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Clearing the decks.

Saluting Athens and Holmes counties.

Frozen with indecision on the direction to take with the next post,,, so hows about a Frowndup so to speak?  One replete with employment of the royal ‘we’ .. use of which is also a subject of indecision this morning.


Can you write about the history of the game without using that person’s name?
We were struck to find this phrase used to describe the number one criterion for HOF induction in Newsome’s piece yesterday after it had been employed by Jamison Hensley in his pro-Art column yesterday (here).

But we’re growing to disturbed after unearthing two more HOF voters working the same bogus-ness:

This question is pretty touchy-feely.  Philosophical questions are raised.  If we introduce Kierkegaard’s concept of “Truth as Subjectivity,″ then we suggest that you can’t write the history of pro-football without using the @jimkanicki twitter handle.  Kant might agree.

To our thinking, this premise reflects base laziness and absolves the voter from any responsibility for research.  Much like our attempt to the move the discussion of Modell’s HOF induction toward review of his credentials, here is another challenge presented to us to topple ingrained thinking.  It do get wearying.



1778 hits!

The High Pockets Kelly offense.
Still on Hensley:  his latest post suggests that if Dan Reeves is in, Modell should be in.  (Reeves moved the Rams from Cleveland to LA in 1946.)  This is the football equivalent of baseball’s:  if High Pockets Kelly is in, player X should be in.


Typically, shifting the ground in this way is the mark of a desperate campaign and intellectually vacant case in favor.  Ultimately the HOF voters aren’t voting on Dan Reeves’ record; they’re voting on Art’s.  Hope they remember this.

I just wanted to knock this new absurd talking point out of the park real quick.  Gracias.



Franklin County:  really?

Central Ohio: really?

My city was is gone.
O meet it is and passing sweet / To live in peace with others, / But sweeter still and far more meet, / To die in war for brothers.
Wilfred Owen‘s quatrain evaporates into the ether over most of Ohio.

We’re still getting our arms around that Facebook NFL Team Likes by county map and the alarming/saddening encroachment of Steeler yellow throughout Ohio.  What to make of it?

Findlay’s own.

1.  Obligatory disparagement of northwest Ohio is pending.  We think it runs deeper than a simple Roethlisberger-Findlay thing.  We could respect a Lions fandom gents.  Shows loyalty and character.  Adopting the Steelers under some Roethlisberger clause in the good-fan manual?  It doesn’t hold up.

2.  Croix de guerres must be dispensed to comrades in Athens and Holmes counties, keeping the faith on the front lines.  Although we can’t be clear on Holmes because it’s probable were working with a sample size of twelve and half of those Browns likes are because our helmets are not prideful.  (HAH! AMISH JOKES!)

3.  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass Franklin County.  A beneficent view is that Browns/Bengals fans split the vote like Bush/Perot in 92.  But equally likely is that Columbus’ growth and success relative to the rest of the state has imbued its citizens with a sense of being bigger than Ohio and not married to old provincial allegiances.  Fine.  You want out of the tribal community of Ohio?  It makes me sad, that’s all.  We’ll keep The Black Keys and Chrissie Hynde.  You keep The Dead Schembechlers, hipsters.



There’s some gold to mine in the Reddit comment thread pertaining to Frowns’ Modell piece from yesterday.
We don’t hang out on Reddit much but there’s some great good being done over there currently.  It’s gratifying to see some Bills and Steelers fans speaking up for us.  I’m not going to excerpt it here, but dannyboy000 carrying the flag nicely for us.

As of 9:00am 1/31.

As of 9:00am 1/31.

And people, I have found the most detailed listing of Modell’s accomplishments.  I’m not saying it’s compelling or changing my vote.  But a major THANK YOU to warman31337 for posting this.

Last, the guy who posted this makes a point worth acknowledging too.



Polling data.
If you’re interested in ESPN Sportsnation’s poll on Modell, it is here.  Though it might be disappointing to see a small majority favoring Modell it shouldn’t be too surprising.  The national narrative has gone soft since Ditka and Costas had their finest hour in 1995.


Cheddar Bay Super Bowl essays up after noon time over here.


Lots of works-in-progress here.  Hang in there, the Modell thing will be over soon.


PS, I thought better of my harsh critique of the Browns fan’s uniform re-design featured here.  The guy’s just a fan who cares, right?  I softened that post a bit.  Sorry Browns uni designer where ever you are.


  1. dan says:

    My partial list of people who you couldn’t write the history of the NFL without using their names and, thus, I apparently believe should be in the Hall of Fame under this new standard, even though I don’t, actually, think they belong in the Hall of Fame:

    Joe Pisarcik
    Scott Norwood
    Jack Pardee
    Timmy Smith
    Scott Mitchell

    More to come if I get bored.

    • jimkanicki says:

      add earl morrall, thurman thomas, jackie smith.
      hell brian sipe and earnest byner too.

      • dan says:

        Thurman Thomas actually does deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. In fact, I thought he was.

        Also, you can’t write the history of the BFL without talking about The Drive and The Fumble, and I don’t see how you can talk about those two without mentioning Bernie Kosar, so he gets in as well. This is fun!

        • jimkanicki says:

          you’re right thurman thomas is in the HOF.

          hey two more: without bart scott and drew bledsoe, the pats’ three SB wins don’t happen. add them to the list.

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