushing that limit of legality father than anyone else is willing to. Maybe it means you stick a needle in your arm. Maybe you sleep the way to the top. Maybe it means you punch the bigger boxer square in the groin. Maybe you superglue sandpaper to your thumb, and maybe you use Vaseline in your hair instead of Brylcreem when it’s pitching day.

    Or maybe you cut block people in the knees more than any other team in Division 1, 1A FBS whatever.

    The Marshall Thundering Herd just lost a 3OT heartbreaker to Virginia Tech in which they gave up a touchdown to VT with 3 minutes left in regulation to tie. That coming off a game in which they lost by giving up 34 to an Ohio team that is 82nd in the NCAA in scoring despite playing North Texas and Austin Peay.

    So, with water flowing into the Marshall ship’s hull what do they do? How do they spend the two week run up to a battle with Texas-San Antonio?

    They worry about UTSA cut blocking. Somehow Doc Holliday (Marshall’s coach. Seriously.) let it slip to papers that he has spent way more time studying how to teach his defenders how to absorb blocks than planned. Which tells me that at least one of these two things are true. 1) He is unnaturally obsessed with something that has nothing to do with why they’ve given up 32 points a week in the last two weeks to teams that are 82nd and 94th in the nation. or 2) His players aren’t doing well in a normal amount of practice against this.

    Either way, UTSA is 22nd in FBS in yards from scrimmage, Ohio is 94th and Virginia Tech is 75th. Something, for some reason about UTSA is in Marshall’s heads, AND you are now giving me over two touchdowns? Please. It’s like stealing money from a baby.

    Even if the cut block is cheating.

    University of Texas-San Antonio plus an unconscionable fourteen point five over Marshall.

    Wait. I’m not in Cheddar?

  50. A Good Son says:

    Bye Mom! *waves*

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