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TJ Ward: Winning Cleveland fans.

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600 retweets from grateful Cleveland fans.

Back when I was researching how the Inside Zone Read works, I wound up engaging with the proprietor of FishDuck.com, a leading site for Oregon Ducks football and analysis.  Da-dada-da-duh,, now I'm pitching in with some contributions there.  Here's a short piece I submitted for Ducks fans and which might be of interest here too.

Athletes and twitter.  “With great power comes great responsibility.”  If only all our favorite players had Peter Parker’s uncle on their shoulder.

In case you missed it, LeBron James got his second ring last week.  It wasn’t easy, great series, congrats, etc.  But in an interesting side story, a couple Browns players started a twitter slap-fight with their followers through their LeBron luv.  Certainly no one wants to tell anyone who they should root for.  But if you’re a pro-athlete in Cleveland, if you’ve got 20,000 followers and 19,000 are Clevelanders… you’ve got know when you’re stirring it up.  You have to know when you’re trolling.

Josh Gordon: your tweets about going to the Miami Heat victory parade are like two in the eyes to most of your followers.

Youth football camp!

I’m sharing this story on FishDuck because Duck fans might be interested to know that one player got it right on twitter and it was your own TJ Ward.  600 retweets and 300+ favorites is the twitter non-verbal communication of THANK YOU, TJ.

Ward’s tweet is not out of character.  Since being drafted high in the second round in 2010, Ward has become a leader in the young Browns’ locker room.  From the fan perspective, he does the right things as far as showing up at Indians and Cavs games; being all about the Browns and all about Cleveland and all about winning.

It’s a big year for Ward.  He is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.  The Browns are installing an attacking 3-4 hybrid defense (sound familiar?) this year and we expect to see more TJ in the box, more TJ rushing the passer, and -we hope- get back to seeing more of TJ-the-beast that fans in Eugene remember.

As your resident FishDuck Browns fan, I’ll look forward to reporting more good news on TJ as it happens.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Leading by example…oh so important.

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