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Mock 2.

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The joke’s on you Mel Kiper, Seahawks don’t even have a first round pick.


I took a swing at a mock draft last week. Within 24 hours it was outdated as some teams cut players, signings were made, and quickly all the calculus behind the picks were shot.

In the exercise, I confronted the dilemma for all mock draft pickers: is this YOUR pick or the pick of THE TEAM?  Since we’re trying to predict the draft here, we want to put ourselves into the teams’ shoes… but yet, I’d like my feelings to be known as well.

So I want to get out front with a better mock, one that puts forward the teams’ picks but also who I would take. I also wanted to be sure to factor in:

  • Comprehensive reviews of teams’ off-season moves: what free agents were signed; who went unsigned/cut/retired? What gaps were filled or opened?
  • Player meetings that we know about: using Walter’s player meeting tracker (which is admittedly inaccurate but at least provides some data) we can see if a team shows an interest in a particular player or position.
  • Future salary cap contingencies: who will be next year’s Ravens? The smart GM doesn’t get into a box at the end of the season and is thinking forward right now (at the latest).

No trade-downs allowed here; we’re picking where we land.

Let’s see how this plays out.


1. KC, Luke Joeckel/LT/TAMU.

FA adds: DeVito, DE-Jets; Robinson, CB-Falcons; Avery, WR-Rams; Smith, CB-Dolphins; Schwartz, OG/T-Panthers; Fasano, TE-Dolphins; Daniel, QB-Saints; Smith, QB (trade)-Niners; Albert (franchise).
FA losses: Lilja, C (retired); Cassel, QB-Vikes; Winston, OT; Breaston, WR; Dorsey, DE-Niners; Hillis, RB; S. Smith, NT.
Pending UFA: Albert, LT; Jackson, DE; Studebaker, LB; A. Smith (2015).
Needs: DE, ILB, SS, OT
Notable private meetings: Ansah, Fisher, Floyd, Joeckel, L. Johnson, J. Jones, Jordan, Milliner, Moore, Geno.

Kanick Mock #1: Ziggy Ansah
Kanick pick: Star Lotulelei.
Team’s selection: Luke Joeckel

Looks like the Chiefs are going for the playoffs this year and they should. Their 2-14 record resulted from the combined anomalies of the Cassel/Quinn QB model and Romeo Crennel coaching. Put another way: when is the last time a team with four (non special team) pro-bowlers had the top draft pick? Having patched QB and Head Coach, I think the Chiefs look for a starter who fills a gap this year.  The release of Eric Winston seems a signal that tackle is the pick and I won’t swim against the consensus on Joeckel. If it were me though, I’d bring in Lotulelei to shore up the d-line.


2. Jax, Geno Smith/QB/WVU.

FA adds: Miller, DT (Bucs); Forsett, RB;
FA losses: D. Smith, LB; Mathis, CB; Cox, CB (Chargers); Robinson, WR (cut); Landry, S (cut); Session, LB (cut); CJ Mosely, DT (cut).
Pending UFA: Jones-Drew, RB; Monroe, LT; Henne, QB;
Needs: DT; QB; OT; CB.
Notable private meetings: A. Brown, Cyprien, Fisher, Floyd, Joeckel, Jordan, Manuel, Milliner, Nassib, Trufant, Pugh.

Kanick Mock #1: Geno Smith
Kanick pick: Geno Smith
Team’s selection: Geno Smith

What a mess. Lost both starting CBs in FA. Best player (Monroe) is UFA next year. MJD seems to want out. And has Gabbert shown enough to rate riding with him another year? I say no. New owner Khan wasn’t around when Gabbert was drafted so no ties there.


3. Oakland, Eric Fisher/LT/CMU.

FA adds: Walker, DT (Falcons); Burnett, LB (Dolphins); Maiava, LB (Browns); Roach, LB (Bears); Flynn, QB (Seahawks-trade); Sims, NT (Bengals); Hunter, DE (Broncos); Burnett, LB (Dolphins); Porter, CB (Broncos).
FA/cap losses: Bryant, DE (Browns); Murphy, DT (cut); Seymour, DT (cut); Lechler, P (cut); Curry, LB (cut); Huff, S (Ravens); Myers, TE (Giants); Shaughnessy, DT (Cards); Palmer, QB (trade-Cards).
Pending UFA: McFadden, RB; Janikowski, K; Ford, WR.
Needs: DT; QB; OT; CB.
Notable private meetings: Joeckel, Moore.

Kanick Mock #1: Eric Fisher
Kanick pick: Eric Fisher
Team’s selection: Eric Fisher.

I just look at Veldheer and Barnes at the tackles and see two average guys on one year contracts. Gaining a cornerstone LT is always a smart rebuilding step and proves too sensible to resist for even the Raiders.


4. Philly, Sharrif Floyd/DT/Florida.

FA adds: Chung, SS (Pats); Williams, CB (Ravens); Benn, WR (Bucs); Phillips, FS (Giants); Barwin, OLB (Texans); Geathers, DT (trade-Colts).
FA losses: Asomugha, CB (cut); DRC, CB (Broncos); Dunlap, OT (Chargers).
Pending UFA: Vick, QB; Maclin, WR.
Needs: NT, DE, QB.
Notable private meetings: Ansah, Carradine, Dysert, Ertz, Escobar, Fisher, Floyd, Joeckel, J. Jones, Jordan, Lotulelei, Manuel, V. McDonald, Mingo, Ogletree, Geno, Pugh.

Kanick Mock #1: Star Lotulelei.
Kanick pick: Star Lotulelei.
Team’s selection: Sharrif Floyd.
Interior d-line is biggest need and bringing hometown kid Floyd back is a nice story. I don’t see the Jordan/Kelly reunion because on one OLB side there is Trent Cole and on the other is new toy Connor Baldwin.
5. Detroit, Dee Milliner/CB/Bama.
FA adds: Bush, RB (Dolphins); J. Jones, DE (Titans); Delmas, SS (re-sign); Quin, FS (Texans); Houston, CB (re-sign).
FA losses: Vanden Bosch, DE (cut); Avril, DE (Seahawks); Backus, LT (retired); Cherilus, OT (Colts).
Pending UFA: Pettigrew, TE;.
Needs: OT, DE, CB.
Notable private meetings: Austin, Fisher, Hunter, J. Jones, Milliner, Patterson.

Kanick Mock #1: Dion Jordan
Kanick pick: Lane Johnson.
Team’s selection: Dee Milliner.
Having Fisher off the board creates some drama in the war room.  Corey Hilliard is now the RT and Riley Reiff (who didn’t look great last year) is your LT.  Kanick would go ahead and take the last top end tackle and fill CB later in draft.  But the Lions have had their private meeting with Milliner so go that direction.

6. Cleveland, Jonathan Cooper/OG/UNC.

FA adds: Kruger, OLB (Ravens); Bryant, DE (Raiders); Campbell, QB (Bears); Groves, OLB (Cards).
FA/cap losses: Dawson, K (Niners); Rucker, DE (Cards); Maiava, LB (Raiders); Watson, TE (Saints); Young, FS (cut); Gocong, OLB (cut).
Pending UFA: Mack, C; Ward, SS.
Needs: CB, OG, FS, TE, ILB.
Notable private meetings: Ansah, Austin, Cooper, Cyprien, D. Jones, Jordan, Manuel, Milliner, Nassib, Richardson, Geno, Warford.

Kanick Mock #1: Xavier Rhodes.
Kanick pick: Xavier Rhodes.
Team’s selection: Jonathan Cooper.
Buzz-killed?  Well lookit:  the Browns’ d-front was its strength before FA and they’ve gone off and invested a hell of a lot more into it.  Adding a rotational OLB or DE is simply a luxury.  The need is at CB but something in the Rhodes’ film seems to have scared off Lombardi/Horton… why else has he not visited?  I’ve read that Warmack is a better fit for the Browns’ offense, but I see Cooper HAS been in for an interview (and Warmack has not) so I conclude the Browns lean his way.
(Bonus:  The indignity and outrage that this pick would create among the chattering classes in Cleveland is too priceless to contemplate.)
(Bonus #2:  This pick would foretell a playoff appearance as per the Three Studs Rule.)

7. Arizona, Dion Jordan/OLB/Oregon.

FA adds: Mendenhall, RB (Steelers); Shaughnessy, DE (Raiders); Bell, FS (Jets); Cason, CB (Chargers); Stanton, QB (Colts); Palmer, QB (trade-Raiders).
FA/cap losses: Wilson, S (Pats); Gay, CB (Steelers); Kolb, QB (Bills); Groves, OLB (Browns); Toler, CB (Colts); Wells, RB; Rhodes, S.
Pending UFA: a lot.
Notable private meetings: Ansah, Cyprien, Glennon, Jordan, Milliner.
Needs: CB, OG, FS, TE, ILB.

Kanick Mock #1: Barky Mingo.
Kanick pick: Dion Jordan.
Team’s selection: Dion Jordan.

Cards run a 3-4 and show Lorenzo Alexander and Sam Acho at OLBs. Value position, fills a hole, BPA — Jordan easy pick here.


8. Buffalo, Kenny Vaccaro/S/Texas.

FA adds: Lawson, OLB (Bengals); Kolb, QB (Cards); Byrd, FS (franchise).
FA/cap losses: Fitzpatrick, QB (Titans); Levitre, OG (Titans); Barnett, LB.
Pending UFA: Byrd, FS; Wood, C; Chandler, TE.
Needs: QB, OT, LB, S.
Notable private meetings: Barkley, L. Jones, Glennon, Manuel, Minter, Nassib, Ogletree, Scott, Geno, Vaccaro.

Kanick Mock #1: Luke Joeckel.
Kanick pick: Lane Johnson.
Team’s selection: Kenny Vaccaro.

The meetings the Bills have held are a who’s who of QB prospects but with Geno off the board, it’s hard to see the Bills reaching for any of these guys.  The Vaccaro visit is most interesting.  They know he won’t be there in the second round, Jairus Byrd is franchise and fair bet to be gone in 2014, Da’Norris Searcy is pencilled in at SS.  I think the Bills are reaching up for Vacarro here.  (Here’s a post that provides more basis for this pick.)


9. Jets, Sheldon Richardson/DT/Mizzou.

FA adds: Colon, G (Steelers); Barnes, OLB (Chargers); Garrard, QB.
FA/cap losses: Bell, S (Cards); Devito, DE (Chiefs); Green, RB (Titans); Slauson, G; Keller, TE (Dolphins); Landry FS, (Colts); Scott, LB; Edwards, WR; Thomas, LB; Pace, LB.
Pending UFA: Ducasse, G.
Needs: QB, OT, LB.
Notable private meetings: Jordan, Hunt, Nassib, Milliner.

Kanick Mock #1: Sharrif Floyd.
Kanick pick: Star Lotulelei.
Team’s selection: Sheldon Richardson.

Jets show 33 yr old Antonio Garay (one year contract) at NT between Coples and Wilkerson. Add Richardson to those two and you’ve got yourself a fine 3-4 d-line.


10. Titans, Lane Johnson/OT/Oklahoma.
FA adds: Levitre, G (Bills); Pollard, SS (Ravens); Fitzpatrick, QB (Bills); Walker, TE (Niners); Green, RB (Jets).
FA/cap losses: Hasselbeck, QB (Colts); Cook, TE (Rams); Hutchinson, G (retired).
Pending UFA: Velasco, C: Britt, WR.
Needs: OT, DT, LB.
Notable private meetings: Cooper, Cyprien, Floyd, Jordan, Mingo, Pugh.

Kanick Mock #1: Sheldon Richardson.
Kanick pick: Lane Johnson.
Team’s selection: Lane Johnson.
The Titans’ FO completely gives in to Munchak’s desire to build the best o-line in football.  The interview with Cooper indicates an interest in the ‘athletic o-lineman’ over the prototype big fella.  That’s why Johnson gets the nod over Warmack and Fluker.

11. Chargers, Chance Warmack/OG/Bama.

FA adds: Dunlap, LT (Eagles); Woodhead, RB (Pats): Cox, CB (Jax); Ohrnberger, OG (Cards); Rinehart, OG (Bills).
FA/cap losses: Cason, CB (Cards); Barnes, (Jets); Vasquez, OG (Broncos); Spikes, LB (cut); Gaither, T (cut); Jammer, CB (cut).
Pending UFA: Thomas, NT; .
Needs: OT, LB.
Notable private meetings: _.

Kanick Mock #1: Sheldon Richardson.
Kanick pick: Chance Warmack.
Team’s selection: Chance Warmack.
Chargers have a patch-work o-line going with three FA starters coming in. Good luck with that. Kanick would LOVE to bring in Richardson with Liuget and Reyes for a tight 3-4 d-line. But losing Vasquez and the Gaither wash-out have created an issue on o-line.  With 17MM invested in Rivers this year, it will pay to give him better protection.

12. Dolphins, Star Lotulelei/DT/Utah.

FA adds: Wallace, WR (Steelers); Gibson, WR (Rams); Hartline, WR (re-sign); Keller, TE (Jets); Ellerbe, ILB (Ravens); Grimes, CB (Falcons).
FA/cap losses: Fasano, TE (Chiefs); Bush, RB (Lions); Long, LT (Rams); Smith, CB (Chiefs); Burnett, LB (Raiders).
Pending UFA: Everyone..
Needs: CB, RT.
Notable private meetings: Austin, Cyprien, Escobar, Lotulelei, Ogletree, Richardson, Vacarro, S. Williams.

Kanick Mock #1: Dee Milliner.
Kanick pick: Xavier Rhodes.
Team’s selection: Star Lotulelei.
Fun fact:  Dolphins have franchised each of their d-tackles the last two years.  Both Starks and Soliai will be UFAs in 2014.  As a result of the FA shenanigans this year, a lot of back-loaded contracts come due next year for the Dolphins.  It’s certain that both of their two 30 year old DTs will not be retained in 2014.  Enter Star, BPA and filling a high-value position of need.
(There won’t be a trade-up for one of the tackles, sorry. Jonathan Martin is ok at LT and with two picks in the second, the Fins can find o-line talent there.)


13. Bucs, Ziggy Ansah/DE/BYU.

FA adds: Ogletree, WR (Cowboys); Goldson, FS (Niners); Casillas (OLB).
FA/cap losses: Bennett, DE (Seahawks); Miller, DT (Bucs);
Pending UFA: Freeman, QB; Williams, WR; Casillas, LB.
Needs: D-line; CB; QB?.
Notable private meetings: Fluker, Jordan, Milliner, L. Johnson, Lemonier.

Kanick Mock #1: Desmond Trufant.
Kanick pick: Ziggy Ansah.
Team’s selection: Ziggy Ansah.

Everyone’s talking CB with this pick. But the Bucs lost half their starting d-line in FA. Ansah would be a good start for replacing that talent.

14. Panthers, Xavier Rhodes/CB/FSU.

FA adds: Ginn, WR (Niners); Blackburn, MLB (Giants); Florence, CB (Lions).
FA/cap losses: Murphy, WR (Giants); Gamble, CB.
Pending UFA: LaFell, WR; Munnerlyn, CB.
Needs: D-line; CB.
Notable private meetings: Austin, Cyprien, Floyd, Fluker, Hopkins.

Kanick Mock #1: Tavon Austin.
Kanick pick: Johnathan Hankins.
Team’s selection: Xavier Rhodes.

I’ve been sending Austin here, but with the Hixon signing (who was signed after the Panthers met with Austin) on top of the Ginn signing I think he’s out.  Drafting Rhodes lets Munnerlyn move over to the nickel back that he is.


15. Saints, Tavon Austin/WR/WVU.

FA adds: Watson, TE (Browns); Lewis, CB (Steelers); Butler, OLB (Cowboys).
FA/cap losses: Bushrod, T (Bears); Casillas, LB (Bucs); Daniel, QB (Chiefs); Henderson, WR.
Pending UFA: Jenkins, CB; Ivory, RB; Graham, TE; Vilma, LB.
Needs: D-line; CB.
Notable private meetings: Ansah, J. Jones, Ogletree.

Kanick Mock #1: Margus Hunt.
Kanick pick: Margus Hunt.
Team’s selection: Tavon Austin.

Saints aren’t a team who pays much respect to getting ‘prototype size’ in their players.  See Sproles, Moore, even Brees.  Selecting Austin here would free the Saints to release pricey Lance Moore next year.


16. Rams, Justin Hunter/WR/Tennessee.

FA adds: Long, LT (Dolphins); Cook, TE (Titans).
FA/cap losses: Jackson, RB (Falcons), Amendola, WR (Pats); Gibson, WR (Dolphins).
Pending UFA: Saffold, RT; .
Needs: WR; S, RT.
Notable private meetings: Allen, Austin, A. Brown, Franklin, Fluker, Hunter, K. Long, Ogletree, Gillislee, Lacy, Warford.

Kanick Mock #1: DeAndre Hopkins.
Kanick pick: DJ Fluker.
Team’s selection: Justin Hunter.

Rams go offensive playmaker-crazy in the first round.  WR with first pick, RB with second.  We’ll get to see what Bradford’s got this year.


17. Steelers, Arthur Brown/ILB/K-State.

FA adds: Gay CB (Cards).
FA/cap losses: Colon, G (Jets); Allan, S (Cowboys); Lewis, CB (Saints); Mendenhall RB (Cards); Wallace, WR (Dolphins).
Pending UFA: Clark, FS; Keisel, DE; Sanders, WR; Ziggy Hood, DE; Jason Worilds, LB.
Needs: DE, RB, S, LB.
Notable private meetings: A. Brown, Collins, Franklin, J. Jones.

Kanick Mock #1: Jarvis Jones.
Kanick pick: Datone Jones.
Team’s selection: Kenny Vaccaro.

Ogletree’s attitude scares off the no-nonsense Steelers. Steelers have spent a fair amount of time with Brown.  Jarvis Jones’ slide starts here and continues to second round.


18. Cowboys, DJ Fluker/OG-OT/Bama.

FA adds: Allen, FS (Steelers); Durant, OLB (Lions).
FA/cap losses: Sensabaugh, FS; Spears, DT (Ravens); Butler, OLB (Saints); Ogletree, WR (Bucs); F. Jones, (cut).
Pending UFA: Spencer, DE; Hatcher, DT.
Needs: LB, O-line, S.
Notable private meetings: Cooper, Cyprien, Fluker, Hopkins, Hunt, B. Logan.

Kanick Mock #1: Jonathan Cooper.
Kanick pick: DJ Fluker.
Team’s selection: DJ Fluker.

Cowboys take the last top o-lineman standing.  Fluker’s crazy long arms (37″) make him a very interesting prospect.  He can play guard or tackle.  Cowboys absolutely must tend to their o-line and provide more protection for Romo.


19. Giants, Alec Ogletree/ILB/UGA.

FA adds: Myers, TE (Giants); Murphy, WR (Panthers); Jenkins, DT (Eagles).
FA/cap losses: Bradshaw, RB (cut); Canty, DT (Ravens); Bennett, TE (Bears); Blackburn, LB (Panthers); Hixon, (cut); Phillips, S (Eagles); Umenyiora, DE (Falcons).
Pending UFA: Tuck, DE; Cruz, WR; Nicks, WR; Diehl, OT.
Needs: LB, O-line, S.
Notable private meetings: Warmack.

Kanick Mock #1: Alec Ogletree.
Kanick pick: Alec Ogletree.
Team’s selection: Alec Ogletree.

Hard to see Dan Connor opening up as Giants’ Mike backer.  It’s a bit dicey to send Ogletree to NYC with the character issues that turned off quite a few GMs at the combine.  (Go to 6:00 mark here.)  But the upside is through the roof.  Jerry Reese is all about upside.


20. Bears, Barky Mingo/OLB/LSU.

FA adds: Bushrod, LT (Saints); Slauson, OG (Jets); Bennett, TE (Giants); .
FA/cap losses: Urlacher, LB (cut); Campbell, QB (Browns); Davis, TE (Browns).; Roach, LB (Raiders); Idonije DE (cut); Okoye, DT (cut).
Pending UFA: Cutler, QB; Melton, DT; Tillman, CB; Jennings, CB; Hester, WR; Wootton, DE; Wright, SS.
Needs: LB, D-backfield; D-line.
Notable private meetings: A. Brown, L. Johnson, Ogletree.

Kanick Mock #1: Manti Te’o.
Kanick pick: Bjoern Werner.
Team’s selection: Barky Mingo.

The greatest need seems to be the Urlacher replacement.  But the Bears can’t quite pull the trigger on Te’o.  Mingo shows more upside and would present an interesting bookend opposite Peppers.  For me, I prefer the safer Werner as a 4-3 DE.


21. Bengals, Jarvis Jones/OLB/UGA.

FA adds: J. Johnson, QB (Browns; M. Johnson, DE (re-sign, franchise).
FA/cap losses: Lawson, LB (Bills); A. Smith (unsigned); Clements, CB.
Pending UFA: M. Johnson, DE; Atkins, DT; Dunlap, DE; Mays, SS.
Needs: LB (speed); OT.
Notable private meetings: Austin, Manuel, Ogletree, Vaccaro.

Kanick Mock #1: Kenny Vacarro.
Kanick pick: Menelik Watson.
Team’s selection: Jarvis Jones.

With Mingo off the board, the Bengals are in BPA mode.  I know I said Jones would slide to the second round, and I know with Maualuga and Burfict the Bengals could use a fast OLB and I know Jones ran at 4.90 40.  But the Bengals value game tape over combine metrics.  Jones was quite awesome in the awesome SEC.  Bengals throw in with Jones.  Kanick goes with solidfying the o-line.


22. Rams, Eddie Lacy/RB/Bama.

FA adds: Long, LT (Dolphins); Cook, TE (Titans).
FA/cap losses: Jackson, RB (Falcons), Amendola, WR (Pats); Gibson, WR (Dolphins).
Pending UFA: Saffold, RT; .
Needs: WR; S, RT.
Notable private meetings: Allen, Austin, A. Brown, Franklin, Fluker, Hunter, K. Long, Ogletree, Gillislee, Lacy, Warford.

Kanick Mock #1 (for Rams at #22): DJ Fluker.
Kanick pick: Johnathan Franklin.
Team’s selection: Eddie Lacy.

The private workouts of Franklin, Gillislee, Lacy indicate more interest in RB than any other team.  I don’t mind the RB pick.  But I am skeptical of Alabama RBs.  Time and again we see that these producers in college are the beneficiaries of those great Saban o-lines.  Franklin did more with less.


23. Minny, Bjoern Werner/DE/FSU.

FA adds: G. Jennings, WR (Packers); Cassell, QB (Chiefs).
FA/cap losses: M. Jenkins, WR (Pats); Harvin, WR (trade-Seahawks); Schwartz, OG (Chiefs); Winfield, CB.
Pending UFA: J. Allen, DE; Robinson, DE; Johnson, OG;
Needs: D-line; CB.
Notable private meetings: Allen, Fluker, Hopkins, Richardson, S. Williams.

Kanick Mock #1 (for Rams at #22): Johnathan Banks.
Kanick pick: Bjoern Werner.
Team’s selection: Bjoern Werner.

WR and D-line will be tended to.  The Colts’ signing of DHB raises the probability that the Colts will go DE so the Vikings take the d-lineman before their WR.  Werner should be a good 4-3 DE for years.  With Allen and Robison becoming UFAs next year, it’s a need position.


24. Indy, Datone Jones/DE/UCLA.

FA adds: Cherilus, RT (Lions): Jean-Francois, DT (Niners); Landry, SS (Jets); Toler, CB (Cards); Heyward-Bey, WR (Raiders).
FA/cap losses: Zbikowski, S (Bears); Avery, WR (Chiefs); Geathers, DT (trade-Eagles).
Pending UFA: Bethea, FS; V. Davis, CB; D. Brown, RB.
Needs: WR, ILB.
Notable private meetings: L. Johnson.

Kanick Mock #1: Cord Patterson.
Kanick pick: DeAndre Hopkins.
Team’s selection: Datone Jones.

The DHB signing changes everything and allows Colts to address DE.  They lost Freeney and they’re now pencilled in with two 32 year old DEs:  Mathis and Redding.  Kanick would still load up at WR.. you can’t count on DHB or Ty Hilton and Reggie Wayne won’t last forever.


25. Minny, DeAndre Hopkins/WR/Clemson.

FA adds: G. Jennings, WR (Packers); Cassell, QB (Chiefs).
FA/cap losses: M. Jenkins, WR (Pats); Harvin, WR (trade-Seahawks); Schwartz, OG (Chiefs); Winfield, CB.
Pending UFA: J. Allen, DE; Robinson, DE; Johnson, OG;
Needs: D-line; CB.
Notable private meetings: Allen, Fluker, Hopkins, Richardson, S. Williams.

Kanick Mock #1 (for Vikes at #25): Datone Jones.
Kanick pick: Desmond Trufant.
Team’s selection: DeAndre Hopkins.

Vikes get their Harvin replacement here.  Nuke Hopkins is a baller.


26. Packers, Desmond Trufant/CB/Washington.

FA adds: Shields, CB (re-sign); B. Jones, OLB (re-sign).
FA/cap losses: G. Jennings, WR (Minny); Benson, RB ; Driver, WR; Grant, RB; Woodson, SS.
Pending UFA: Pickett, DE; Raji, NT; Finley, TE; Matthews, OLB; Shields, CB;.
Needs: D-line; CB.
Notable private meetings: …

Kanick Mock #1: Lane Johnson.
Kanick pick: Desmond Trufant.
Team’s selection: Trufant.

Hard to see Tramon Williams starting at CB.  Packers defense really struggled last year.


27. Texans, Johnathan Hankins/DT/OSU.

FA adds: Reed, FS (Ravens); Lechler, P (Raiders).
FA/cap losses: Barwin, OLB (Eagles); Forsett, RB (Jax); Quin, FS (Lions)
Pending UFA: A. Smith, DE; Cushing, OLB; W. Smith, OG.
Needs: WR, NT.
Notable private meetings: Cyprien, L. Johnson, Minter.

Kanick Mock #1: Jesse Williams.
Kanick pick: Johnathan Hankins.
Team’s selection: Hankins.

Earl Mitchell is not the answer at NT; John Jenkins won’t be available in round two. WR is a need also, but there are quite a few WRs still available… Hankins a good fit here.


28. Broncos, Tyler Eifert/TE/ND.

FA adds: Welker, WR (Pats); Vasquez, OG (Chargers); DRC, CB (Eagles); Clady, LT (franchise).
FA/cap losses: Dumervil, DE (Ravens); Brooking, LB; Leonhard, S; Warren, DT; Koppen, OG; Porter, CB; DJ Williams, LB (Bears).
Pending UFA: Clady, LT; Woodyard, OLB; Adams, SS; DRC, CB; .
Needs: D-backfield.
Notable private meetings: …

Kanick Mock #1: Jonathan Cyprien.
Kanick pick: Tyler Eifert.
Team’s selection: Eifert.

Wowzers.  You’ve only got Manning for a couple years.  Get him a Dallas Clark.  Dreesen is 30 and his 41 catches last year were tops in his career.  Eifert is HUGE upgrade.


29. Pats, Tank Carradine/DE/FSU.

FA adds: M. Jenkins, WR (Minny); Amendola, WR (Rams); Wilson, SS (Cards); Vollmer, RT (re-sign); Talib, CB (re-sign).
FA/cap losses: Welker, WR (Broncos); Chung, SS (Eagles); Woodhead, RB (Chargers).
Pending UFA: Talib, CB; Ninkovich, LB; Spikes, LB .
Needs: LB, WR.
Notable private meetings: Austin, Banks, Bostic, Lattimore, Ogletree, Pugh, Carradine, Fluker, Hopkins, Jordan, Trufant.

Kanick Mock #1: Bjoern Werner.
Kanick pick: Margus Hunt.
Team’s selection: Tank Carradine.

A bookend for Chandler Jones would be pretty excellent. I can’t tell if Belichick is running a true 4-3 or a jack of all trades defense. In other words, if he needs his ends to drop into coverage, this might not be a great pick for them. But if the Pats want to bring a pass rush from a four man front without blitzing, this is the pick.  Carradine has been in for a visit and no doubt his injury was checked. Don’t rule out Margus Hunt here.


30. Falcons, Menelik Watson/OT/FSU.

FA adds: Umenyiora, DE (Giants); Jackson, RB (Rams).
FA/cap losses: Robinson, CB (Chiefs); Grimes, CB (Falcons); Turner, RB (cut); Abraham, DE (cut); Clabo, OT .
Pending UFA: Ryan, QB; Babineaux, DT; Gonzalez, TE; Peria, DT.
Needs: LB, CB, S, OT.
Notable private meetings: Cyprien, Lemonier, Ogletree, Trufant.

Kanick Mock #1: Kawann Short.
Kanick pick: Watson.
Team’s selection: Watson.

The Clabo cutting makes this a straight forward need pick and a good one.


31. Niners, John Jenkins/DT/UGA.

FA adds: Boldin, WR (trade-Ravens); Dawson, K, (Browns); Dahl, S (Rams).
FA/cap losses: Ginn, WR (Panthers); Goldson, S (Bucs); Jean-Francois, DT (Colts); Sopoaga, DT (Eagles); Walker, TE (Titans); Smith, QB (trade-Chiefs).
Pending UFA: J. Smith, DT; Boldin, WR; Whitner, CB; Goodwin, C; T. Brown, CB; Manningham, WR.
Needs: DT, S.
Notable private meetings: Austin, Cyprien, Reid, Jenkins, Reid.

Kanick Mock #1: John Jenkins.
Kanick pick: John Jenkins.
Team’s selection: Jenkins.

Justin Smith is a UFA at the end of the year and will be 34.  Jenkins figures to be a contributor at 3tech or NT.


32. Ravens, Margus Hunt/DE/SMU.

FA adds: Boldin, WR (trade-Ravens); Dawson, K, (Browns); Dahl, S (Rams); Flacco, QB (re-sign); Pitta, TE (re-sign); Dumervil, DE (Broncos); Canty, DT (Giants); Spears, DE (Cowboys); Huff, FS (Raiders).
FA/cap losses: Pollard, S (cut-Titans); Boldin, WR (trade-Niners); Ellerbe, ILB (Dolphins); Kruger, OLB (Browns); McKinnie, T; Reed, FS (Texans); Williams, CB (Eagles).
Pending UFA: Oher, T; Leach, FB; J. Jones, WR; Graham, CB; Pitta, TE; Dickson, TE; Cody, NT; Jones, DE.
Needs: ILB.
Notable private meetings: Austin, Carradine, Fluker, Hunt, Minter, Ogletree, Pugh.

Kanick Mock #1: Kevin Minter.
Kanick pick: Kevin Minter.
Team’s selection: Margus Hunt.

Minter is the sensible pick, but if Ozzie is as smart as everyone says he is, he’ll take the disruptive Hunt and create chaos.




  1. K says:

    I know you said no trades, but if the top 5 falls like you have here I would imagine the Browns would have plenty of teams calling for pick #6. Perhaps a little bit of subconscious pro-Brownies wishful thinking played into your top 5 selections?

    • jimkanicki says:

      enhhhh… i tried to go with the indicators for the teams’ selections. eg, i was holding out on the chiefs going with lotulelei until they dropped winston. i really think the jags are going geno. i like fisher for the raiders (need o-line help); floyd being a philly guy and the good OLBs are why jordan isn’t the pick for the eagles. and so on. as for the lions.. who knows.

      but i really have not tried to project my hopes. as for the browns, i’ll need to adjust the pick in v3 because theobr had a note today that browns will not go o-line here and like jordan.

      btw, im very suspect of the dolphins trade-back scenario (even though i introduced it about a month ago) and all others:
      * if i’m the dolphins and want to fix my line, watson or pugh or warford with one of my 2nd rd picks will be fine.
      * i’ve tried hard to conjure a need for the vikes to give up their 1, 1, 2 for our 1, 3.. but come up dry.
      * the rams needs are safety, right tackle, and WR… none of those require a 6 overall.

  2. Dylon561 says:

    I’m not too sure of the wisdom of choosing a guard at six but your rationale certainly appears sound. Regardless, the opportunity to watch Grossi and Rizzo’s heads explode is almost worth the anxiety.

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