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Worth a follow: @si_vault and @uniformcritic.

A rare color photo from a 1956 Browns-49ers preseason game.


Not too too much happening today that we haven’t covered before.  I could point out that Jay Gruden’s emphasis of exploiting advantages with tall receivers was foretold here at Kanick before the draft:

Let’s play it out and see what happens if it is not addressed and in our role-play, Kolonich is Jay Gruden:  If DK is offensive coordinator for the Bengals, he has already started working on the many ways he can isolate AJ Green (6’4″), Mohammed Sanu (6’2″), and Marvin Jones (6’2″) on Skrine (5’9″).  And it’s still April.  By the fall, DK will have a play where Jermaine Gresham (6’5″) goes in motion wide to what is now called the ‘Skrine Side.’

But we’ve done that to death.

Indians talk?  Sure they absolutely look great but I suspect there will be plenty of Tribe Talk available throughout the web today.

Nope.  Let’s do some old-man sports and picture lookin.  For fans of oldie-timey sports photography, I’m happy to recommend @si_vault and @uniformcritic for your twitter timelines.


If you’re under 40, you probably missed out on the magic that was Sports Illustrated in its prime.  If you were lucky, your dad had a subscription.  If not, SI made the waiting room of your dentist or doctor much more pleasant.  I remember liking SI.  But since following Andy Gray (aka, @si_vault) and seeing his links in my timeline, I’m struck by how well the photography holds up over time.  With 80,000+ followers, he doesn’t need me to kick up his count.  But if you’re not following him, here’s a sample of his tweets over the last month.



Here’s a great Neil Leifer pic of a field goal attempt during a 1969 Vikings-Cowboys playoff game. (Where the fans at, Minny?)


Bobby Orr clears the puck during a 1970 Flyers-Bruins game.


Great shot by SI’s Walter Iooss of 1968 Knicks-76ers game. Poor
@PhilJackson11 with those short shorts.


A view from the stands at the 1962 NCAA title game between Ohio State and Cincinnati.


If SI_Vault is well-known, a sleeper rec for you is Stirrups Now! (aka @uniformcritic).  He got on my radar when I was pulling info for last week’s C-the-Ds.  He’s another old-school-y uniform guy, like me.  But his timeline, like SI_Vault, is littered with some great photos that go beyond his ‘bring back stirrups’ jihad:

Color shot of Wrigley Field on April 29, 1961.


Note how Yogi signs his autograph.


1960 World Series: Yogi Berra slides into 2B, Bill Mazeroski takes the throw.


1969: A damp, rainy day at Shea Stadium,


1950: Ted Williams & Red Sox lead Browns 29-4.


1963 Polo Grounds.


That’ll do for today.  Really looking forward to today’s Tribe double-header.  Don’t let us down guys.


  1. Love this post. Love, love, love the SI Vault. Also a great Twitter follow. And I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Jerry Sherk Photography is a hidden Browns’ gem:


    • jimkanicki says:

      didn’t know sherk had a tumblr, thanks for the heads up. i know and like/love the sherk collection also. in fact, this shot from the modell piece is a now no longer unattributed sherk photo.

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