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Chip Kelly interview with Banner lore…

Just to induce vomit…a birdie in the know told me that the Chip Kelly interview went sour because Banner’s pleasant, salesman side is actually still somewhat reminiscent of a penis.

This is from a friend not prone to hyperbole on Jan. 9.

I won’t get too out front on this.  It’s probable Frowns was/is working on fleshing out this lead into a more substantive piece.


On the other hand, who knew that assembling a coaching staff was what the Browns were REALLY looking for.  #KansasCityShuffle

All about the coaching staff.

All about the coaching staff.

How does this square with La Canfora’s report that “… Banner and Whisenhunt could not reach an agreement on how much say the front office would have in rounding out the coaching staff?”  It doesn’t.  You can believe MKC’s reporting of what she’s being told by Berea or you can believe La Canfora.  I know who I believe.


  1. […] in spite of the highest profile ‘coach signing’ initiative in Browns history.  (Heard:  Banner’s ‘personality’ was a factor in Kelly’s decision to pass.) 2.  No free-agent signings at CB, Safety, Guard. 3.  Punting rounds four and five of this […]

  2. […] Chip Kelly interview with Banner lore… […]

  3. Couple thoughts:

    – I like Chud.
    – I still don’t believe any of the stuff about Norv until the ink is dry.
    – There is something about Banner that is just off. I won’t throw him under the bus because I feel as if he is 0-0. (Just like Chud and Haslam) There are definite red flags though. My main thought after the initial presser with Banner was “Never let this guy speak in public”.

    Now I am going to spend the rest of the night trying to figure out how much money Manti lost due to an imaginary girlfriend.

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