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Mock draft, because why not.

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After signing over $100MM in contracts to WRs in the last month, with the 12th pick in the draft Miami selects …?


I wasn’t going to do a mock draft because, c’mon, they’re worthless.

But I just read Reghi’s mock* which includes:

12. Miami – Justin Hunter – WR – 6’4 wideout is a reach here, yet projects ahead of his Tennessee teammate Cordarrelle Patterson.

and decided why the fuck not.  You don’t have to know details.  You don’t even have to read headlines.  Headlines such as:

  • Mike Wallace signed by Miami for 5yrs/60mm;
  • Brian Hartline signed by Miami for 5yrs/31mm;
  • Brandon Gibson signed by Miami for 3yrs/10mm.

There’s also Tyler Eifert going to the Bears after they just gave Martellus Bennett a 4.5mm bonus and a four year, 20mm contract.

So… what the fuck… why not?.  The bar’s good and low where I like it.  I’ll take a swing.

Here’s what I’m doing:  going to Ourlads for current depth chart; checking recent FA investments; checking ratings of last years starters; and marrying need with perceived value on board.  These are the generally the picks *I* would make with a couple exceptions where I bow to prevailing wisdom.  (*cough* Tavon Austin *cough*)

Easy enough, no?  Let’s go.


3/28 update:  Yesterday the Raiders dropped Tommy Kelly; Chargers dropped Jared Gaither.  This affects the mock.  Maybe we’ll take another swing at this next week as more teams make more moves.  Meantime, adjusted picks in red.  

3/30:  I’m going to log meaningful transactions and bake into a new mock next week:

  • Raiders drop Tommy Kelly;
  • Chargers drop Jared Gaither;
  • Dolphins sign Brent Grimes;
  • QB landings spots (Kolb, Flynn, Palmer)
  • Saints sign K. Coleman;
  • Saints sign Victor Butler;
  • Falcons sign Unenyiora;
  • Ravens sign Huff;
  • Cowboys sign Will Allen;
  • Ravens sign Dumervil.

I’m coming around on this guy.

The Picks.

1.  KC, Ziggy Ansah.  Best 5-tech DE on the board.  They’ve got Albert at LT; you don’t take RTs at #1.  They’ve got Poe at NT; you don’t dump him after a year for Star.  They’ve got Alex Smith; no QB here.  They’ve got Hali/Houston at OLB; no Jordan here.  Just signed Sean Smith to go with Brandon Flowers; no Milliner.

2.  Jax, Geno Smith.  Gabbert truly sucks.  Khan didn’t draft him; he could not have missed that Gabbert is irredeemably bad.  Cut the cord.  It’s their biggest area of need.  Easy pick.

3.  Oakland, Eric Fisher.  LT is the pick.  Pryor will be the QB.  Raiders go for the bigger and faster prospect over Joeckel.  

4.  Philly, Star Lotulelei.  Interior d-line is biggest need.  Sopoaga signing is depth.  With Barwin signing and Trent Cole, Kelly passes on Jordan because there’s no need there.  

XR: 40.5″ vert.

5. Detroit, Dion Jordan.  Lions just say fuck it and set out to build the best d-line in the game.  They need a CB to improve over Bill Bentley; Riley Reiff is questionable at LT.  But DE is a need too and Jordan should grow into a nice 4-3 DE.

6. Cleveland, Xavier Rhodes.  Because it’s MY draft and I like Rhodes better than Milliner.  Either way, CB is a no-brainer pick for the Browns.  DONT OVERTHINK THIS.

7. Arizona, Barky Mingo.  What a mess.  Drew Stanton is current QB,,, but drafting a USC QB is verboten after the Leinert experience.  Levi Brown ain’t great at LT but he was a 5th overall pick for them.  Their d-line looks good.  OLB currently shows O’Brien Schofield as a starter.  Done.  Mingo.  (Won’t take JJones this early.)

8. Buffalo, Luke Joeckel.  Line needs fixing after Levitre’s leaving.  They didn’t expect Joeckel here but they’ll take him and move Cordy Glenn to RT; or keep Pears at RT and move Glenn to OG.

9. Jets, Sharrif Floyd.  Jets show one year contract, 33 yr old Antonio Garay at NT between Coples and Wilkerson.  Add Floyd to those two and you’ve got yourself a fine 3-4 d-line.  

Milliner jpeg. Okay?

10. Titans, Cordarelle Patterson. Sheldon Richardson.  Oh they want to grab one of the Vol WRs.  But the interior d-line is a mess.  Richardson is sure thing at need position.  (So glad Heckert was unable to get Kendall Wright last year.)  

11. Chargers, Chance Warmack.  Need is on o-line.  Chargers decide to give Clary/Gaither another year and take Warmack over Lane Johnson.

12. Dolphins, Dee Milliner.  Minds blown at getting Milliner here.  Could use a Jake Long replacement, but last year’s rookie Jon Martin might be ok at LT.

13. Bucs, Desmond Trufant.  And a big middle finger to the Jets.  No way Bucs can go to war with Leonard Johnson at one of CB slots. No name o-tackles are good enough to pass on Lane Johnson.

And the Saints will be THRILLED with their pick.

14. Panthers, Tavon Fucking Austin.  Me?  Taking Austin?  After candidly sharing my opinion on Austin?  Really really really really wary of 5’8″ short arms and no vertical to boot.  But his only chance to be a stud is to be another Steve Smith.  That presents enough upside to take a chance on him here.  Not hard to picture some chemistry between him and Cam.

15. Saints, Margus Hunt.  Saints are moving to 3-4.  Select best 5 tech on board.

16. Rams, DeAndre Hopkins.  This is the pure WR, not a workout warrior.  He made Tajh Boyd some serious dough in the Chik-Fil-A Bowl this year.  Baller.

17. Steelers, Jarvis Jones.  Yeah we all saw this coming.  Watch him be perfectly fine forever.  As for me, I wouldn’t draft him.  USC isn’t known to walk away from talent like his willingly.

18. Cowboys, Jonathan Cooper.  Guard over tackles Lane Johnson and DJ Fluker?  Yes.  The guards are a wreck.  Free ain’t great as a RT, but adequate.  Cooper a sure thing for years.

Jerry Reese >> Ozzie Newsome.

19. Giants, Alec Ogletree.  Really dicey sending Ogletree to NYC.  He feels like a WILL in a 3-4 more than a straight middle backer in a 4-3.  But the upside is through the roof.  Reese likey upside.

20. Bears, Manti Te’o.  lol.

21. Bengals, ..Oh yeah, Te’o to the Bears.  The balls on the guy who takes him.  I could see Te’o disappointing.. like in an AJ Hawk way.  I can also see him doing really well.  Crap shoot.

21. Bengals, Kenny Vaccaro.  No one wanted Taylor Mays would be a bigger stud than me.  But time’s up.  Bengals have a need at OLB too,,, wanted to take Tank Carradine (from Cincy!) but his ACL is scaring me, especially when I’ve got two other slow linebackers in Maualuga and Burfict.

22. Rams, DJ Fluker.  Rodger Saffold pretty much said he’s outta there if he has to play RT.  Fluker upgrade OG this year, moves to RT next year if needed.

Click to find why DJ Fluker wears Gap Kids.

23. Minny, Johnathan Banks.  I’m down on Banks, but it doesn’t mean a team with a need won’t make a run at him.  He is a big CB; the Vikings are without Antoine Winfield for the first time since 2004.

24. Indy, Cord Patterson.**  Reggie Wayne. it’s time.  Time to try to break in a new guy.  Patterson is generally rated the top WR though I like Hopkins more.

25. Minny, Datone Jones.  I see you ‘DE’ designation next to the name Datone Jones.  But Jones played the interior of 3-4 for UCLA with energy.  I think he’ll be money taking Kevin Williams’ slot. And if that doesn’t work, he’ll be money at an end.  Solid.

26. Packers, Lane Johnson.  This is the sort of thing that makes GMs geniuses.  Who knew Johnson would be here.  Should be a nice upgrade over Marshall Newhouse.  Seems like Rodgers was running for his life a lot last year.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 6.15.05 PM

MAN DOWN!! We’ve got a MAN DOWN!

27. Texans, Jesse Williams.  Not sure Earl Mitchell is the answer at NT for Houston.

28. Broncos, Jonathan Cyprien.  Rahim Moore?  As Clemenza said about Paulie:  Won’t see him no more.

29. Pats, Bjoern Werner.  Some slippage, but he really didn’t look great toward the end of the year.  This is a good place for him to go both the team and the slot in the draft.

30. Falcons, Kawann Short.  Interior d-line needs some life.

31. Niners, John Jenkins.  Check-out the Niners’ depth chart.  It’s pretty breathtaking.  Might could use some help on the d-line.

32. Ravens, Kevin Minter.  We know being lucky is better than being good and.. well.. we give Ozzie credit for being lucky.  Minter is great pick available filling a huge hole.



* Credit it where it’s due, Reghi came up with Geno Smith to the Jags.  And he wasn’t afraid to go against the grain with Ogletree in the top 10.  So credit for making his own mind up.  The Fins pick remains a head-scratcher, though.

** I had Keenan Davis here when I first published due to an oversight (thought I’d taken Patterson earlier).

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