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Clearing the Decks.

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We live in a world full of risk.
To wit: it was awfully dangerous to choose between William Beatty and William Moore in 2009.

Trade-back phobia from the Rizzo show.

I caught the Rizzo-Goldhammer-Grossi interview from 4/9.  First observation:  damn.  How does this guy Goldhammer have a job on radio?  How do you guys listen to him?  He’s positively prototype in being the uninformed-and-loud-and-whiny Browns fan.  Is he the one who’s actually a Steelers fan?*  (Really, I don’t know, but I’ve heard there’s a radio host in Cleveland who is a Steelers fan.. could you troll any harder?)

Anyway, he doesn’t want to trade down.  Here’s what he says (3:15 in the clip) and when you read this, try to adopt the voice of a petulant 14-year-old:

[regarding trading back] Tony I think that’s an awfully dangerous road to go down.  If I’m a Browns fan, tell me if I’m looking at this the wrong way, the last two times the Browns have traded down in 09 and 2011, both times pretty much it was a disaster and the team didn’t get any better and they passed on really good players and I don’t want them to do that again.  Why is this time different?


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The dangers of trading back… having to choose between Beatty and Vollmer.
O the carnage!

Says here that the famous 2009 trade back had some great players on the table.  See right:  Veikune was the Jets’ ‘trade-back’ pick.  (MoMass was from Kellen Winslow.)

There were nine players selected immediately after the ‘awfully dangerous’ trade-back second round pick and those players are sitting on a sum total of over $260,000,000 in NFL contracts four years later.

McCoy 6yr/47m; Loadholt 4/25m; Moore 5/28m; Kruger 5/40m; Vollmer 4/17m; Beatty 5/39m; Smith 3/16m.  (And Levitre is 6/47m.)

So the average current contract for these ‘dangerous’ picks is $30,000,000.


Here is the lesson to be learned:

Trading back is not the problem.
Making crappy draft picks is the problem.

Cutler:  already prepared for Cleveland radio hosts.

Corollary:  if you’re a bad draft picker in the second round, you’re also a bad picker in the first round.  So the draft can be an ‘awfully dangerous’ place wherever you are in it, radio talk show guy.  Prepare accordingly.


Smokin’ Jay Cutler to Cleveland in 2014?

When I look at the Browns’ cap space and try to figure out a plan, I keep coming back to throwing a mountain of signing bonus cash at a 2014 free agent.  The biggest FAs expected to be available are Jimmy Graham and Jay Cutler.  (Packers will get the extension done with Clay Matthews.)

I don’t want to get busy with the viability of my theory today.  But now that Jay Cutler is on my radar, I’ve been getting the biggest kick out of the Smokin’ Jay Cutler and DON’T CARE!!! memes.  The DONT CARE story is especially priceless.  In case you missed it, here’s the report from KSK:

Friend is in a bar in Chicago during the off-season. He goes to the bathroom and sees Jay Cutler, hat on backwards, taking a piss at the urinal. So the guy starts going to the bathroom and says, “Hey, I’m a huge fan, also went to Vanderbilt… ”

Jay throws his head back, still pissing, eyes half-closed because he’s drunk, interrupts him with, “DOOOONNNNTTTTTT CAAAAAARRRREEEEEE.”

Jay Cutler to Cleveland?




Quickly want to log my observation on Byron Scott’s coaching work this year:  Expected lottery team acquires extra ping pong balls as expected.

Top this, Brad Stevens.

I mean, ,, what is the prob?  Let me know when Scott has two 60-win teams who gag in the playoffs specifically through the coach’s ineptitude.  Examples:

  • Sixty win team utterly befuddled by a team who feeds ball to dominating center who in turn kicks ball out to sharp shooters.  Defend the perimeter coach?
  • Sixty win team’s GM signs fat Shaquille O’Neal specifically to defend the dominating center mentioned above.  Instead of using fat Shaq as space consuming widebody against problem athletic centers, coach decides to run his offense through this fat center who has not the vertical leap to touch the rim.

When either of these things happen or show signs of being imminent, that’s when I’m all in on firing Byron Scott.

Till then, what I see is:

  • great Kyrie Irving,
  • nice development of rookie Dion Waiters,
  • no Anderson Varajao, and,
  • unexpected puzzle piece finds with Ellington-Speights-and-especially-Livingston.

Plus ridiculously sick growth from second year raw talent, Tristan Thompson.

We lost games we should have won this year?  REALLY?  Whoa.. didn’t see that coming.

Cmon guys.  Next year is the year to demand some results.  This year Scott is delivering the result he was asked for:  high lottery pick.



* Friend of Kanick’s and noted capoligist at draftbrowns.com @lilOUmikey informs that Goldhammer is a Broncos fan.  It’s Rhoda who is a Steelers fan.


  1. Solely for the entertainment value, I want the Browns to trade three drafts for one year of Jay Cutler. Throw in Brandon Marshall for the old whitey media knubs and I would be delirious.

  2. Gary Collins says:

    x2. I remember watching that draft, and seeing Loadholt out there – knowing that St. Clair was the patron saint of high ankle sprains, and watching the Mangenius whiff after whiff. Its the years of draft picks where every Browns fan is screaming “Clay Matthews” at the screen when the Browns pick is made, and they Clay III is a dpoy. Nothing against Alex Mack, but wouldnt Clay and Levitre have been a better option? Or Clay and Loadholt?

    Yeah, draft hindsight is always 20/20. It’s the picks when EVERYONE knows that you’re making the wrong choice, that the guy watching ESPN is doing a better job than the coaches breaking down tape, that’s been the problem. See the Bengals from 1992-2010.

  3. tmoore94 says:

    I always forget that Paul Kruger – a guy the Browns just gave millions to in free agency – and Levitre – a player they could have given millions to in free agency – were available in the second round of that draft.

    The 2009 draft is clearly the Jelly of the Month Club for the Browns when it comes to drafting. Come to think of it, Cousin Eddy probably would have done a better job on draft day that year.

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