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Horton would’ve brought Norv to Arizona.

Bidwell: It wasn’t the braids Ray, honest. We just really wanted the 60 year old with the 35 years as an assistant and no experience as full time HC.

While researching some Ray Horton background (We cannot confirm that Horton lost any job opportunities due to his corn-rows braids.), I uncovered something that made me do a double-take.

… Horton revealed that he “unequivocally” had Norv Turner (and Mike Tice) as coaches for his offensive staff. In fact, Horton said that both Norv and his wife were excited to come to Arizona.

“Norv Turner was on Ray Horton’s list to come to be the coordinator,” Horton said. “We had spoken several times, Norv Turner and I, and he was excited about the opportunity.”

The SBNaton piece is here.  The radio interview is linked within it.  Horton comes off bright and energetic and if he’s angry about the hiring process, you can’t tell it from what he says or how he says it.  (Although there’s one wag who thinks the interview “… didn’t help [Horton] become a head coach.”)


All about the coaching staff.

Anyway, weren’t we all told that Chud was able to deliver top end coordinators and that was a big reason why he was hired?  Yes, I’m sure that happened.

But if you look at the timeline, and consider that Horton was selling Norv Turner to the Cardinals as part of his interview process after Chud was hired… well it quite doesn’t square up.

Browns hiring timeline:

How could Chud be delivering Horton and Norv on 1/9 when Horton/Norv are being dangled in front of the Bidwells at that same time?

There are a couple ways to go with this:

a. You can file this under no-biggie.
b. You can note that taking things from Berea at face-value carries the risk of being wrong (so cut me some slack on the cynicism I’ve shown of late).
c. Perhaps it was known early on that Horton wasn’t getting the Cards’ job.  And if you really want to read between the lines:
d. This is Ray Horton’s team and if the 2013 team goes sideways, look out Chud; your replacement is on staff.
e.  All of the above.


Apropos of Brian Hoyer, it looks like Horton is fan.  There’s this nugget in the Somers interview from 1/2:

We also talked about how Brian Hoyer came off the street and did an excellent job of taking command of the team.


Anyways, thought I’d share this.  May be back later with a broader piece today.



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  2. dan says:

    I vote for no biggie. Since the Browns got Norv as OC before Arizona made a decision, it’s not unreasonable to think that Horton was wrong in thinking he would have landed Norv had he gotten the Cards’ job. And Chud is know to be close to, in fact a protege of, Norvell. As I recall, it was Chud’s ability to get Turner that was the selling point — that he was later also able to get Horton is just added evidence that, unlike some past Browns head coaches, Chud isn’t determined to prove his brilliance by succeeding with coordinators who are clearly unqualified for the job.

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