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Cool it on the Browns uni re-design fervor


Much respect for the effort and love coming Handmade Uniform Designer. Welcome to the bro-hood of Browns fandom.


I really don’t want to get busy with a uniform thing here but the above happened today.
I do say, God Bless You handmade uniform designer.  You care, you’re invested, welcome to the brotherhood.

But count me among the smaller and smaller number of people who see the uniform talk as a metaphor for form-over-substance talk but real.


Here’s where I’m at on this:  I love our uniforms.


We’re in an elite class with the Packers, Bears, and Raiders (although we did diverge for awhile in the 70s).  You can put the Cowboys and Chiefs in there too I suppose. That category reads: Teams that value tradition over the marketing pimping of this year’s jersey sales.



If you think the current Rams’ unis are better, we can’t be friends.

Even the teams that screwed around with their old winning uniforms eventually smartened up and went back to basics (Niners, Dolphins, Giants).  Are the Steelers’ jerseys better now with the numbers delicately styled to match their helmet number decals?  I think not.  The Vikings change their unis every year when the blueprint is in their files.  And don’t get me started on the Rams.

Don’t overthink it, Vikes.



The view from here is smarten up.

Embrace your heritage.  Safeguard your legacy.

My vote, if we were to change anything, is to go more Penn State (not Oregon, definitely not Maryland).

    • Remove the lines on the pants.
    • Seal brown socks with no stripes.
    • No white or any accent colors on the shoes.

Hell, I’m for taking the names off the backs.

UPDATE: Here’s one kinda where I’m coming from. From the 2/11 cle-dot-com post.

Mike Tyson cares not what Phil Knight thinks.2

Mike Tyson cares not what Trevor Berbick or Phil Knight thinks.



Think Mike Tyson with the white towel, no socks, black shoes.  Less is more.




No frills.






Because you know… screw around with a classic and things can go sideways fast.

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