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Kiper Mock: Bjoern Werner to Browns. Yes, Bjoern Werner.

Draft talk time is here again.  Plenty of time to dig into to this.  But Kiper is out with his Mock Draft 1.0 today.  We get Bjoern Werner.


Bjoern Werner?  Two tackles in the Orange Bowl Werner.  Invisible against a MAC offensive line that was 50 pounds lighter than FSU’s Bjoern Werner.  Werner over 3 TFL always disruptive against tough Tajh Boyd in Chik-Fil-A Bowl, Barkevious Mingo.  Werner over Estonian discus record holder and athletic freak and 3TFL/2 sack/2 FF Hawaii Bowl MVP who is 6′ 8″ and runs a 4.6 40 Margus Hunt.

Bjoern Werner.

Folks, we can only go by what our eyes tell us.  Mingo and Hunt were unstoppable disruptive forces in their bowl games.  When I’m drafting 6th overall, I want to notice my pick making plays.  I heard Werner was injured.  Ok.  Here’s the stats and Werner looks better:


Bjoern Werner


Barkevious Mingo


Margus Hunt

As long as we’re here, Kiper’s analysis:

Analysis: I’ve heard Werner compared to J.J. Watt, and while he’s better suited to play defensive end in a 4-3 alignment because he doesn’t yet have the size to work primarily inside at this point, in terms of raw impact against the pass, the comparisons hold up. Not only does Werner provide immediate impact as a pass-rusher, like Watt, he defends the pass with his eyes and gets his hands up, disrupts passing lanes and swats away throws. A late arrival to football, he has a high ceiling. He’s an ideal fit in Cleveland, a team that saw the defense regress in 2012.

Did our defense regress in 2012?  I must have missed it badly because I thought our defense got better.  If the extent of Kiper’s research on the Browns defense is looking here (2012 overall defense 23rd) and here (2012 overall defense 10th).. then he missed it too.  He misses five games without Haden and Taylor; misses that Browns rush defense post-bye allowed 63 (Dallas), 49 (Pittsburgh), 85 (Raiders), 180* (Chiefs, *one big play in blowout win),, until the season ended vs Washington.    It makes me wonder if Kiper is doing the same level of analysis (ie, stat reading) with the conventional wisdom pick of Werner over Mingo and Hunt.

Lookit, I’m not going to go to the mat over this.  I think our greatest need is defensive back — either CB or Safety.  I’d offer up our 1st rounder for Philip Rivers.  But if we’re going with a pass rushing DE… I’ve got Mingo and Hunt a lot higher than Werner.

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