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Frowns-Kanick comment badminton.

If you didn’t care to plow through the back and forth in the comments of the last post, here is a summary and the essence of the exchange between Frowns and me yesterday.

I’d have to buy an upgraded GoAnimate account for our convo to be greater than 180 characters a slice and to have different characters. But I think it works as is.



  1. NeedsFoodBadly says:

    I hate when Mom and Dad fight.

    But if Chedder Bay can heal these wounds, it’ll definitely inspire me to come back this year (to lose).

  2. You can count the number of decent Cleveland-esque “blogs” on one hand. Let’s not have two of them sparring at each other.

  3. I think you should upgrade.

    • jpftribe says:

      +1. If either of you are taking it personally, you need to back away from the keyboard and have a cold beer, or croutons, or sumthin……..

  4. bupalos says:

    >>>But I think it works as is.>>>>

    It works as well as it’s going to.

    I admit I’m surprised to find out you’re Mexican or Palestinian or whatever genuine minority is depicted there. I’m going to give your “political correctness” laments more weight from here on out.

  5. Seconding what has been said many times…when does Cheddar Bay start?

    – When do I get to show my appreciation in an essay to the idiocy of the Florida Gators allowing me to back into a playoff spot?

    – When do I get to vent about the Duke/Cincinnati bowl game which may be the worst loss I have taken that I watched with my own eyes?

    – Who will be the team that will replace Idaho as my favorite train wreck in America?

    – MACtion. MACtion. MACtion.

    The time is coming. It’s almost football season.

  6. To borrow a phrase from Art Brosef, when the hell does Cheddar Bay start already?

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