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Clearing the decks.

Two quick hits today:  John Clayton, bad GM; random pro-day draft prospect biases.

Clayton proposes bad deal for Dolphins.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 9.12.41 AM

You think?


So let me get this straight:  Clayton is pimping a deal for the Dolphins to replace their anchor LT, Jake Long, with an under-achieving 28 year old on a one year 9.8mm contract that they’ll have to figure out a way to extend against their hopelessly back-loaded cap structure.  And on top of the huge contract that the Dolphins can’t afford, they should give up one of their second round picks?


Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 10.11.51 AM

Talk about ‘all-in’ for 2013.

There is a better solution we’ll get to, but first:

What do you mean ‘back-loaded contract structure’ Kanick?

You heard that the Dolphins signed Mike Wallace for 60mm, right?  Ellerbe for 35mm?  But did you notice that both of those contracts are carrying only 1mm against their cap this year?  What happens to the rest of the contract?

It gets pushed out, of course.  Check out how the 2013 ‘all-in’ contract shenanigans will affect the Dolphins’ 2014 contract sitch to the left. –>


Get the idea?  Re-signing/extending Branden Albert might be a bitch.  John Clayton.  Ass.

But Clayton is correct that the Dolphins’ two second round picks could become most useful.  As we reviewed in our piece last week, the Dolphins could also do this:

Browns’ #6 and #68 (3rd) for Dolphins’ #12, #42 (2nd), and #82 (3rd).

In so doing, they can be assured a top 10 LT (from the Joeckel/Fisher/Johnson crop) and sign him to a rookie contract.  In other words:  for the same draft pick and less money the Dolphins can get a comparable/better/younger LT by swapping picks with the Browns.

Meantime, we get the CB we want (Xavier Rhodes) and who knows what TE (Eifert??) might slip into the middle of the second round.

Let’s bang this drum.

John Clayton:  get your head out of your ass.

Will drafting this guy shut everyone up on the QB talk?

Miscellaneous draft prospect chatter.

Walter Football is tracking the pro days here.  Some memory is being jogged looking through these.  Here’s some random takes on the names so far.  Will have a part two on this at the end of the month.

Tyler Wilson.  I prefer to go to war with Weeden and whatever can be picked up cheaply.  (Unless it’s Mallett whom I support picking up with a 4th rounder.)  But if forced to choose between Tyler Bray and Tyler Wilson, I take Wilson.

Vance McDonald.  6’5″ tight end, runs 4.67, benches 31.  Those are Gronk numbers except the bench reps which are considerably higher.

Fauria: good TE brand name.

Joseph Fauria.  6’7″ tight end; ought to be a red zone contributor at worst.
Johnathan Franklin.  No way really the Browns take a RB in the 3rd, but Franklin will be a good back.

Ray Ray Armstrong.  Here’s your beast safety.  6’3″/216, 4.69.  I’ll have to look into why he’s just a 6th round or worse projection… something askew here.

Damontre Moore.  Got his bench reps up to 19 from the combine 12 disaster.  Do not want.  We good for Defensive Tackles?  Yeah, we good. Ryan Swope.  Looks like a pretty good slot guy if you can get him in the fourth.

The wheels on this guy.

Jake Stoneburner.  His 40 came in at 4.52 in Columbus.  Who saw that coming?  He and Fauria are worth a look on day three.

Southern Miss
Jamie Collins.  Don’t sleep on him.  Krupka praised Collins in this DBN piece.  I think I’d take him over Rambo in the third if he’s there.

Corey Lemonier.  He wasn’t Margus Hunt, but he was the closest thing to Hunt at the combine with a combo of speed and strength.

DeAndre Hopkins.  Love this guy.  Was money in the Chik-Fil-A Bowl.  He’s not getting due acclaim, imo.  Still, hard to see the Browns winding up with him.  He shouldn’t be around in the third and I just don’t want to invest another draft pick in a WR.

Three years since this TV cap from the Rose Bowl.  Ricky, you’d have been a first rounder in 2011.

Ricky Wagner.  What happened to you man?  Three years ago you were my favorite o-lineman.

Ty Powell.  He *looked* like a baller at the combine and no I can’t really explain it better than that.

Hotty toddy, Gosh almighty.

Missy St.  Jonathan Banks.  Everyone like Banks.  Everyone likes that build:   6’2″ 186.  But I cannot get past his Egg Bowl disaster.  I mean disaster.  Donte Moncrief owned him to the tune of 7 recs/173 yds/3 TDs.  Bo Wallace (luv Bo Wallace) rolled up 5 TDs.  Do not want.  Do not want you, Jonathan Banks, as my new Browns CB.

Banks is #13 for Clanga in the following clip.  Not all Moncrief’s work was on Banks, but a lot was.  The first TD Banks bites on a play action.  Moncrief’s 3rd TD is a simple post.  But maybe the worst is at 2:45:  Bo Wallace breaks the pocket in a scramble and runs right past him.



  1. maxfnmloans says:

    Ray Ray was a 5 star prospect coming out of high school (played QB and Safety and did not play at the U this past season because he was dismissed from the team for “dishonesty” during an internal investigation (I’m guessing the Nevin Shapiro kerfluffle). After he was dismissed, he tried to play for an NAIA school in Alabama, but there were eligibility issues stemming from his departure from Miami. He has completed his coursework and received his degree from Miami, for whatever that’s worth.

    Want. Ray Ray. Badly

  2. Dan says:

    Tried to post this at Reboot but it didn’t work. This goes back to your free agency analysis.

    Whether one wins or loses in free agents depends mostly on perception, and Banner and Lombardi are battling up hill just based on their backgrounds and the organization’s background. Truth is, Banner has witnessed first hand what “winning” free agency means and how it can backfire.

    For fans that are wondering how we did in free agency, I think a few questions can help:

    Would you rather be Miami right now? – i.e. would you want to be the active team in free agency. The record shows that this does not usually garner the best results. My own personal lesson came after the free agent frenzy after the lock out. I thought the Browns could seize an opportunity to react to an unorthodox situation, and my one free agent to get was Ray Edwards. Boy was I wrong about that.

    What are the motivations of the player? This is kind of a loaded question because most of them are concerned about money. However, I think there are degrees to the money motivation, and it is probably a reason why Banner avoids older free agents. Guys coming off their rookie deals like Kruger, and undrafted free agents like Bryant are motivated to make the most of their first big money deal, while guys like Jennings are past that and are looking to add to their wealth. The thought that you are financially secure before you head onto the field has to play a factor into how devoted a player is to making every single play possible vs. protecting their body. Whether that factor is a benefit to the Browns can be debated.

    How many of our draft picks do you think can contribute next year? This goes hand in hand with how you feel about Lombardi’s drafting ability. Last year Billy Winn, a sixth round pick, contributed significantly to the team. If the same can happen this year (big if) that is 5 more players that you can add to the lineup that will contribute, with one player hopefully a top tier talent.

    Answer these questions and it might give you a better perspective. Personally, I hope they go one step further and get Grimes. It would give them a little more freedom in the draft.

  3. jpftribe says:

    Ray Ray didn’t play in 2012, couple of sites I looked at have him projected 4th round, another Greg Little project.

    I still like Warmack or Cooper at No 6. Hoping Banner is talking defense to throw the bloodhound off the scent. We’ll know for sure when MKC starts quoting league sources that the Browns are interested in Jarvis or Ziggy. Right now they have her chasing Geno for the trade down.

    • jimkanicki says:

      baby steps with MKC. she’s dying to use ‘read offense’ in a sentence and will with geno. quarterback talk is what she does.

      UPDATE: MKC just revealed on 92.3 that she selected Geno Smith in NFL AM’s mock draft and she did indeed use ‘read option’ in the interview. OMG.. and she then moved on to fawn over EJ Manuel (he sucks) and said ‘read option’ again.

      i may be developing an anti-bama bias. looking at their first rounders: t-rich, barron, kirkpatrick, hightower, dareus, jujones, carpenter, ingram, mclain, k.jackson, a.smith. allowing that it’s early for the 2012 guys, i think jujones is the only one you can say has really lived up to the promise. barron, hightower, dareus seem ‘ok.’

      anyway, i like j. cooper over warmack and i should think he’d be there in the trade back to #12 discussed above. you know i’ll be good with an o-lineman; but damn, we gotta get a CB.

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