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Adopt a Brownie

I got linked by Starting Blocks today. Three links actually. The Modell piece of course. Today’s pre-emptive just stop with any Al Davis Art Modell comparisons. And my ‘About‘ page.

[That last link was a little awkward what with my frank appraisal of cleveland.com’s forum there.]

$35.00 + $7.99 shipping + 0.00 (NH tax!)
= $42.99 for my Kanicki

But I took a look at the Jim Kanicki pics on the page and it got me thinking. The last pic is linked to a site where you can buy an autographed 8×10. It’s short money. I got my autographed Kanicki for under $40.

Here is what I thought.

You know: these guys didn’t get paid dick when they were compiling the .750 winning percentage that I (we) have been hammering Modell for inheriting and not sustaining. There was no 401k then. Everyone knows their pension is squat. Might could we help them out or just send a small gratuity for their role in building this team we love so much?

So gents. If you’ve got $40 to spare, I say:

Adopt an old Brownie.

I don’t know how much goes back to the player, don’t care, something must. Think of it as a tip. Actually, a really cheap tip that we’d be embarrassed to leave the maid in our hotel rooms. But it’s something and the money is secondary anyway. They’ll get a notice that someone bought their picture. Someone remembers them. Someone is saying thank you.

Say thank you to one of these guys.

And geez, look at the list: Rutigliano, Minnifield, Lavelli/Graham (for $34!), Ryan, Kelly, Warfield, Willis, Nelsen, Cockroft, Schafrath, Plum, Parrish, Collins. You get the idea.

The Toe

And don’t go buying a Newsome or Dieken. They’re the Corgi puppies in the shelter. Cleo Miller and Larry Benz need homes too.

Here’s the link again.



Now If only I could find one of these Grozas…

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