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Clearing the decks.

No strong opinions on the Manti T’eo saga here.  We have a rich heritage of poor decision-making here and making judgements on or sport of others’ personal missteps is something we avoid.  My take is that it’s sad for T’eo to be so publicly embarrassed, disappointing to observe the Piranha-like tendencies of our sporty commentariat, and only moderately interesting in a sociology case-study context.

Jason Lloyd, national celebrity.  Nothing like breaking some LeBron James news to raise the profile of an Akron sportswriter, right?  Here’s the common sense article that kicked off LeBron-to-Cavs-in-2014 talk.  Lloyd:  “… more and more people around the league believe there is a strong possibility James will indeed return to Cleveland after next season.”  Here’s ABJ alumnus Chris Broussard getting out front of the story (cue the stock footage of burning ’23’ jerseys):  “It’s not crazy!”  Of course LeBron returning would be good news.  The question of ‘forgiveness’ is not whether LeBron will be forgiven by NEO fans;  it’s whether did anything to require forgiveness.  On the last question, for me, yes there was a betrayal of his home tribe so yes some contrition is expected and BUT OF COURSE he will be welcomed back.  (See above about personal poor decision-making and diligent non-judging.)

Kanicki, blog troll?  Here’s a suggestion of my having an agenda to drive page hits.  Surprising?  Yeah, actually I was surprised.  Now is as good a time as any to reiterate my intent here:  to keep the seat warm for we-know-who.  I actually tried to blog before.  Couldn’t do it on a regular basis.  Don’t expect to do so this time.  But at the same time Frowns and Frowns’ community have been part of my daily routine for years:  I both miss it and want to do what I can to sustain it.  Ok, nuf ced.

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  1. I was just about to say you’re not trolling enough. Glad this tract of cyberspace is here.

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