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Clearing the decks.

Sorry to be dark the last couple days.  It was not from writer’s block.  It was worse..

What do you do when your research does not fit your narrative?

I’ve got two posts on the shelf that I can’t get 100% behind after writing them.

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Dustin Keller: too pretty.










Excerpt from ‘Dustin Keller, FA target #4.’

Morin: all the glam you want.

“… First round pick from Purdue, 28, he’s got the athletic chops to be a top five tight end. 6-2/240, 4.53 40, 41in vertical, 26 225 bench reps. His numbers are good when you factor in the Jets lethargic offensive system. He led the team in receptions in 2010 and 2011. Even in his injury marred 2012, he put up the 2nd best DVOA, behind only Gronkowski.”

But I the more I dug, the more I see the Jets franchising him.  The tight end tag is the cheapest, under $6MM.  Keller is their most popular player and not that that should be a factor… but with the Jets… it’s a factor.

The other thing that bugged me was the number of glam shots when I was looking for a primary picture for the post.  In the screencap above, that’s 13 photos, one helmet:  NOT a ratio for a Browns tight end.

I still think Keller would be a nice pick-up, but I think it’s unrealistic.


Excerpt from ‘What to make of Margus Hunt?’

“… Hunt’s 40 was 4.60, with 38 bench press reps.  Mingo was 4.58 in his 40; Jordan was 4.60.  We don’t know what either of them would do on bench press (DNP for both), but it’s doubtful they’re strong enough to line up on the outside shoulder of an NFL tackle.  We know Margus’ 38 reps were tops in the combine and we know he’s as fast as both these guys.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guy who can line up anywhere on the line?”

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 10.12.28 PM

Inconvenient numbers.

But the more I dug, the harder time I had figuring out the game tape:  were the good games just preying on soft competition?

Also, the correlation between Hunt’s 38 bench press reps and top speed kinda correlated to JJ Watt but more closely resembled Vernon Gholston.  Meanwhile the low BP numbers for Ansah (compared to Hunt) were more than JPP and Aldon Smith put up at their combines.  They turned out to be several notches above ‘decent.’

I’ll still be fired up if we get Hunt, but I can’t make the case for him at #6.


Good read:  Dick Schafrath Carving Out a Life 

Leroy Kelly says, ‘Thanks Dick!’

Rich Passan (then at The Orange and Brown, now doing his own thing) report talked to Dick Schafrath back in 2007.  I stumbled on this interview doing one of the o-line pieces.  I think Schafrath is the ‘pulling-est’ of the Browns’ pulling linemen during their ‘sweep’ era.  In every old time tape I’ve seen, it’s 77 busting ass to get out in front of the sweep.

Q: You blocked for two Hall of Fame running backs. How important was that in your development?

A: Well, I had three: Bobby Mitchell, Jim Brown and Leroy Kelly. Most of them, all you had to do was run downfield. And I was a downfield blocker. If you can get through the (defensive) line, the backs should, too. That was (former Browns coach) Blanton Collier’s philosophy. You brush block and sprint – we called it sprint blocking – and get downfield and make your second block and make a third if the back was still running. Most of the time with Jim Brown, you just raced to the goal line, turned around and shook his hand.

There’s some Woody Hayes, Jim Tressel, Paul Brown, Blanton Collier, Wooster dairy farm, Wayne County schools … all you want.  Good read.

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