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It’s being reported that FirstEnergy is purchasing naming rights to Cleveland Browns Stadium.  FirstEnergy Stadium.  It doesn’t come trippingly off the tongue.  But is it worse that Quicken Loans Arena?  The bar is low here.  I’m indifferent.  But I’m guessing some of you have thoughts on this (looking at you Bup; guest post opportunity if you’re feeling it).  Do please share below.


  1. No one ever mentions how tasty the lobsterita actually is. It helped dull the pain of my first shutout in 37 weeks.

    I really don’t care about the name other than saying First Energy Field sounds better. The Browns are actually going to try this new thing called making money off their brand. That’s a whole different conversation for a different time.

    I can tell you that in my positions in the insurance industry I have always been appointed by Progressive. When they got the naming rights for Jacobs Field we saw more bizarre trinkets then you would ever imagine. If I get a helmet sticker with my electric bill next month it will not shock me one bit.

    Anyway…hoping to find a way to nail the final 3 cheddar picks and see where everyone falls.

  2. Thanks Jim. I picked a great time for my first Lobsteria of the season over the weekend. At the least the games were enjoyable.

    FirstEnergy Field would at least make it easier on the tongue.

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